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BOX 123 Other Sources (Henriette D. Avram, Lucia J. Rather, Lenore S. Maruyama)
Miscellaneous reports and documents that have been obtained sporadically to add to the archives. Includes several photographs.
BOX 123 (Miscellaneous reports and documents)
BOX 123 "Automation Activities in the Processing Services Department of the Library of Congress," (compiled and edited by Henriette D. Avram, Lenore S. Maruyama, John C. Rather) Library Resources & Technical Services, v. 16, no. 2, spring 1 972, p. 195- 239. Reprint
BOX 123 "Enhancing PREMARC," (Research Services Ad Hoc Group on PreMARC, Linda Arret ..., Peggy Morrison, Elisabeth Parker, Joanne Zellers March 1985) 6 p.
BOX 123 "A Prospectus for Decentralized Creation and Editing of CONSER Records," (Inforonics, Littleton, Mass."! late 1970s?) 4 p.
BOX 123 "Mini-Proposal for a Cooperative Effort between Library of Congress and NELINET," (memo to Henriette D. Avram from William D. Mathews, on online access to Register of Additional Locations. March 31 , 1977) 3 p. Draft. 2 copies
BOX 123 "Fee Service Teleprocessing—Implementation Planning," (memo to Donald C. Curran from Henriette D. Avram, December 12, 1977) 2 p. + 11 p. attachment
BOX 123 "State of the Art: Toward a Nationwide Library Network," (draft of paper prepared by Henriette D. Avram for ISAD State of the Art III Institute, 1978) unpaged
BOX 123 "Outline of Feasibility Study (on Alternative Methods for Transmitting Machine-Readable Bibliographic Data)," (1978?) 7 p.
BOX 123 "Subcommittee on Automation Priorities: Report to the Committee on Automation Planning," (F.E. Croxton, James Myracle, Joseph W. Price, Charlene W. Woody, Lucia J. Rather ... Revised and approved by the Committee on Automation Planning, November 1977) 39 p.
BOX 123 "The Library of Congress and Its Role in a Nationwide Network for Library and Information Services," 14 p.; "Alternative Systems of Bibliographic Distribution to the Library Community," 5 p.; "Suggested Remarks for Inclusion in Floor Statement," 1 p. (papers prepared for testimony (?), by the Network Development Office, 1978?)
BOX 123 Untitled speech to American Society for Information Science (?), describing Library of Congress programs and services (prepared 9/23/76) 7 p.
BOX 123 "The National and International Network and Urban Main Libraries," (prepared by Henriette D. Avram for conference on Future of the Urban Main Library, October 26-27, 1978) 24 p.
BOX 123 "Machine-Readable Cataloging (MARC), 1986," (Henriette D. Avram ... sequel to article in v. 16, "Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science) 49 p. Final draft
BOX 123 "Request for Proposal. A Study of Legal and Governance Options Relating to the Library Bibliographic Component of the Nationwide Library and Information Service Network," (submitted by the NAC Subcommittee on Governance, November 13, 1978) 10 p. 5th Draft. 2 copies
BOX 123 "Country of Publication Codes ..." (prepared by the Automated Systems Office, User and Production Service ... 1978) 34 p.
BOX 123 "Geographic Area Codes," (prepared by the MARC Development Office. Revised August 1973) 52 p.
BOX 123 "Summary Report of the First Meeting of the Ad Hoc Group on the Establishment of a Common Communication Format (CCF)," (held at Unesco House, Paris, Oct. 3-5, 1978) 5 p.
BOX 123 "Common Communication Format for Bibliographic Records in Computer-Readable Form (CCF): Terms of Reference for the Compilation of a Directory of Data Elements ..." Annex 3, 3 p. Appendix 1, 1 p. Appendix 2, 1 p.
BOX 123 "The International MARC Network: A Study for an International Bibliographic Data Network," (A.J. Wells. Prepared for the International MARC Network Study Steering Committee, January 1977) 58 p. Also includes letter (typescript) from Richard Coward, British National Bibliography, to Henriette D. Avram, June 16, 1977
BOX 123 (Handwritten table, 1 p., and flowcharts, 2 p., depicting National Library and Information Service Network and the National Library Bibliographic Component
BOX 123 Ad Hoc Working Group on LC Networking Services (memo (carbon) from Henriette D. Avram, April 27, 1978; responses, either memos or papers from Division from the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Reference/Research Services, Loan Division)
BOX 123 Photographs
BOX 123 Group award, MARC Pilot Project (positive print) + separate sheet with names (not complete). Photograph appeared in LCIB?
BOX 123 IFLA Working Group on Content Designators, Washington, D.C., November 15-17, 1974. Library of Congress Information Bulletin, p. A-264 (entire page from LCIB with picture and caption included)
BOX 123 Group award, Division for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (positive print, late 1960s?) (includes Lucia J. Rather, MARC Development Office; and DBPH staff Mary Jack Wintle, Lucy Vecera, and unnamed third person)
BOX 123 Mounted photograph (positive print) of Henriette D. Avram and Lucia J. Rather (late 1960s?)
BOX 124 Council on Library Resources
Copies of some items from contract files of the Council on Library Resources, Washington, D.C., dealing with projects sponsored by the council that predated and were the precursors of the MARC Pilot Project. Although the Library of Congress had been involved with these projects, the studies were performed by an outside consultant. Also included some of the items dealing with the MARC Pilot Project.
BOX 124 Contract CLR 274
BOX 124 Letter of agreement from Verner W. Clapp to Lawrence F. Buckland, January 8, 1964
BOX 124 "The Creation of a Machine Record of Library of Congress Catalog Data for Distribution and Automatic Typesetting of Cards and Book Form Catalogs," (report prepared for the Council on Library Resources on work performed ... January 20-24, 1964 at the Library of Congress by Lawrence F. Buckland, February 6, 1964) 15 p.
BOX 124 Contract CLR 280
BOX 124 (Correspondence, work statements, other documents 1964)
BOX 124 "The Recording of Library of Congress Bibliographic Data in Machine Form," (...prepared for the council on Library Resources by Lawrence F. Ruckland, Inforonics, Maynard, Mass., November 23, 1964 Final Report) 43 p. + appendixes
BOX 124 Rough Draft. Final Report C.L.R.," (10/21/64) 35 p. (some handwritten comments)
BOX 124 Progress Report ... Inforonics Project 162-11: Bibliographic Data Recording"
BOX 124 (No. 1, June 5, 1964) 3 p.
BOX 124 No. 2, July 22, 1964. 10 p.
BOX 124 No. 3, August 27, 1964. 6 p.
BOX 124 "Technical Memorandum #13-A: The Inforonics' Analyzer and Typographer Programs for the Inforonics’ Phototypesetting System" (R. J. McQuillan, December 23, 1964) 32 p.
BOX 124 "Technical Memorandum #24: 'The Inforonics Typesetting Program," (J.T. Lundy, January 26, 1965) 12 p.
BOX 124 Contract CLR 281 (Phase 2-Creation of a Machine Record ...)
BOX 124 (Correspondence, work statement, 1964)
BOX 124 Contract CLR 334 (MARC Pilot Project, 1965-67)
BOX 124 (Correspondence, draft proposal(s), final proposal, proposals for additional studies: catalog data studies programs and procedures, MARC distribution feasibility study)
BOX 124 "The MARC Pilot Experience; An Informal Summary," (Information Systems Office, Library of Congress, June 1968)
BOX 124 Contract CLR 378
BOX 124 (Correspondence, proposal for editorial assistance to Publish MARC Pilot Project final report, March 3, 1967)

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