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Henriette D. Avram MARC development collection, 1964-1989

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BOX 52-57 Patricia E. Parker and Others
Office files and publications kept by Patricia E. Parker and Gail L. Hitchcock, who as staff members of the MARC Development Office, were responsible for maintaining the editing guides and internal specification documents and a collection of items published by staff of the MARC Development Office. Ms. Parker was also involved with the standardization work for bibliographic codes. These items were transferred directly from these individuals. Other miscellaneous publications had been collected by other staff members.
BOX 52 Language codes
BOX 52 Early language code research
BOX 52 Language code changes
BOX 52 In process
BOX 52 Completed
BOX 52 Change notification forms
BOX 52 Procedures and documentation
BOX 52 MARC languages and language codes (original camera copy) (February 1973)
BOX 52 Diacritic chart—update
BOX 52 Language codes—policies, criteria, procedures for assignment
BOX 52 Original language documents
BOX 52 National Libraries Task Force/Working Group on Bibliographic Codes—minutes (1968)
BOX 52 African languages
BOX 52 Extinct languages
BOX 52 Z39 Subcommittee C (language codes)
BOX 52 Correspondence, reports, etc. (1981-83)
BOX 52 American Indian languages
BOX 52 Languages codes MIS plus doubtful ones
BOX 52 Language codes—letters from outside libraries
BOX 52 Country codes
BOX 52 Country of publication code (revised January 1978)
BOX 52 ANSI, FIPS, UN code lists—countries, water bodies, etc.
BOX 52 ANSI country code—final vote of acceptance (1976)
BOX 52 ISO country code Doc. 3166 (1974) and revision (1979)
BOX 52 Distribution lists
BOX 52 Annotated geographic area code lists (revisions added)
BOX 53 MARC records for items containing bibliographies (main entry listing produced by MARC Retriever)
BOX 53 MARC editing guide/CONSER
BOX 53 Draft
BOX 53 Final
BOX 53 Data preparation manual (December 1968)
BOX 53 MARC II data preparation manual (1968)
BOX 53 MARC subscribers meeting (March 1970)
BOX 53 AV format letters
BOX 53 MARC records (main entry listings produced by MARC Retriever)
BOX 53 Items representing juvenile literature
BOX 53 Items representing translations into English
BOX 53 MARC: Its History and Implications (1975)
BOX 53 Recording of Library of Congress Bibliographical Data in Machine Form (revised 1965)
BOX 53 Data Preparation Manual for the Conversion of Map Cataloging Records (1971)
BOX 53 Information on the MARC System (4 editions 1971-74)
BOX 54 Communications formats and addenda
BOX 54 Serials
BOX 54 Music
BOX 54 In-Process
BOX 54 Authorities
BOX 54 Films (annotated with revisions)
BOX 54 Books
BOX 54 Maps
BOX 54 Internal format specifications
BOX 54 Background documents for books, films, maps
BOX 54 Books (April 1980 update) and source documents
BOX 54 Authorities
BOX 54 CONSER tables
BOX 54 Document update log
BOX 54 Maps
BOX 54 Films
BOX 55 MARC format application—clearinghouse
BOX 55 MARC records for items representing proceedings of conferences or meetings (main entry listing produced by MARC Retriever)
BOX 55 Serials cataloging
BOX 55 Serials: toward a national serials data program (June 1967)
BOX 55 Filing arrangement in the Library of Congress catalogs (by John C. Rather) (Provisional version, March 1971)
BOX 55 Subject headings
BOX 55 Microfiche of LCSH (May 1975)
BOX 55 Machine-readable distribution system—functional specifications (1975)
BOX 55 Subject heading tapes—subscriber's guide (1968)
BOX 55 MARC serials editing manual (April 1971)
BOX 55 MARC records for items in Class DT (Africa) (main entry listing produced by MARC Retriever)
