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Office of the Information Systems Specialist/Information Systems Office (Deputy Librarian of Congress) (continued)
BOX 73 UAC/LC Discussion Group (meeting, Sept. 28, 1967, with consultants)
BOX 73 Associations
BOX 73 Special Libraries Association (questionnaire)
BOX 73 Special Interest Group on Library Automation and Networks (newsletter, v. 1, no. 1, Aug. 1967)
BOX 73 SATCOM (Scientific and Technical Communication, National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering—draft report, comments on Library of Congress description)
BOX 73 Task Force Re Computerized Booking and Cataloging of Media (Dept, of Audio Visual Instruction, National Education Association, 1966; also unrelated report of the National Libraries Task Force meeting, Oct. 19, 1967)
BOX 73 RTSD/ABPC Committee, Joint (1966-67) (memo, report, on standard book numbering)
BOX 73 NLM (miscellaneous memos)
BOX 73 ISTIM (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, includes comments on Z39.2 draft)
BOX 73 MALC (invitation to attend)
BOX 73 Joint Committee on the Union List of Serials (summary of meeting, New Orleans, Jan. 10, 1967. 5 p.)
BOX 73 ISAD (correspondence, memos; includes two other misfiled memos)
BOX 73 Federal Library Committee (memos, correspondence, reports of meetings and activities, reports of Task Force on Automation)
BOX 73 IFLA/FIAB (correspondence, memos, other documents related to Toronto conference, August 1967; report, "The Effective Use of Bibliographic Information and the Role of Automation in This Process," by Paul R. Reimers, carbon. 16 p.)
BOX 73 GSA (letter, Oct. 30, 1967, concerning leasing equipment from Van Horn Information Systems Processing Corp.)
BOX 73 EDUCOM (memos, correspondence)
BOX 73 COSATI (memos, correspondence related to activities, meetings)
BOX 73 ARL update (semiannual report to ARL by the Librarian of Congress-carbons of ISO contributions, full reports on automation MARC)
BOX 73 Federal Library Committee (FLC Task Force on Automation) (draft proposal, "... Study Project for Identifying the Present and Future Environment of the Federal Library Community," comments from LC staff)
BOX 73 Automation Steering Committee (LC) (memos reports, other documents)
BOX 73 LC Liaison Group (liaison committees on nationwide (?) automation)
BOX 73 Meetings and conferences (memos, carbons of papers requests to attend, other miscellaneous items)
BOX 73 Fourth Conference on Machine-Readable Catalog Copy, _ December 4, 1967 (drafts-letters of invitation, list of participants, agenda, other miscellaneous items)
BOX 73 Miscellaneous memos, correspondence about various meetings)
BOX 73 Proposal for Cataloging Data Preparation in the MARC Project," (Data Coding Co., Washington, D.C., Oct. 5, 1967) 2 copies (unsolicited proposal?)
BOX 73 Reading file—1967
BOX 73 January
BOX 73 February
BOX 73 March
BOX 73 October
BOX 73 November
BOX 73 December
BOX 73 July
BOX 73 August
BOX 73 September
BOX 73 April
BOX 73 May
BOX 73 June
BOX 74 U(nited) A(ircraft) C(orporation)
BOX 74 MARC List(ings)—"U" United Aircraft
BOX 74 Documentation for user 1401 card-to-tape program (flowcharts; handwritten and typed text of descriptions; coding sheets)
BOX 74 Operating instructions (daily and temporary (?) )
BOX 74 Error diagnostics for MARC programs
BOX 74 Flow diagrams (programs)
BOX 74 Flow diagrams (programs)
BOX 74 MARC error codes
BOX 74 Documentation for count characters in catalog cards = MARC (flowcharts, listings)
BOX 74 DURA information (paper tape input device used during pilot project; format specifications?)
BOX 74 (Documentation for statistical counts?)
BOX 74 Programming (charts?)
BOX 74 Listings
BOX 74 Monthly reports—MARC maintenance programs (1967)
BOX 74 Memorandums (sic.)—MARC maintenance programs (1967) (memos, correspondence, other miscellaneous documents)
BOX 74 MARC Pilot Project assembly listings—A
BOX 74 Object code—Format and edit (listings)
BOX 74 MARC Pilot Project assembly listing
BOX 74 B
BOX 74 D
BOX 74 J (Supervisor and 1 O macros—DOS)
BOX 74 C (MARC interim system daily processing cycle)
BOX 75 Test of MARC programs (punch paper tape, input worksheets, printouts of records with data in card- like format and diagnostic or proofing format)
BOX 75 Work statements (requests for program modifications)
BOX 75 Completed
BOX 75 ISS(ue)D (?) (also includes flowcharts, functions of programs?)
