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Office of the Information Systems Specialist/Information Systems Office (Deputy Librarian of Congress) (continued)
BOX 71 Survey Team—Committee on Mechanized Info. Retrieval
BOX 71 Annual reports
BOX 71 1957/58
BOX 71 1958/59
BOX 71 1959/60
BOX 71 1960/61
BOX 71 Minutes/agendas
BOX 71 Miscellaneous correspondence/memos
BOX 71 Reading file (1961-62)
BOX 71 Miscellaneous reports, memos, other documents
BOX 71 "Analysis of Use of Library Materials by Date and by Class," (results of 1962 sample; 2 carbon copies)
BOX 71 "Working Draft. Report on the Automation of the Library of Congress." 20 p.
BOX 71 "100 Consecutive Reference Requests Received by Union Catalog Division," (also Loan Division searches)
BOX 71 "Comparison of Title Page Data with Established Main Entries." 15 p.
BOX 71 (Functional Requirements: Process information file, serials, authorities, automated catalog and search logic, staff (and user) consoles)
BOX 71 "Definition of Categorization of Function Loads." (for Binding, Legislative Reference Service, LRS Library Services Division)
BOX 71 "Annual Report of the Office of the Information Systems Specialist, 1960-1961." 3 p.
BOX 71 "Survey of Information Organization, Storage and Retrieval in the Library of Congress. Meeting of the Survey Team, No. 1." (May 31, June 1, June 2, 1961) 17 p.
BOX 71 Miscellaneous reports from divisions
BOX 71 Exchange and Gift Division
BOX 71 Serial Division annual reports (1956/57, 1958/59)
BOX 71 (Reports providing statistics, current functions, projected savings with automation; not all documents contain data in all three categories)
BOX 71 Catalog Maintenance, Descriptive Cataloging, Exchange and Gift, Serial Record, Order, Loan, Union Catalog, Stack and Reader, Subject Cataloging Divisions
BOX 71 Central charge file, internal processing control file, serial record (internal processing control), authorities, catalog use, National Union Catalog, control of item handling and location count, circulation, accountability and service charging, publications ..., business data processing
BOX 71 (King Survey)
BOX 71 Project/Study Information Sheet: "Comparison of Title Page Data with Established Main Entries." (also sample results)
BOX 71 Carbon of list of titles
BOX 71 "Catalog Card Study," (by Barbara Markuson) 8 p. (sample taken from July-Sept. 1961 issue (author listing) of National Union Catalog)
BOX 71 Miscellaneous documents related to sample
BOX 71 Main Catalog (statistics as of Jan. 9, 1962)
BOX 71 Methodology
BOX 71 Correspondence (1964)
BOX 71 "Studies Related to Catalog Problems," (by Henry J. Dubester) (copy of article appearing in Library Quarterly, Jan. 1964, p. 97-105)
BOX 71 Project/Study Information Sheet(s)
BOX 71 "Number of First Cards Sold to Selected Libraries, by Month"
BOX 71 "Distribution of Printed Catalog Cards by Type and Year"
BOX 71 "Impact of LC Printed Card Service"
BOX 71 "Recording of Reference Queries and Response," (telephone and reader questions, Reference Dept.; dialogues: in-person reference)
BOX 71 (Surveys)
BOX 71 "Survey of Books Delivered to Readers in the General Public Reading Rooms of the Library of Congress According to Publication Dates," (1961, draft?)
BOX 71 "Analysis of Use of Library Materials by Date and by Class," (1962?; 1 copy and 1 carbon)
BOX 71 "Analysis of 944 Congressional Staff and Special Borrower Loans," (by Barbara Markuson) (8 May 1961)
BOX 71 "Analysis of Library of Congress Loans to Government Agency Libraries," (8 May 1961)
BOX 71 Serial Division (1961) (miscellaneous memos, correspondence, interview reports, charts/statistics)
BOX 71 Staff Assembly, April 19, 1960 (on mechanization in LC— memos, reports, transcripts of talks by Messrs. Angell and Spalding)
BOX 71 Serial Record (Re: RAMAC System for Mechanization) (1959) (IBM 305 RAMAC machine—punched card output?)
BOX 71 (King Survey)
BOX 71 "Automation and the Library of Congress; Report of the Survey Team," (revised draft, October 1963) 69 p.
BOX 71 Mechanization study (CLR grant 132)—Correspondence King, Gilbert W. (1961-64) (Planning Research Corp., later Itek Corp.)