BOX 55 Serials
BOX 55 National Serials Data Program—progress report to the Joint Committee on the Union List of Serials (January 1969)
BOX 55 Serials format—notes for revision
BOX 55 Serials editing guide—working document (May 1971)
BOX 55 MARC/Library of Congress print train (by Lucia Rather) (revised December 1970)
BOX 55 MARC system structure (flowcharts) (July 1967)
BOX 55 Number of characters in fields of MÀRC records for monographs
BOX 55 Country of publication codes (editions for 1967, 1968 1977)
BOX 55 MARC Pilot Project—publisher's code (fixed field)
BOX 55 MARC system TN5 diagnostic train
BOX 55 MARC records sample (September 1970)
BOX 55 Project MARC, an Experiment in Automating Library of Congress Catalog Data (June 1967)
BOX 55 MARC language code lists (issued 1967-73)
BOX 55 Provisional language code list (1968)
BOX 55 The Legend Study: Final Report (by Ann T. Curran and William R. Nugent) (February 1970) 2 copies
BOX 55 MARC internal code set—MT/ST (August 1969)
BOX 55 Geographic area code lists (issued 1970-73)
BOX 55 MARC Search Service—user's guide (1976)
BOX 55 MARC expanded library character set
BOX 55 Revised 11/24/69
BOX 55 Revised 7/23/69
BOX 55 Revised 10/21/70
BOX 55 Internal (LC) character set
BOX 55 Internal code/printer code/communications (tables)
BOX 55 ASCII translation
BOX 55 LC extended EBCDIC character set (February 1976)
BOX 55 ALA print train (handwritten tables by Lucia Rather)
BOX 55 MARC II distribution system—transcription guide (by Peter Simmons) (1969?)
BOX 55 MARC Distribution Service
BOX 55 Films—materials sent to subscribers
BOX 55 Character set
BOX 55 Specifications for magnetic tapes
BOX 55 Serials—announcement in LCIB (April 12, 1974)
BOX 55 Announcement (March 1972)
BOX 55 MARC system programs (documentation for software distributed through NTIS?)
BOX 55 Design of fixed field area in MARC formats and design of software (memo by Henriette D. Avram) (December 1969)
BOX 55 BNB/MARC comparison (January 1971)
BOX 55 Comparison of U.S. and U.K.MARC formats (January 1971)
BOX 55 Languages using diacritical marks or special characters MARC Distribution Service (announcements, notices, etc. appearing in LCIB) (1972-73)
BOX 55 MARC Editorial Office (announcements, notices, etc. appearing in LCIB) (1970-74)
BOX 55 Defining the MARC system (OS)
BOX 55 Content edit program individual field processing
BOX 55 MARC manual v.4: Computer and magnetic tape unit usability study
BOX 55 Languages using diacritical marks or special characters (January 1975)
BOX 55 New Serial Titles (minimal format, new system proposed) (1969)
BOX 55 National Aspects of Creating and Using MARC/RECON Records (1973)
BOX 55 RECON Pilot Project; Final Report (1972)
BOX 55 Library of Congress: A Preliminary Report on the MARC (Machine-Readable Cataloging) Pilot Project. Information Systems Office. (Washington: Library of Congress, October 1966). 101 p.
BOX 55 MARC Pilot Experience: An Informal Summary. Information Systems Office. (Washington: Library of Congress, June 1968). 15 p.
BOX 55 Library of Congress Automation Activities: Introduction and Overview. By Samuel S. Snyder. (Washington: Library of Congress, July 1966). 6 p.
BOX 55 MARC Pilot Project: the MARC Pilot System. Information Systems Office. (Washington: Library of Congress, January 1967). 79 p.
BOX 56 Automation and the Library of Congress; A Survey Sponsored by the Council on Library Resources, Inc. By Gilbert W. King and others. (1963)
BOX 56 National Aspects of Creating and Using MARC/RECON Records (1973)
BOX 56 Conversion of Retrospective Catalog Records to Machine- Readable Form: A Study of the Feasibility of a National Bibliographic Service (1969)
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