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Henriette D. Avram MARC development collection, 1964-1989

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MARC Development Office (continued)
BOX 9 MARC plans (notebook) (1968)
BOX 9 Pilot course in automation (for LC managers)
BOX 9 Participating libraries contact file
BOX 9 Notebook (meetings with Processing Services, MARC implementation, procedures, reports, MARC circulars)
BOX 10 MARC Pilot Project (1966-68)
BOX 10 CLR grant budget data
BOX 10 ISO form letters to potential participants
BOX 10 Proceedings of the 3rd Conference on Machine- Readable Catalog Copy (pilot discussed) February 1966
BOX 10 ISO reports on MARC; letters from participants about hardware, projected uses, etc.
BOX 10 Flowcharts (1965?)
BOX 10 Descriptive Cataloging Division
BOX 10 Subject Cataloging Division
BOX 10 Decimal Classification Division
BOX 10 MARC I history
BOX 10 Editing procedures
BOX 10 Master tape
BOX 10 MARC Interim procedures
BOX 10 Cross References
BOX 10 Language codes
BOX 10 Areas codes
BOX 10 Place codes
BOX 10 Training procedures
BOX 10 Magnetic tape
BOX 10 MARC notebook (kept by Henriette Avram; miscellaneous memos, reports, flowcharts, correspondence, input forms, etc. in chronological arrangement)
BOX 11 Consultants’ Reports (1962-70)
BOX 11 R & D Consultants, Los Altos, Calif.: On the Compression of Library of Congress Subject Headings (October 1969)
BOX 11 System Development Corporation, Santa Monica, Calif.: Library of Congress: A Feasibility Study of Computer Aids to Reference and Cataloging Functions; Technical Discussion (February 1965)
BOX 11 System Development Corporation: technical briefing (March 1965)
BOX 11 Compuscan, Leonia, N.J.: Use of OCR to Create MARC II records from LC printed cards (unsolicited proposal received during RECON project) (April 1970)
BOX 11 The Legend Study; Final Report (by Ann T. Curran and William R. Nugent) (Submitted to Information Systems Office, February 1970)
BOX 11 United Aircraft Corporation: Library of Congress Automation Program
BOX 11 Task III Report: Functional Description of the Central Bibliographic System, v.l: Summary of Program Documentation (May 1968)
BOX 11 Task II Report: System Requirements Analysis, v.l: Technical Report (May 1967)
BOX 11 Task II Report: System Requirements Analysis, v.2: System Requirements Data. Appendixes A-E (May 1967)
BOX 11 Hobbs Associates, Corona del Mar, Calif.: CBS Terminal Study. Task III Report: Terminal Evaluations and Trade-Off Analysis. Library of Congress Central Bibliographic System (June 1970)
BOX 11 Computer Command and Control Company, Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress CBS Terminal Requirements Study: Interim Task Report
BOX 11 v.l
BOX 11 v.2
BOX 11 Appendix A. Languages and Character Sets; Appendix B. Library of Congress Environmental Considerations; Appendix C. Library of Congress Location Codes and Organizational Developmental Codes; Appendix D. Extract from ISO System Format (document dated 8/26/69)
BOX 11 Programmatics, Inc., Reston, Va.: The Library of Congress MARC II Format Retrieval Specifications
BOX 11 Interactive Sciences Corporation, Management Sciences Division: Proposal: Task IV—System Specifications: File Organization, Machine Configuration, and Operation System, v.1-2 (June 1969)
BOX 11 Interactive Sciences Corporation: Library of Congress presentation (September 1969)
BOX 11 Nelson Associates, Inc., New York: National Serials Data Program: A Survey of User Interests
BOX 11 Planning Research Corporation, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.: A Cost Analysis of an Automated System for the Library of Congress (August 1962)
