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Henriette D. Avram MARC development collection, 1964-1989

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BOX 38 Assistant Librarian of Congress
Office files containing materials about automation at the Library of Congress around the late 1960s and the early 1970s from the former Assistant Librarian of Congress, Elizabeth Hamer Kegan. These items had been placed in storage with the Central Services Division.
BOX 38 Automation
BOX 38 General
BOX 38 Articles
BOX 38 Card Division (i.e., Cataloging Distribution Service)
BOX 38 Congressional Research Office
BOX 38 Information Systems Office
BOX 38 MARC Development Office
BOX 38 MARC II—general
BOX 38 MARC manuscripts
BOX 38 MARC serials format
BOX 38 MARC sort (program)
BOX 38 Users
BOX 38 Pilot microform study (1974)
BOX 38 Publicity on LC progress
BOX 38 Reference Dept. (1972- )
BOX 38 Serials Record report
BOX 39-51; 106-121; 124 Network Development and MARC Standards Office
Office files containing materials about projects like the COMARC Pilot Project or the MARC formats (including the bibliographic codes and character sets and the liaison with users) that had been the responsibility of the MARC Development Office. In addition, materials from more recent efforts, such as the Network Advisory Committee, Network Technical Architecture Group, Linked Systems Project, National Level Bibliographic Record documents, network data base design project, or international MARC projects (including the work done by the British in the late 1960s), have been included, as well as numerous publications about or by library network organizations. These items had been obtained directly from the office.
BOX 39 Descriptive cataloging/data preparation manual
BOX 39 Implementation codes (1977- )
BOX 39 Personal names (1977- )
BOX 39 Pending questions—input worksheets from RECON Pilot Project
BOX 39 Descriptive cataloging/MARC II test
BOX 39 Formats
BOX 39 Leader, Byte 17/Encoding level (1978)
BOX 39 Variable Field tag 020/ISBN
BOX 39 Variable Field tags 9XX/Local information
BOX 39 Local information
BOX 39 Variable Field tag 090/Local call number (also 1977- materials)
BOX 39 Variable Field tag 090 (survey)
BOX 39 Fixed Field 008, Box 5, 6, etc./Main entry in body; publisher is main entry; type of record; and sample worksheets for other problems
BOX 39 Fixed Field 008, Box 15-17/Place of publication, how to code for theses, microfilm, photocopies
BOX 39 Fixed Field 008, Box 20/Type of publication code "r"
BOX 39 Numbers in MARC formats
BOX 39 Music Library Association Automation Committee (also 1977- materials)
BOX 39 MARC II legend
BOX 39 Subrecords
BOX 39 Interim report of the Working Party on Format for Journal Articles and Technical Reports (1977)
BOX 39 Specifications for inputting subrecords (notes and worksheets)
BOX 39 Subrecord directory control information meeting (April 1972)
BOX 39 Decisions
BOX 39 Record relationships in MUMS
BOX 39 Revised requirements of MUMS data management system (June 1972)
BOX 39 Subrecords—Canada
BOX 39 Subrecords, general
BOX 39 Subrecord links
BOX 39 Automated Process Information File (APIF) Proposed Design (Working Paper). Prepared by APIF Project Team. (Dec. 31, 1972; handwritten revisions May 1973)
BOX 40 ISBD (also 1977- materials)
BOX 40 ISBD—Serials
BOX 40 ISDS (also 1977- materials)
BOX 40 ISSN (also 1977- materials)
BOX 40 ISSN—Postal System, i.e., Service (coordination with)
BOX 40 General (also 1977- correspondence)
BOX 40 Outside LC (also 1977- correspondence)
BOX 40 LC evaluation
BOX 40 LC card catalog conversion
BOX 40 Formats/Books—Addendum 16-20
BOX 40 Book catalog/Films
BOX 40 Formats
BOX 40 Films—Addendum 10-11
BOX 40 Manuscripts—Addendum 1-3
BOX 41 Map format and map catalog
BOX 41 Formats
BOX 41 Maps
(2 folders)
BOX 41 Maps—Addendum 3-4
BOX 41 Music
BOX 41 Music—Addendum 1, 3-4
BOX 41 Music
(2 folders)
BOX 41 Serials—Addendum 12-13
BOX 42 Formats
BOX 42 Authorities
BOX 42 Format and current documents
BOX 42 General
BOX 42 Preliminary edition (format)
BOX 42 Information on authorities (notice to subscribers)
BOX 42 Addendum no. 1 (copy and original)
BOX 42 Information on authorities (copy and original)
BOX 42 Names—preliminary documents and background
BOX 42 Cross reference coding, i.e., tagging
BOX 42 Proposed changes, 1-103 (1974-77)
BOX 42 Proposed changes (1978-79)
BOX 42 Summary of actions taken (1978-80)
BOX 42 LCIB (uses of MARC, institutes, announcements about MARC products)
BOX 42 1968-73
BOX 42 1974
BOX 42 1975
BOX 43 SC 2 (minutes, drafts of standard, correspondence, copies of published standard)
BOX 43 ANSI Z39.2-1971 (master copy and newsletters, but not complete run) 1966-67
BOX 43 MARC I to II conversion
BOX 43 MARC statistics
BOX 43 Columbia (compiled by Columbia University Libraries)
BOX 43 Article: "Field of Information on Library of Congress Catalog Cards: Analysis of a Random Sample, 1950-1964," Henriette D. Avram, Kay D. Guiles, and Guthrie T. Meade. Library Quarterly 37 (no. 2): 180-192 (Apr. 1967)
BOX 43 LC program
BOX 43 MARC Distribution Service
BOX 43 Authorities
BOX 43 Subject headings
BOX 43 Projects
BOX 43 Subject headings
BOX 43 RECON proposal
BOX 44 Projects
BOX 44 Inventory of theater holdings (Big Ten universities)
BOX 44 Northwestern Africans
BOX 44 COMARC (1974-78)
BOX 44 Merger with MARC (data base)
BOX 44 Staff meetings
BOX 44 COMARC II (miscellaneous correspondence)
BOX 44 Cornell study (items on OCLC for which LC catalog copy should exist but not in MARC data base; statistics; OCLC deferred records)
BOX 44 CONSER/NLM (mostly 1977- materials)
BOX 44 MUMS/MARC redesign
BOX 44 Displays—Books TSP-BSP
BOX 44 Background, specifications
BOX 44 APIF (some 1977- materials)
BOX 44 General user language
BOX 44 Miscellaneous documents
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