BOX 71 Survey team—Budget
BOX 71 Appropriation sheets (1961-63) (memos, other documents related to allocations)
BOX 71 Contract with Planning Research Corporation (19617-62) (memos, invoices)
BOX 71 Overtime (1961-63) (memos)
BOX 71 Miscellaneous (1961-64)
BOX 71 Serial Record—Data from 1962 King Survey—Special Routing Survey (also other reports on routing)
BOX 71 "Selective Outline of Functions in the Library of Congress," (with annotations as to what functions should be automated, human functions, not needed)
BOX 71 Survey chronology (1962) (diary, reports prepared, reports of meetings, other documents); also includes Project/Study Information Sheet(s) for:
BOX 71 "A Pilot Study of the Use of the Stacks of the Library of Congress," (1960)
BOX 71 "Statistical Study of Readers and Book Service," (compiled by Dubester and Markuson for Kino- Report in 1961)
BOX 71 "Study of Heights of Books"
BOX 71 "Tabulation of Call Slips Reflecting Multiple Book Use"
BOX 71 "Statistical Analysis of Multiple Use Survey"
BOX 71 "A Cost Analysis of an Automated System for the Library of Congress, " (prepared for the Library of Congress by Herbert T. Spiro and Allan D. Kotin. Planning Research Corp., Los Angeles/Washington, D.C. ... August 1962) 163 p. (copy edited by Markuson for publication in Automation and the Library of Congress)
BOX 71 Serial Division annual report(s)
BOX 71 1955/56
BOX 71 1959/60
BOX 71 "Survey of Books Delivered to Readers in the General Public Reading Rooms of LC According to Multiple Use" (includes tally sheets, memos, instructions)
BOX 71 Mechanization study (CLR Grant 132)
BOX 71 Correspondence
BOX 71 Kochen, Manfred (1961-66) (IBM; after survey completed, University of Michigan Mental Health Research Institute)
BOX 71 Libby, Richard (1962-63) (Itek Corp.)
BOX 71 Planning Research Corporation (1962)
BOX 71 Rogers, Frank (Brad) (1961-63) (University of Colorado Medical Center Library, Denver)
BOX 71 Survey team (administrative)
BOX 71 Announcement of grant (1961) (press releases from LC and CLR, drafts, LCIB article)
BOX 71 Travel reports (1962)
BOX 71 Personnel (consultants, LC Personal Action Recommendations)
BOX 71 Multilith and Printing Requests (1963) (forms for duplicating report)
BOX 71 Budget—Travel (Dubester and Markuson, 1961)
BOX 71 Budget—Travel and per diem
BOX 71 Memos to the ISS Office (1961-63)
BOX 71 "Final Automation Report to the Librarian of Congress," (prepared by H.P. Edmundson ? 196 ?)
BOX 71 "Proposed Functional Block Diagram of Automated Library of Congress," (in color; individual functions listed, with text cut and pasted from interview reports, surveys, and other related documents)
BOX 71 Mechanization study (CLR Grant 132)
BOX 71 Correspondence
BOX 71 Swanson, Don R. (1961-63) (TRW?, Ramo- Wooldridge, Canoga Park, Calif.)
BOX 71 Wagman, Frederick (1960-63) (Director, University of Michigan Libraries)
BOX 71 Map Division—Dialogues, reader and telephone questions and answers (June 1961)
BOX 71 Music Division Telephone and reader inquiries (1961?)
BOX 71 "Examples of Types of Reference Questions Answered by GR&B" (by correspondence or in-person, June 1961)
BOX 71 Automation survey meetings (Feb. 16-17, 1962; Sept. 17-18, 1962)
BOX 71 Survey team—Meetings of members (1961-62)
BOX 71 Automation—LC statements (1965-66?) (drafts of letters; reports, talks)
BOX 71 Secondary mailing list (file incorrectly labeled; contains miscellaneous reports, correspondence, memos, project plans for survey)
BOX 71 (Survey results, first survey? Includes statements of function, pertinent statistics)
BOX 71 Serial Division (1961?)
BOX 71 Selection Officer (May 1961)
BOX 71 Science and Technology Division (June 1961)
BOX 71 Science and Technology Division (1961) (also includes interview report, notes, other statistics)
BOX 71 Order Division (May 1961)
BOX 71 Mechanization study (CLR Grant 132)
BOX 71 Correspondence
BOX 71 Wylly, Alexander
BOX 71 Mechanization study (CLR Grant 132)—Meetings Preliminary planning sessions, fall 1960 (carbons of meeting reports)
BOX 71 Loan Division—Searches (196 ?)
BOX 71 National Union Catalog—Searches ("100 Consecutive Reference Requests Received by Union Catalog Division," 5 p.)
BOX 71 General Reference and Bibliography Division- Telephone and reader inquiries, dialogues (1961)
BOX 71 Mechanization study (CLR Grant 132)
BOX 71 Clapp, Verner W. (1961-64) (President, Council on Library Resources)
BOX 71 Edmundson, Harold (1961-63) (TRW, Canoga Park, California)
BOX 71 Flood, Merrill (1961-63) (mathematician, University of Michigan; later University of California, Berkeley)
BOX 71 Card Division (1961) (interview report, other miscellaneous documents)
BOX 72 King Survey
BOX 72 Music Division (1961) (drafts of interview reports. handwritten charts, statistics)
BOX 72 (Interview reports. 1961? Carbons, with accompanying copies of summary function statements, unless stated otherwise)
BOX 72 (Checklist of tasks to do prior to interview)
BOX 72 Card Division
BOX 72 National Union Catalog Division
BOX 72 Science and Technology Division
BOX 72 Descriptive Cataloging Division
BOX 72 Copyright Office (no interview report)
BOX 72 Map Division (interview report only)
BOX 72 Law Library (interview report only)
BOX 72 Loan Division
BOX 72 Order Division
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