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Henriette D. Avram MARC development collection, 1964-1989

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BOX 61; 123 Henriette D. Avram
Personal files from Henriette D. Avram containing miscellaneous items about MARC and RECON, an assortment of publications, copies of articles or reprints about her (but not by her), and letters from the participants of the MARC Pilot Project accepting the invitation from the Library to participate in the project. In addition, a number of souvenirs or memorabilia have been included. These items were transferred directly from Mrs. Avram's files. A bibliography of items written by Mrs. Avram has been updated through 1988 and is included in the archives.
BOX 61 Format Recognition Process for MARC Records: A Logical Design (1970)
BOX 61 MARC Manuals Used by the Library of Congress (lst-2nd editions, 1969-70)
BOX 61 MARC Distribution Service (articles from LCIB and other sources collected by Lenore Maruyama)
BOX 61 Miscellaneous publications and reprints
BOX 61 Planning memo no. 3 (i.e., A Proposed Format for a Standardized Machine-Readable Catalog Record) (1965)
BOX 61 The Library of Congress as the National Bibliographic Center (1976)
BOX 61 Letters from MARC Pilot participants accepting invitation to join (originals)
BOX 61 "Philosophy behind the Proposed Format for a Library of Congress Machine-Readable Record." By Henriette D. Avram. In Institute on Information Storage and Retrieval, 2nd, University of Minnesota, 1965. Information Retrieval with Special Reference to the Biomedical Sciences (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 1966). p. 155-74.
BOX 61 ISS planning memo no. 3 (i.e., A Proposed Format for a Standardized Machine-Readable Catalog Record (master copy)
BOX 61 The MARC II Format
BOX 61 Master Xerox copy
BOX 61 Preliminary edition (not for distribution)
BOX 61 Miscellaneous items about Henriette D. Avram, but not by her
BOX 61 Articles, announcements, etc. in LCIB
BOX 61 The Library of Congress: Services to Congress (brochure) (1977)
BOX 61 "Standardization in Relation to Medical Librarianship: A Survey." By H. Oatfield. Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress of Medical Librarianship, Amsterdam, 5-9 May 1969, p. 59-79 (Excerpts Medica International Congress Series, no. 208)
BOX 61 American Libraries, April 1976, p. 190-91: "LC Staff Flux Rivals Changes of I Ching."
BOX 61 American Libraries, December 1975, p. 664: "Processing and the Process of Power at the Library of Congress."
BOX 61 Miscellaneous publications, e.g., Processing Dept, newsletter
BOX 61 Miscellaneous items
BOX 61 Translation into Japanese of article by Henriette Avram, "The Library of Congress—National and International Automation Activities." (1977)
BOX 61 Clipping from Washington Star, January 23, 1966, p. C-ll: "Library of Congress Study Tests Card Index Network"
BOX 61 Press releases—Council on Library Resources
BOX 61 Copies of journal articles
BOX 61 Articles, announcements, etc. in LCIB
BOX 61 Handwritten notes (from John G. Lorenz, Deputy Librarian of Congress)
BOX 61 Letters from:
BOX 61 Pauline Atherton (May 26, 1970)
BOX 61 American Library Association (about MARC Institutes)
BOX 61 John G. Lorenz (Deputy Librarian of Congress)
BOX 61 Congressman John Brademas
BOX 61 Andrew Aines (COSATI)
BOX 61 A Decade of MARC in the USA: A Comprehensive Reference List of the Literature, 1965-1975. By Eileen T. Canning. (Olympia, Wash.: Evergreen State College, March 1975) 47 p. (Contracted Studies Report: "MARC System Bibliography")
BOX 123 MARC Souvenirs
BOX 123 Miniature license tags, "MARC," from Washington, D.C., McDonaldland, Virginia, Rhode Island, Tennessee (3 tags, 2 identical), Maryland, U.S.A., California, U.S.A, '76 Bicentennial, Virgin Islands. Florida
BOX 123 Name tag, "MUMM'S THE WORD," text cut out from newspaper
BOX 123 Miniature liqueur bottle, "Marc," Topas brand name?
