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BOX 19-29; 66-68; 82-105 Automated Systems Office, Office of the Information Systems Specialist, and Information Systems Office
Office files from the MARC Development Office, which had been disbanded in 1977. Functions had been divided among the Automated Systems Office, the Network Development and MARC Standards Office, and the Automation Planning and Liaison Office. These items had been transferred to the Automated Systems Office and had been placed in storage with the Central Services Division. Some of the office files from the Office of the Information Systems Specialist and most of the files from the Information Systems Office from about 1964-1977, with some items from the Automated Systems Office dating from the early 1980s, have also been placed in storage with the Central Services Division. Although there are some items related to the MARC Pilot Project, the MARC system, and the MARC Development Office, most of these files deal with the automation efforts taking place before MARC or outside the scope of MARC.
Arranged in three subseries: Automated Systems Office/MARC Development Office; Office of the Information Systems Specialist; and Information Systems Office
BOX 19-29 Automated Systems Office/MARC Development Office
BOX 19 RECON Project (1968-72)
BOX 19 RECON pilot—Historical
BOX 19 RECON/Card Division
BOX 19 Feasibility study (Herner and Company)
BOX 19 General correspondence
BOX 19 RECON costs
BOX 19 Pilot project proposal (to CLR)
BOX 19 Conversion of Retrospective Catalog Records to Machine-Readable Form (feasibility study, 1969)— memos, correspondence, announcements, etc.
BOX 19 Proposal (to Office of Education)
BOX 19 Progress reports to OE
BOX 19 RECON final report (drafts), 1st versions
BOX 19 Progress reports/staff
BOX 19 Progress reports to Council
BOX 19 Progress reports (appeared in Journal of Library Automation)
BOX 19 Travel
BOX 19 Publicity
BOX 19 Selection of advisory committee and task force
BOX 19 Calendars (schedules for project)
BOX 19 Staff and space requirements
BOX 19 RECON meetings, February 25-26, 1971
BOX 19 RECON staff meetings (minutes)
BOX 19 RECON Working Task Force file
BOX 19 Working Task Force
BOX 19 Advisory committee meetings
BOX 19 RECON Task I (levels of machine-readable records)
BOX 19 RECON Task II (book catalogs, register/index)
BOX 19 RECON Task III (costs of conversion to standard format)
BOX 19 RECON Task III, Phase I report (survey of data bases for potential conversion)
BOX 20 Survey of networks
BOX 20 Questionnaires, evaluation
BOX 20 Microform study
BOX 20 Networks
BOX 20 RECON Task III questionnaire
BOX 20 RECON Task III correspondence
BOX 20 Data bases (responses from participants in Task III)
BOX 20 Black-Gold Cooperative
BOX 20 Boston Theological Institute
BOX 20 Eastern New Mexico University
BOX 20 Chester County (Pa.) Library
BOX 20 Washington University
BOX 20 Florida Atlantic University
BOX 20 Cuyahoga Community College
BOX 20 Redstone Scientific Information Center
BOX 20 Honnold Library—Claremont Colleges
BOX 20 Yale University
BOX 20 Montgomery County (Md.) Public Library
BOX 20 Baltimore County Public Library
BOX 20 Stanford University
BOX 20 Washington State Library
BOX 20 Richard Abel (book jobber)
BOX 20 Air Force—Cambridge
BOX 20 Georgia Institute of Technology
BOX 20 National Agricultural Library
BOX 20 National Library of Medicine
BOX 20 New York Public Library—Branches
BOX 20 New York Public Library—Dance collection
BOX 20 New York Public Library—Research
BOX 20 SUNY—Biomedical Center, Syracuse
BOX 20 University of Chicago
BOX 21 American National Standards Institute (primarily late 1960s)
BOX 21 Z39.SC2 Standard (i.e., American National Standard Format for Bibliographic Information Interchange on Magnetic Tape (ANSI Z39.2-1971) )
BOX 21 Miscellaneous documents, reports, newsletters
BOX 21 Miscellaneous correspondence
BOX 21 SC 2
BOX 21 Memos to and from members
BOX 21 Members—memos, correspondence
BOX 21 Votes on standards (1968?)
BOX 21 Committee
BOX 21 News about Z-39, 1972-74
BOX 21 Progress reports, SC 2
BOX 21 Proposals, Z-39
BOX 21 Z-39 personnel
BOX 21 Z-39 study (2 copies)
BOX 21 Notes and minutes of meetings (1967-68)
BOX 21 Correspondence (carbons), Z-39
BOX 21 Z-39 SC 15 Filing Rules (Theodore Hines, chair)
BOX 21 Other subcommittees, Z-39
BOX 21 Requests for Z-39 study
BOX 21 Z-39 study
BOX 21 Z-39 report (i.e., ANSI Z39.2-1971) (drafts)
BOX 22 X-3 (miscellaneous correspondence, reports, memos)
BOX 22 Z-39 (miscellaneous correspondence, etc.) (1968)
BOX 22 Z-39 SC 2 (miscellaneous correspondence, reports, etc.)
BOX 22 X-3 (miscellaneous reports, etc.)
BOX 22 X-3 Ad Hoc Committee on Data Definition Language
BOX 22 FIPS TG-7—magnetic tape labels
BOX 22 X-3 miscellaneous
BOX 22 Subcommittee 15 of Z-39/machine filing—proposed standard
BOX 22 Z-39 Planning Committee—proposals for future development (May 1969)
BOX 22 Selected bibliography on MARC (1971)
BOX 22 Process Information File (notebook)—specifications, etc.
BOX 22 Name authority files
BOX 23 MDO priorities
BOX 23 MARC system cataloging decisions
BOX 23 COMARC (1974-78)
BOX 23 COMARC staff meetings
BOX 23 MARC system
BOX 23 Coordination
BOX 23 Coordination with Reference Dept.
BOX 23 Data base(s)
BOX 23 Data base(s), Federal AV
BOX 23 Maintenance and expansion
BOX 23 MARC Distribution Service
BOX 23 General
BOX 23 Books
BOX 23 Films
BOX 23 Maps
BOX 23 Serials
BOX 23 Notice to subscribers
BOX 23 Subject headings
BOX 23 Tapes
BOX 23 Maintenance—government publication indicator
BOX 23 MARC policy
BOX 23 MARC process
BOX 23 MARC Retriever
BOX 23 MARC Search Service
BOX 23 MARC staff meetings (1973-74)
BOX 23 MARC system and services
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