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Automated Systems Office, Office of the Information Systems Specialist, and Information Systems Office (continued)
Information Systems Office (continued)
BOX 84 International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) (report of ISO/TC 46 meeting, Oct. 1969, attended by Henriette Avram as IFLA representative)
BOX 84 ISAD/MARC Institutes (correspondence)
BOX 84 ISO staff members (memos on orientation, project progress reports)
BOX 84 COSATI (1968) (miscellaneous memos; four-page memo on "Guidelines for the Development of Information Retrieval Thesauri")
BOX 84 COSATI (input to LC's 1969 progress report to COSATI)
BOX 84 East Asian Studies Steering Committee (newsletters, Committee on East Asian Studies)
BOX 84 EDUCOM (press release announcing appointment of Joseph Becker as Vice President, Interuniversity Communications Council)
BOX 84 Fall Joint Computer Conference and ASIS special program (two copies (one a carbon) of report written by LC attendees)
BOX 84 Federal Council for Science and Technology, Committee on Scientific and Technical Information (COSATI) (minutes of Feb. 19, May 21, and June 18, 1969 meetings)
BOX 84 Federal Library Committee (1968-69) (correspondence, memos, summaries of meetings, other miscellaneous documents)
BOX 84 Fifth National Colloquium on Information Retrieval (correspondence—looking for speakers for 6th colloquium)
BOX 84 House Committee on Banking and Currency (reprints of news articles; form letter announcing availability of data base through LC, description of products; report of LRS meeting with staff of House Appropriations Committee to discuss possible projects)
BOX 84 IBM (memo to discuss Information Management and Review System)
BOX 84 Institute of Systems for Document Identification (correspondence announcing cancellation of system)
BOX 84 Interagency Committee on Automatic Data Processing (minutes, agendas, other attachments distributed at meetings, 1968-69; FIPS Pub. 8, June 9, 1969, "Standard for Metropolitan Statistical Areas;" publication, "Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas," 1967)
BOX 84 LC membership in X3.2G (memo requesting membership)
BOX 84 MARC (1968-69) (various memos, correspondence about MARC formats, tapes, other related topics)
BOX 84 Mini-MARC Meeting (minutes of meeting, June 19, 1969)
BOX 84 Modern Language Association (memo on meeting to discuss processing on LC computer)
BOX 84 National Serials Data Program (1968-69) (memos, correspondence related to meeting with NFAIS, Feb. 13, 1969)
BOX 84 National (Libraries) Task Force on Automation and Other Cooperative Services (meeting, Jan. 7, 1969, to discuss NSDP and NLM's proposal for NSDP)
BOX 84 Z39 SC2 (i.e., 20?) (1968-69) (memos, correspondence, newsletters, other documents for SC20 on Standard Serial Coding; Z39 activities)
BOX 84 SC20 (correspondence, 1969, to set up meeting)
BOX 84 SDI Conference (held at University of Wisconsin, Madison, April 16-18, 1969—invitation, other documents; request to attend)
BOX 84 Serials format (comments on format at meeting with Reference Dept., May 8, 1969)
BOX 84 Shady Grove Conference (memo thanking staff for materials, other items)
BOX 84 Sixth Annual National Information Retrieval Colloquium (May 8-9, 1969)
BOX 84 (Memo requesting permission to attend)
BOX 84 Library Automation Panel (correspondence to panelists, speakers)
BOX 84 Spring Joint Computer Conference (SJCC) (1969)
BOX 84 (Memo requesting permission to attend)
BOX 84 (Request to give speech, request to attend— Henriette Avram)
BOX 84 Subcommittee on Standard Serial Code (Z39 SC20)
BOX 84 (correspondence, 1969, to establish subcommittee)
BOX 84 Task Force on Automation (FLC) (minutes, 1969; also report of meeting of the RECON Advisory Committee and RECON Working Task Force, Sept. 11, 1969, and other miscellaneous documents)
BOX 84 Three National Libraries Task Force (1969) (minutes, agendas, comparison of acquisitions elements, other notes)
BOX 84 Working Group on Systems (U.S. National Libraries Task Force on Automation and Other Cooperative Services—report of meeting, Jan. 14, 1969)