BOX 123 Cigar, with label "MARK IV," and note attached from Judith Werdel
BOX 123 Flowchart—Kay Guiles (labelled "Machine Input/Procedures, Kay Guiles, April 1966"; in frame with plastic covering)
BOX 123 MARC I production charts (originals, with Xeroxed copies of some charts)
BOX 123 Title pages and subject (for survey/study, MARC Pilot Project? Copies of title pages from publications included together with instructions on how to code)
BOX 123 Miscellaneous reports
BOX 123 "The MARC Search Service," Library of Congress Information Bulletin, February 20, 1976, p. 105 (announcing capability to search MARC data base online)
BOX 123 "Processing Department Automation Effort: A Three- Pronged Approach," (1976? printed (paper) copies of transparencies)
BOX 123 Miscellaneous items
BOX 123 "Check list for Supervisors"
BOX 123 Peanuts comic strip
BOX 123 Buttons (3)
BOX 123 Quote from Theodore Roosevelt, ’It is not the critic who counts ..."
BOX 123 Sign, "The Only Reality Is a Working Program," in Gothic calligraphic letters
BOX 123 Panel of drawings of swings, labelled "As Proposed by the Project Sponsor, As Specified in the Project Request ..."
BOX 123 Postcards (2), with automation-related sayings
BOX 123 (In plastic sheet protector): clippings from newspaper about "MARC"—one ad for apartments, author "Marc Reizman," with note from Ted Leach; diagram "Onward and Upward"—stairs going in "circle"
BOX 123 MARC Editorial Division 20th anniversary—Program and invitation, March 15, 1989, 1:00-3:00 p.m., Mumford Room
BOX 123 National Library Network (parts of ad pasted in manila folder—with caption "For the Most (Library) Service Coast to Coast picture of Mrs. Avram's head pasted over original, arms cradling map of U.S.: caption "THINK BIG" at bottom; also note from Mrs. Avram to Carol Nemeyer, with response)
BOX 123 Miscellaneous items
BOX 123 (Cartoons, clippings, illustrations)
BOX 123 3x5 card (ad for Inforonics) with sample of MARC record on magnetic tape
BOX 123 Invitation to program honoring Mrs. Avram upon her receipt of the 1974 Federal Woman's Award
BOX 123 Preliminary catalog card—author, Avram, Henriette D.; title, "A Proposed Format for a Standardized Machine-Readable Catalog Record"—stapled to sheet with note from Kay Guiles
BOX 123 Color photograph—Mrs. Avram standing in front of MARC Distribution Service banner and map showing location of MARC subscribers, 1975?
BOX 123 Cartoons, pictures, notes, other items with some reference to MARC or automation
BOX 123 Vinyl place mat, "Marc's Place," with picture of couple driving an old car out in the country
BOX 62 Lenore S. Maruyama
Copies of annual reports collected for the archive and miscellaneous publications.
BOX 62 Annual reports
BOX 62 Annual Report of the Librarian of Congress (FY 1965/66)
BOX 62 Information Systems Office (FY 1966/67-1975/76)
BOX 62 MARC Development Office (FY 1970/71-1975/76)
BOX 62 MARC Editorial Division (FY 1969/70-1975/76)
BOX 62 Cataloging Distribution Service/Card Division (FY 1969/70-1975/76)
BOX 62 Libraries and Automation; Proceedings of the Conference on Libraries and Automation Held at Airlie Foundation, Warrenton, Virginia, May 26-30, 1963 (1964)
BOX 62 Order Division Automated System (1972)
BOX 63-65 Susan C. Biebel
Office files from the Technical Process Research Office and copies of drafts, reprints, and other documents prepared by the staff members of TPRO, which was disbanded in 1976. Also microfilm copy of Official Catalog sample, listings, and copies of cards pulled in June 1969. Plus a COMARC notebook, the ISS Planning Memorandum series, the MARC Planning Paper series, and other miscellaneous publications dealing with an automated technical processing system at the Library of Congress. Ms. Biebel was a staff member of TPRO and had worked on the COMARC project.