BOX 75 MARC Assembly Listings
BOX 75 H (IBM S/360 catalog listings)
BOX 75 I (IBM S/360 TOS listings—TOS system generation)
BOX 75 G (IBM S/360 assembly listings—DTFs, I/O MODULES)
BOX 76 Nelson Associates—NSDP Questionnaire (53 p.) (filled out by institutions in spring 1968; includes following codes to identify person(s) filling out form: 1 serials library work, including serials cataloging; 2 cataloged, library work, other than serials; 3 reference library work; 4 library administration; 5 data processing; in addition to copy or copies filled out by institution, usually at least one copy filled out by interviewer)
BOX 76 Ohio State University, Columbus (also includes interviewer's notes)
BOX 76 Chemical Abstracts Service, Columbus, Ohio
BOX 76 Columbia University, New York
BOX 76 Ohio College Library Center, Columbus
BOX 76 Purdue University, Lafayette, Ind.
BOX 76 Hershey (Milton S.) Medical Center, Pennsylvania State University, Hershey, Pa.
BOX 76 IBM ASD Laboratory, Los Gatos, Calif.
BOX 76 U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, Oak Ridge, Tenn. (?)
BOX 76 Michigan State University, East Lansing
BOX 76 Bell Telephone Laboratories, Murray Hill, N.J.
BOX 76 Medical Library Center of New York, New York
BOX 77 Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia, Pa.
BOX 77 University of Illinois at Chicago Circle
BOX 77 R.R. Bowker, New York (all responses and interviewer's notes transcribed on one copy)
BOX 77 Stechert Hafner, Inc., New York
BOX 77 Pittsburgh Regional Library Center
BOX 77 New York Public Library
BOX 77 Engineering Societies Library, New York
BOX 77 University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
BOX 77 University of Chicago
BOX 77 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
BOX 78 University of California, Davis
BOX 78 Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
BOX 78 Index cards (grouped by question, page number—notes, comments, questions on interpretation of questionnaire from each responding institution)
BOX 79 Miami-Dade Junior College, Miami
BOX 79 Los Angeles Public Library
BOX 79 Harvard University Library, Cambridge, Mass.
BOX 79 Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.
BOX 79 Stanford University, Stanford, Calif.
BOX 79 University of California, Berkeley
BOX 79 Yale University Library, New Haven, Conn.
BOX 79 New York State Library, Albany
BOX 80 University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y.
BOX 80 National Science Library, Ottawa, Canada
BOX 80 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
BOX 80 Redstone Arsenal, Alabama
BOX 80 Rice University, Houston, Texas
BOX 80 F.W. Faxon, Boston
BOX 80 H.W. Wilson, New York
BOX 80 University of California, Los Angeles
BOX 80 Washington State Library, Olympia
BOX 81 "A Cost Analysis of an Automated System for the Library of Congress," (by Herbert T. Spiro, Allan D. Kotin, Planning Research Corp., Los Angeles, Washington, D.C.) (1 August 1962) 163 p. 2 copies
BOX 81 "Library of Congress Automation Program. Task 1 Report: Survey and Analysis of Bibliographic Apparatus," (United Aircraft Corporate Systems Center)
BOX 81 "Appendix E: Functional Analysis and Statistics," (February 12, 1967) 299 p. 2 copies
BOX 81 "Appendix C: Sampling of Official Catalog," (February 12, 1967) 208 p. 2 copies
BOX 81 "Appendix D: Survey of Gross Use of Major Catalogs," (February 12, 1967) 39 p. 2 copies
BOX 81 "Appendix B: Analysis of Core Files," (February 12, 1967) 256 p. 2 copies
BOX 81 "Appendix A: File Census," (February 12, 1967) 179 p. 2 copies
BOX 81 "Library of Congress Automation Program. Task III Report: Functional Description of the Central Bibliographic System," (Hamilton Standard System Center, United Aircraft Corporation)
BOX 81 "Appendices A and B," (8 May 1968) A-68 p., B-152 p. 2 copies
BOX 82 "Volume II: Technical Summary," (8 May 1968) 154 p. 2 copies
BOX 82 "Volume IV: Appendices C-F," (8 May 1968) 1 v. (various pagings) 2 copies
BOX 82 "Volume III: Description of Operational Processes and Automated Functions. Pt. II," (8 May 1968) 185 p. 2 copies
BOX 82 "Volume III: Description of Operational Processes and Automated Functions. Pt. I," (8 May 1968) 251 p. 2 copies
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