BOX 84 USASI X3 (committee on data definition languages ? — request for information)
BOX 84 Washington ACM Chapter meetings (invitation to speak, 1968)
BOX 84 National Libraries Task Force Serials Project (mostly minutes of task force meetings, 1969; other miscellaneous memos, documents)
BOX 84 OECD Development Center (descriptor list, i.e., thesaurus?, report on meeting with OECD representative)
BOX 84 Proposed (American Standard for Writing Abstracts)
BOX 84 (Proposed FY 1970 meetings—to be attended by ISO staff)
BOX 84 RECON (memos, correspondence, reports of meetings)
BOX 84 Automation—LC projects (mostly 1969)
BOX 84 ADP acquisitions activities (memos, correspondence: also includes Federal ADP acquisition activities)
BOX 84 Archive of Folk Song (Reference Dept.—ADP) (memos, correspondence, proposal to Council on Library Resources)
BOX 84 ATS (memos, other documents justifying costs to outside users)
BOX 84 Book numbering (memos, correspondence related to Z39 draft proposal for International Standard Book Number)
BOX 84 CBS (memos, correspondence; also copies of accompanying letters for RFP for CBS terminal requirements study)
BOX 84 CLR (budget FY 1969—appropriations/gift fund statements)
BOX 84 Card Division Mechanization Project
BOX 84 (Miscellaneous memos, correspondence, appendixes to RFP, summaries of proposals received)
BOX 84 Proposals
BOX 84 C3, Fairfax, Va., and Amendment 1
BOX 84 RCA Information Systems Division
BOX 84 Dataventure, Inc., McLean, Va.
BOX 84 Publicate, Incorporated, Bethesda, Md.
BOX 84 Central Charge File Project (memos, report, flowcharts)
BOX 84 Character sets (LC) (MARC—memos, correspondence related to print train, character set)
BOX 84 Computer centralization (memos, correspondence, reports; reprint of article on pros and cons)
BOX 84 Copyright Office (memos, report to justify automation)
BOX 84 DPO (originally under Administrative Dept.—proposal to merge with ISO, at this time still under the Office of the Librarian?)
BOX 84 Geography and Map Division (memos, correspondence related to inputting map records into MARC)
BOX 84 Hispanic Foundation (documents related to production of National Directory of Latin Americanists, proposal to automate Handbook of Latin American Studies)
BOX 84 Legislative Reference Service (memos, correspondence, reports, other documents related to automation in LRS, assistance for Congress with LC computers)
BOX 84 Linotron costs—GPO (reports of meetings on Sept. 10, Dec. 4, 1969)
BOX 84 LOCATE (memo abolishing)
BOX 84 Main Reading Room Reference Collection Project (Special MARC bibliography) (memos, minutes of meetings—joint project with RECON to convert records to MARC)
BOX 84 Manuscript Division (proposal for automation of Presidential Papers, converting existing data from 1401 to 360; master manuscript record programs, including conversion to MARC format)
BOX 85 MARC (memos, correspondence, miscellaneous proposals; 3rd ed. of Subscribers' Guide, March 1969; other documents)
BOX 85 Automation (Other institutions)
BOX 85 Modern Language Association (computerizing MLA international bibliography)
BOX 85 Automation—LC projects
BOX 85 NUC cards (actually about production of an automated National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections)
BOX 85 National Bureau of Standards (memos, correspondence related to MARC, use of ASCII; copy of "Application of Federal ADP Code and Media Standards, in effect July 1, 1969)
BOX 85 National Referral Center (minutes of meetings, memos related to automation, NRC directory publication project)
BOX 85 National Serials Data Program (memos, correspondence, progress reports, financial statements on gift funds, other miscellaneous documents)
BOX 85 OS implementation (IBM Operating System- conversion from DOS—memos, correspondence, reports, schedules)
BOX 85 Optical character recognition (reports, comments on OCR techniques for RECON project)
BOX 85 Order Division (memos, design report)
BOX 85 Processing Department (miscellaneous memos, correspondence on MARC, automation projects)