BOX 63 Technical Processes Research Office reading file
BOX 63 1967
BOX 63 1968
BOX 63 1969
BOX 63 1970
BOX 63 1971
BOX 63 1972
BOX 63 1973
BOX 63 1974
BOX 63 1975
BOX 63 1976
BOX 63 Library of Congress—National and international Cooperation (miscellaneous publications)
BOX 63 "The Realities of Interchanging Machine-Readable Bibliographic Records," by John C. Rather. In The Exchange of Bibliographic Data and the MARC Format. Austausch bibliographischer Daten und das MARC Format. Proceedings of the International Seminar on the MARC Format and the Exchange of Bibliographie Data in Machine Readable Form, . . . Berlin, June 14th-16th, 1971. (Berlin: Verlag Dokumentation, Muchen-Pullach) p. 27-35.
BOX 63 "Thoughts about a National Name Authority File," by John C. Rather. (Typescript) 3 p. + 5 unpaged appendix.
BOX 63 "The Library of Congress as the National Bibliographic Center," by William J. W7elsh. (1st version, typescript) (1975) 4 p. + chart.
BOX 63 "LC Contributions to National Bibliographic Control," prepared by John C. Rather. (Typescript) (May 1974) 5 p. (unpaged).
BOX 63 Typescript—Untitled paper or speech (LC's contribution toward effort to build national system of coordinated bibliographic files in machine- readable form) 18 p.
BOX 63 Primary functions of catalog records.
BOX 63 Levels of records in relation to specific functions.
BOX 63 Composition of national data base in machine- readable form.
BOX 63 Types of users.
BOX 63 Nature and uses of name records.
BOX 63 Ways to build name authority file.
BOX 63 "Library Networks: An Old Idea in a New Setting," by William J. Welsh. (Typescript) (October 1973) 8 p.
BOX 63 "Planning, Organization, and Direction of Bibliographic Systems: National Problems and International Solutions," by L. Quincy Mumford. (Typescript) (1972?) 11 p.
BOX 63 "Factors Relating to the Design of a MARC Format for Regional Use," prepared by Henriette D. Avram and John C. Rather. (November 1972) 6 p.
BOX 63 "Indexing Vocabulary for the Legislative Reference Service; Restatement of the Need, Problems, and Recommended Solutions," prepared by John C. Rather (Technical Processes Research Office) in consultation with Frederick J. Rosenthal (Legislative Reference Service). (Typescript) (November 1968) 15 p.
BOX 64 Official Catalog sample (June 1969)
BOX 64 Two boxes of cards pulled (subsample J-L)
BOX 64 Twenty-four reels of microfilm of bibliographic records and three reels of security microfilm of authority records.
BOX 64 Computer listings of personal name headings.
BOX 65 COMARC notebook
BOX 65 Minutes of meetings
BOX 65 Participants (general)
BOX 65 Future considerations
BOX 65 Individual participants
BOX 65 COMARC meetings
BOX 65 June 19, 1977 (at American Library Association conference)
BOX 65 February 3, 1977 (at Library of Congress)
BOX 65 Others interested
BOX 65 ISS Planning Memorandum
BOX 65 no. 1. "Long-Range Plans for Library of Congress Automation," prepared by Samuel S. Snyder. (November 1964) 8 p.
BOX 65 no. 2. "The Systems Analysis of the Library of Congress," by Barbara E. Markuson. (Draft) (March 1965) 10 p.+ appendixes.
BOX 65 no. 3. "A Proposed Format for a Standardized Machine-Readable Catalog Record," preliminary draft prepared by Henriette D. Avram, Ruth S. Freitag, Kay D. Guiles. (For Internal Distribution Only) (June 1965) 110 p. + supplements.
BOX 65 MARC Planning Papers
BOX 65 no. 1. "A Plan for the Systematic Automation of Technical Processing in the Library of Congress," prepared by Henriette D. Avram, John C. Rather, Harry Gochman. (October 1971) 18 p.
BOX 65 no. 2. "The LC Core Bibliographic System Project Status Report," prepared by Henriette D. Avram, Susan C. Biebel, Harry Gochman, James Graber, John C. Rather. (August 1973) 29 p.
BOX 65 no. 3. "The LC Core Bibliographie System Project Status Report No. 2," prepared by Henriette D. Avram, Susan C. Biebel, Harry Gochman, James S. Gräber, John C. Rather. (May 1974) 7 p.
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