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Henriette D. Avram MARC development collection, 1964-1989

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Network Development and MARC Standards Office (continued)
BOX 45 Films format
BOX 45 NLC proposals
BOX 45 Implementation at LC
BOX 45 Editing guide
BOX 45 Test records
BOX 45 Background materials on changes, etc.
BOX 45 Revised Chapter 12 (of AACR1)—MARBI proposals
BOX 45 Revised Chapter 12
BOX 45 Technical reports (format)
BOX 45 General (mid-1970s-1979)
BOX 45 Staff comments (1979)
BOX 45 Background
BOX 45 Format (marked up draft)
BOX 45 Correspondence/review by outside groups
BOX 45 MRDF (format)
BOX 45 Pending changes
BOX 45 Draft 10/1980
BOX 45 Network comments/MKDG (Mary Kay Daniels Ganning) comments (November 1980)
BOX 45 Draft 1/1980
BOX 45 Draft 9/4/78
BOX 45 Notes (1979)
BOX 45 Working group, other correspondence
BOX 46 Core bibliographic system
BOX 46 Plan for the systematic automation of technical processing in the Library of Congress (by Henriette D. Avram, John C. Rather, Harry Gochman) (October 1971)
BOX 46 Statistics: size of machine-readable data bases, APIF, subject headings, names
BOX 46 Annual transaction in core bibliographic system
BOX 46 Major MARC Development projects—brief descriptions
BOX 46 The LC core bibliographic system: project status report (by Henriette D. Avram, Susan C. Biebel, Harry Gochman, James Gräber, John C. Rather) (August 1973)
BOX 46 Project status report, no. 2 (May 1974)
BOX 46 Network meetings (1976- )
BOX 46 Correspondence
BOX 46 MARC Advisor Committee (LC)
BOX 46 MARC II lists
BOX 46 Tasks for implementation/operational phases (plans)
BOX 46 Notes (in MARC records)—input manually or assigned by program
BOX 46 MARC II—filing machine-readable records
BOX 46 Phase II—CDS (miscellaneous documents, sample output for photocomposition and inventory control of catalog cards)
BOX 46 Microforms (how to handle in MARC records) (some 1977- materials)
BOX 46 Films format (miscellaneous correspondence, notes, announcements, articles in LCIB)
BOX 46 Examples—cataloging records (collected by James Agenbroad)
BOX 46 Non-standard cataloging practices
BOX 46 MARC data—decisions
BOX 46 Initial articles (how to handle in MARC records)
BOX 46 Worksheets with questions
BOX 46 MARC distribution changes
BOX 46 University of Illinois—questionnaire (from Martha Williams for 1979 ed. of Computer-Readable Bibliographic Data Bases—A Directory and Data Sourcebook)
BOX 46 MARC coverage (some 1977- materials)
BOX 46 Newspapers (draft of Bibliographic Control of Newspapers: A Guide by Elaine Woods) (December 1978)
BOX 46 MARC component parts/multi-level description (1977- materials)
BOX 46 Links (1977- materials)
BOX 46 MARC analytics
BOX 46 MARC legend in leader
BOX 46 Independent Research Libraries Association— proposals/rare books
BOX 46 National Level Bibliographic Record—Books
BOX 46 Nonroman character set
BOX 46 Research papers
BOX 46 Authority file for the new catalog (October 1968)
BOX 46 Changes in Library of Congress catalog cards: their extent, method, and types (by John C. Rather et al.) (January 1969)
BOX 46 Creating cataloging records at the Library of Congress: throughput times in 1974 and 1966-67 (by Ellen Wasby)
BOX 46 MARC pilot experience: informal summary (June 1968)
BOX 46 Processing Dept, procedures/corrections—letterpress and Phase II
BOX 46 MDO/MEO/Card Division interface/procedures, etc.
BOX 46 Photocomposition/films catalog
BOX 46 Format statistics (from MARC records)
BOX 46 RLIN films (compiled by RLIN from MARC film records)
BOX 46 MARC names (compiled by James Godwin, ASO)
BOX 47 ALA print train documents (late 1960s)
BOX 47 Bibliographic Data Character Sets Working Group (LC?)
BOX 47 Print train and character sets—other libraries
BOX 47 Documents
BOX 47 IBM character sets/charts (graphics)
BOX 47 NYPL memo: characters needed for machine- readable records for materials in NYPL
BOX 47 Expanded character set for library use (Coyle and Stewart) (1967?)
BOX 47 Character sets (late 1960s)
BOX 47 Correspondence
BOX 47 Character set matrix—positive/negative copies
BOX 47 USASI, ANSI X3.2G (use of ASCII set?)
BOX 47 Cataloging rules (AACR2)
BOX 47 LC position statements
BOX 47 Desuperimposition
BOX 47 Film cataloging rules
BOX 47 Sound recordings (cataloging rules)
BOX 47 Serials (cataloging rules)
BOX 47 Library of Congress Automation Program Task III Report: Functional Description of the Central Bibliographie System. Prepared by Hamilton Standard System Center, Division of United Aircraft Corporation)
BOX 47 v. 1: Summary of Program Documentation (May 1968)
BOX 47 v. 2: Technical Summary (May 1968)
BOX 47 v. 3: Description of Operational Processes and Automated Functions , pt. I and II (May 1968)
BOX 47 Appendixes A and B
BOX 48 Draft and options (1978)
BOX 48 Not needed/not handled
BOX 48 Review of chapters
BOX 48 GMD (General Material Designator)
BOX 48 Comments
BOX 48 Background
BOX 48 Character sets
BOX 48 Current (up to late 1970s?)
BOX 48 Character counts
BOX 48 Control characters
BOX 48 Cyrillic
BOX 48 Greek
BOX 48 Math
BOX 48 Miscellaneous
BOX 48 Character sets, international standards
BOX 48 Correspondence
BOX 48 ISO/TC46 SC4 WGl (Washington meeting)
BOX 48 ISO/TC46 SC4 WGl (The Hague meeting)
BOX 48 ISO/TC46 SC4 WGl—working documents
BOX 48 Miscellaneous file
BOX 48 Duplicate file
BOX 48 Miscellaneous file
BOX 48 LC responses
BOX 48 Character sets, use of
BOX 48 Photocomposition, Teletype, etc.
BOX 48 General print train
BOX 48 Fill character—CEMBI position paper (early 1970s)
BOX 49 Originals—MARBI proposals (1979)
BOX 49 MARBI meetings (miscellaneous correspondence, reports, etc.) (1973-76)
BOX 49 Minutes of network meetings on MARBIs (proposals) (1979-80)
BOX 49 MARBI authority meeting, midwinter January 1977
BOX 49 Meetings, 1977 (MARBI midwinter) January 1977, summer 1977
BOX 49 Meetings, (January 1978, summer 1978, MARBI— AACR2 December 1978) 1978
BOX 49 Meetings, (January 1979, networks March 1979, networks May 1979, June 1979, networks September 1979, networks November 1979) 1979
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