BOX 85 Reference Department (miscellaneous memos, correspondence, other documents; includes liaison for automation projects, "costs" needed to support projects)
BOX 85 Science and Technology Division (miscellaneous memos, correspondence related to transfer funds, automation projects, including Science Reading Room project)
BOX 85 Standard serial code (correspondence—experiment to convert to MARC format using data from 1960 cumulative edition of New Serial Titles, 96,000 records (titles and cross references) in punched card format)
BOX 85 Subject headings project (memos, miscellaneous correspondence, report of editing test)
BOX 85 Contracts—Proposals (mostly 1969)
BOX 85 Information Dynamics Corporation, Reading, Mass, (proposal to Federal Library Committee to study information centers and libraries; letter concerning generalized computer program, decided not to bid)
BOX 85 Informatics (generalized statistical program)
BOX 85 Inforonics (proposals, e.g., preparation of data for Linotron, converting LCSH and supplement files to typographic format; other correspondence)
BOX 85 Input Services, Inc., Dayton, Ohio (proposal to convert 12,000 catalog cards to machine-readable form)
BOX 85 Ohio College Library Center (1968?) (memo with comments on proposal)
BOX 85 Programming Sciences Corp. (feasibility study to automate subject headings production, subject headings correction)
BOX 85 Statistical program (memos, correspondence to prospective (also unsuccessful) bidders; specifications)
BOX 85 System Sciences, Inc., Bethesda, Md. (statistical program?)
BOX 85 Tetra Tech, Pasadena, Calif, (generalized statistical and retrieval system)
BOX 85 Office of Education (proposal from Institute of Library Research, University of California, Berkeley, for study on the organization and searching of bibliographic holdings records in online computer systems)
BOX 85 A.C. Hendrickson & Associates, Washington, D.C. (generalized statistical program)
BOX 85 Astrotype (input system using magnetic tape (?), IBM Selectric keyboard)
BOX 85 Auerbach Corporation (automatic format recognition)
BOX 85 Card Division (Catalog Card Reproduction System)
BOX 85 Xerox
BOX 85 H F Image Systems, Inc. (subsidiary of Houston Fearless Corp.)
BOX 85 Miscellaneous memos, minutes (of technical proposal evaluation group)
BOX 85 Hamilton Standard Systems Center
BOX 85 Stromberg Carlson
BOX 85 Columbia Software (generalized statistical program)
BOX 85 Computer Command and Control Company, Philadelphia (design LC subject headings maintenance system)
BOX 85 Computer Sciences Corporation (generalized statistical program)
BOX 85 Control Data Corporation (corporate capabilities, e.g., analyzing surveys)
BOX 85 Council on Library Resources (carbons—requests for funding for RECON study, MARC pilot, 1965)
BOX 85 Coyle and Stewart (LC subject headings)
BOX 85 Data Corporation (maintenance of software package to operate Data Central, other miscellaneous items)
BOX 85 Hamilton Standard Systems Center (production of summary report for management—functional description of Central Bibliographic System, Task II efforts)
BOX 85 Hughes Aircraft (subject headings maintenance; also "association-storing processor interpreter program")
BOX 85 Informatics (generalized statistical program- transmittal letter only, proposal filed elsewhere)
BOX 85 Committees (mostly 1969)
BOX 85 COSATI (memos, draft standards; LC progress report, 1967; minutes, 1967)
BOX 85 GUIDE (report of semiannual meeting, 1969; information about organization)
BOX 85 Interagency Committee on Automatic Data Processing (report on panel discussion, 1969, on general purpose vs. dedicated computer installations)
BOX 85 NBS (on FIPS—announcement, text of proposed standards in Federal Register, v. 34, no. 217, Nov. 11, 1969; news release, general information, memo)
BOX 85 Contractors (mostly 1969)
BOX 85 Ability Development Services, Inc. (proposal to convert programs written in Autocoder for IBM 1401 to COBOL for IBM 360)
BOX 85 American Library Association (publication of MARC manuals, 1968-69)
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