BOX 11 Association for Computing Machinery: Lecture Notes- -File Structures for Online Systems (by David Lefkovitz, Computer Command and Control Company) (June 1968)
BOX 11 Computation Planning, Bethesda, Md.: Final Report . . . MARC On-Line Feasibility Study (January 1970)
BOX 11 Auerbach Corporation, Philadelphia: Final Report- Research Study into the Effective Utilization of Machine-Readable Bibliographic Data Bases (submitted to the National Agricultural Library)
BOX 11 Herner and Company, Washington, D.C.: A Study of the Feasibility of the Retrospective Conversion of the Cataloging Records of the Library of Congress (January 1969)
BOX 11 Herner and Company, Washington, D.C.: Preliminary Study of Qualitative and Quantitative Patterns of Use of the Library of Congress (January 1969)
BOX 12 Administration (early 1970s)
BOX 12 Processing Department newsletter
BOX 12 ISO systems newsletter
BOX 12 MARC Editorial Office newsletter
BOX 12 Organization
BOX 12 Automation (early 1970s)
BOX 12 Administrative Conference on Automation (LC)
BOX 12 Computer utilization
BOX 12 DOS/OS conversion
BOX 12 Software review
BOX 12 Software
BOX 12 LC automation procedures and standards
BOX 12 LC catalogs
BOX 12 Character sets
BOX 12 General
BOX 12 Committees (early 1970s)
BOX 12 USDA Committee on Computer and Management Sciences
BOX 12 MARC Task Group/Canada
BOX 12 MARC Users Group
BOX 12 MARC Users Group Search Code Committee
BOX 12 Processing Services/MARC Coordination Committee
BOX 12 Conference on Interlibrary Communications and Networks (September 1971)
BOX 13 MARC Distribution Service (memos, etc.) (1969-early 1970s?)
BOX 13 Buckland report (The Recording of Library of Congress Bibliographic Data in Machine Form) and plans 1965
BOX 13 Standard Calendar Date Code (1968)
BOX 13 Book Numbering
BOX 13 Tauber proposal (consolidated index for classification schedules) (1971)
BOX 13 ALA MARC subscribers list (1970)
BOX 13 Serials format (drafts, miscellaneous memos, reports) (1969)
BOX 13 Syracuse University—uses of MARC
BOX 13 Machine-Readable Cataloging Format Committee (ALA divisional committee) (1967-70)
BOX 13 INIS (1969-71)
BOX 13 BNB meetings (1969?)
BOX 13 Meetings
BOX 13 IFLA, October 1969, May 1970
BOX 13 ALA, January 1970
BOX 13 UNESCO, Paris, 1970
BOX 13 SELA, November 1969
BOX 13 Committee on Library Automation (ALA committee) (1968-69)
BOX 14 Organizations (early 1970s?)
BOX 14 Association of Research Libraries
BOX 14 Projects (early 1970s?)
BOX 14 AV format
BOX 14 MARC Distribution Service
BOX 14 Meetings and problems
BOX 14 MARC users contact
BOX 14 MARC users meeting, March 1970
BOX 14 MARC distribution (discussions with Processing Services on adoption and implementation of MARC II)
BOX 14 Card Division (i.e., Cataloging Distribution Service)
BOX 14 General
BOX 14 Historical
BOX 14 G & M
BOX 14 Reference Dept., projects
BOX 14 Music
BOX 14 Manuscripts
BOX 14 National Referral Center
BOX 14 P & P
BOX 14 Copyright Office (management survey)
BOX 14 G R & B
BOX 14 Loan
BOX 14 Processing Services (detail of staff to MDO)
BOX 15 Automation projects (miscellaneous MDO memos, correspondence, etc.) (1971)
BOX 15 RECON Pilot Project (drafts of progress reports)
BOX 15 Miscellaneous memos, reports, correspondence
BOX 15 JOLA articles: "MARC Program Research and Development: A Progress Report," (manuscript) Henriette D. Avram, Alan S. Crosby, Jerry G. Pennington, John C. Rather, Lucia J. Rather, Arlene Whitmer; "MARC II and COBOL," (manuscript) Henriette D. Avram and Jay Droz; miscellaneous correspondence with editor Frederick G. Kilgour (1969-1970?)
BOX 15 ALA report preparation (MARC Manuals Used by the Library of Congress)
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