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Henriette D. Avram MARC development collection, 1964-1989

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MARC Development Office (continued)
BOX 7 Update I documentation
BOX 7 Update II documentation
BOX 7 Format edit program documentation
BOX 7 Print index program documentation
BOX 7 Select program documentation
BOX 7 MARC communications format program documentation (conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII, ASCII to EBCDIC)
BOX 7 Copy tape program documentation
BOX 7 Subscriber's guide—title page and cover letter
BOX 7 MARC Pilot Project experience (draft of report?)
BOX 7 MARC Pilot Project final report (draft, notes, etc.)
BOX 7 MARC Pilot Project: Final Report (1968) (office copy #2, typed copy to send to printer?)
BOX 7 MARC Manuals Used by the Library of Congress
BOX 7 1st edition, 1969
BOX 7 2nd edition, 1970
BOX 7 Original copy for title page
BOX 8 MARC Pilot Project (1966-68)
BOX 8 MARC (pilot) correspondence, general (1966-68?)
BOX 8 Letters, other miscellaneous documents (1966-68?)
BOX 8 Other miscellaneous reports from (pilot) participants
BOX 8 Reference correspondence and other miscellaneous correspondence on pilot project
BOX 8 Notebook, form letters, and letters from MARC Pilot Project participants
BOX 8 University of Toronto MARC Pilot Project report
BOX 8 Notebook (extra copies of participants' responses, justifications for participating in pilot)
BOX 8 Letters requesting MARC (pilot) preliminary report (1967)
BOX 8 Letters from non-participants requesting publications
BOX 8 Letters requesting MARC (pilot) preliminary report and other ISO publications (1967)
BOX 8 Letters regarding discontinuation of MARC (pilot)
BOX 8 Briefing for computer manufacturers
BOX 8 Briefings
BOX 8 Machine-Aided Technical Processes System (report from Yale University)
BOX 8 MARC (pilot) project in LC divisions
BOX 8 Correspondence, miscellaneous, about equipment, etc.
BOX 8 MARC contracts (with Programming Services, Inc., and United Aircraft
BOX 8 UAC correspondence (contractual, other)
BOX 8 United Aircraft Corporate Systems Center—monthly progress reports (in letter form)
BOX 8 UAC correspondence, memos, etc.
BOX 8 Bourne correspondence, general (on cost model)/PSI
BOX 8 Consultants
BOX 8 History of MARC (pilot) project
BOX 8 Coyle and Stewart: outline for standard program documentation (September 1967)
BOX 8 Bunker-Ramo: MARC online analysis (1967)
BOX 8 Council on Library Resources correspondence
BOX 8 Inforonics, Inc.: correspondence concerning subject headings conversion and MARC formats)
BOX 8 Procedures manual for pilot (draft)
BOX 8 MARC Pilot Project participants' correspondence
BOX 8 Argonne National Laboratory
BOX 8 University of Chicago
BOX 8 Cornell University
BOX 8 University of Florida
BOX 8 Georgia Institute of Technology
BOX 8 Harvard University
BOX 8 Illinois State Library
BOX 8 Indiana University
BOX 8 University of Missouri
BOX 8 Nassau County Library System
BOX 8 Redstone Arsenal
BOX 8 Rice University
BOX 8 University of Toronto
BOX 8 Yale University
BOX 8 National Agricultural Library
BOX 8 Washington State Library
BOX 8 4th Conference on MARC (Conference on Machine- Readable Catalog Copy), December 1967
BOX 8 3rd Conference on MARC (Conference on Machine- Readable Catalog Copy), February 1966
BOX 8 University of Maryland MARC workshop (materials distributed) (1968?)
BOX 8 Case Western Reserve institute (Henriette Avram was a faculty member) (1969)
BOX 9 MARC Pilot abstracting and indexing meeting with Joint Committee on Serials, October 1968
BOX 9 Manufacturers' briefing (pilot) (August 1967)
BOX 9 COSATI (late 1960s)
BOX 9 Subpanel on Transfer of Bibliographic Description
BOX 9 Subpanel on Descriptive Cataloging
BOX 9 COSATI, general
BOX 9 Examples (of leader structure)
BOX 9 Output
BOX 9 Miscellaneous correspondence, memos, etc.
BOX 9 Minutes
BOX 9 How to handle sensitive information
BOX 9 ISO/MARC memos
BOX 9 Personnel (memos concerning contractors, other problems)
BOX 9 Correspondence, miscellaneous
BOX 9 Requests for MARC II Format
BOX 9 Publications about MARC project
BOX 9 Formats, print trains, etc.
BOX 9 Administration of MARC Pilot—maintenance contract
BOX 9 Aptitude test for EDP programmers
BOX 9 Bibliographic Research Office (i.e., Technical Processes Research Office)
BOX 9 Catalog card stock (information about)
BOX 9 Codes
BOX 9 MARC users group
BOX 9 Institute on Information Retrieval in the Biomedical Sciences, University of Minnesota (Henriette Avram participated), November 1965
BOX 9 Kelly Cartwright correspondence (contractor for filing program)
BOX 9 Keyboard, typing sphere, character set
BOX 9 Miscellaneous correspondence about MARC pilot
BOX 9 LC systems (1967)
BOX 9 Library Journal illustrations (sample input worksheets, printouts)
BOX 9 Trip reports
BOX 9 Technical news bulletin—NBS (July 1967)
BOX 9 Telephone service record (Paul Reimers on MARC)
BOX 9 Theodore Stein—Data processing methods (correspondence, data processing programs for library data, etc.)
BOX 9 Technical Service Directors of Large Research Libraries (provided information on automation) (late 1960s?)
BOX 9 Consultants . . . Non-Personal Services Basis—MARC
BOX 9 Training—computer systems fundamentals
BOX 9 Visitors
BOX 9 Subject headings tapes, requests for (1967)
BOX 9 SHARE (IBM users' group)
BOX 9 Serials/MARC (NSDP proposal)
BOX 9 Publishing (book on library automation)
BOX 9 Proposed trios and meetings (1965)
BOX 9 Request for on-site assistance of IBM systems engineer (1967)
BOX 9 Research grants (information about Office of Education programs
BOX 9 Requests for MARC test tapes
BOX 9 Proposals (MARC Pilot Project)
BOX 9 Progress reports from UAC to LC (1966-67?)
BOX 9 Programming Services, Inc.
BOX 9 Publisher's codes
BOX 9 Planning (1966)
BOX 9 Operations, MARC (1966)
BOX 9 Other media (maps), International Organizations Section files (1967)
BOX 9 Meetings, correspondence
BOX 9 Minutes, MARC System Production Group
BOX 9 MARC Pilot Project—other uses
BOX 9 Meetings
BOX 9 Background/other documentation from PSI (on cost model)
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