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Automated Systems Office, Office of the Information Systems Specialist, and Information Systems Office (continued)
Automated Systems Office/MARC Development Office (continued)
BOX 27 Report of preliminary feasibility study of using the Multiple Use MARC System (MUMS) for Retrieval of COPICS Records (by James Graber and Josephine S. Pulsifer) (March 1977)
BOX 27 The University of Chicago Data Management System (by Charles T. Payne) (April 1974)
BOX 27 Book review by Henriette D. Avram on The Conversion of the Catalogue into Machine-Readable Form. Edited by A. E. Jeffreys. (Newcastle upon Tyne: Oriel Press, 1972). Project sponsored by University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Office of Scientific and Technical Information (U.K.)
BOX 27 Northwestern University Library position paper— Regional/national network links for machine- readable union catalog (September 1973)
BOX 27 Library of Congress as the national library- potentialities for service. "Confidential" report to the National Advisory Committee on Libraries. (Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, October 1967)
BOX 27 Sensitive issues in the design of multi-use systems (by F. J. Corbate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Project MAC) (December 1968)
BOX 28 Reports
BOX 28 MARC Dev semiannual reports (background documents, drafts, etc.)
BOX 28 MARC Dev annual reports
BOX 28 MARC statistics
BOX 28 Report on meeting on manuscripts and archives, July 26, 1977
BOX 28 Projects
BOX 28 APIF (reports, correspondence, memos, etc.) (1970-72)
BOX 28 MUMS (1970-72)
BOX 28 Standards and codes (correspondence, memos, etc.)
BOX 28 Books format
BOX 28 Country codes
BOX 28 Formats
BOX 28 Authorities
BOX 28 Book catalogs
BOX 28 Communications formats
BOX 28 Films
BOX 28 In-process materials
BOX 28 Manuscripts
BOX 28 Maps
BOX 28 Music
BOX 28 Name authorities
BOX 28 Serials
BOX 28 Technical reports
BOX 29 National (American National Standards Institute) and International (International Organization for Standardization) Standards Activities
BOX 29 ISO/TC 46, general
BOX 29 Z219.1 (use of CODEN for periodical title abbreviations practice)
BOX 29 Z85 (USAS Z85.1-1969, Permanent and durable library catalog cards)
BOX 29 Z39 SC 31 (music industry code)
BOX 29 Z39 SC 32 (technical report numbering)
BOX 29 Z39 SC 25 (guidelines for thesaurus structure construction and use)
BOX 29 Z39 SC 26 (standard for the preparation and editorial scrutiny of scientific papers)
BOX 29 Z39 SC 4 (bibliographic references/general)
BOX 29 Z39 SC 6 (abstracts/general)
BOX 29 Z39 SC 9 (terminology)
BOX 29 Z39 SC 10 (periodicals: format and arrangement)
BOX 29 Z39 SC 20 (standard serial codes)
BOX 29 Minutes
BOX 29 Meetings/conferences
BOX 29 Correspondence (1968)
BOX 29 Correspondence (1969)
BOX 29 Correspondence (1970)
BOX 29 Z39 membership/roster
BOX 29 Z39 correspondence
BOX 29 Miscellaneous MARC publications, reports, early formats
BOX 66-68 Office of the Information Systems Specialist
BOX 66 Pre-1965 correspondence
BOX 66 Buckland proposal and report
BOX 66 "Proposal to Council on Library Resources for Experimental Investigation of a System for the Production, Distribution and Use of Card Catalog Data." (Submitted by Lawrence F. Buckland, Inforonics, Inc., Maynard, Mass. Oct. 3, 1963)
BOX 66 "The Recording of Library of Congress Bibliographic Data in Machine Form." (Report prepared for the Council on Library Resources ... by Lawrence F. Buckland, Nov. 23, 1964)
BOX 66 Miscellaneous correspondence, memos, other documents
BOX 66 California List—1965 (project to key/proofread bibliographic data for 1,000 titles from "California List of Books for a College Library" to test different methods of input, coding) (miscellaneous correspondence, memos, contract with vendor— Inforonics)
BOX 66 Project INTREX (1965-66 correspondence) (MIT Information Transfer Experiments—technologies combined in operational system to provide library users with guaranteed and rapid access to full text of documents through remote stations)
BOX 66 Clapp, Verner (President of Council on Library Resources)
BOX 66 (Miscellaneous correspondence, memos, other documents related to CLR activities, grants)
BOX 66 1964
BOX 66 1965
BOX 66 1966
BOX 66 COLA (Committee on Library Automation) 1963-66 (predecessor of Information Science and Automation Division, American Library Association)
BOX 66 Congressional requests for automation (1964, 1965, 1966)
BOX 66 Correspondence, general—1965
BOX 66 General correspondence—1966
BOX 66 Invitations—1966
BOX 66 Memos—1966
BOX 66 Reading file—1966 (incomplete)
BOX 66 Visitors (1964, 1965, 1966)
BOX 66 Committees
BOX 66 American National Standards Institute (memos, comments, reports) (1972)
BOX 66 Association of Asian Studies (1972)
BOX 66 Automation Steering Committee (LC) (1972)
BOX 67 COSATI (1971 progress report from LC to COSATI) Federation Internationale de Documentation (survey form)
BOX 67 Federal Libraries/National Libraries Task Force
BOX 67 Interagency (Committee) on ADP (memos, forms, other documents; also By-Laws, Federal ADP Users Group) (1972)
BOX 67 International Standards Organization TC 97/SC 1
BOX 67 SHARE (memos, correspondence, program for 1972 meeting in Toronto, other miscellaneous documents) (1972)
BOX 67 Standards—FIPS
BOX 67 Standards—Z39 (two issues of News about Z39, 1972)
BOX 67 Projects, proposed (memos, other documents) (1972)
BOX 67 Copyright Office
BOX 67 Law Library
BOX 67 Office of the Librarian
BOX 67 Reference Department
BOX 67 (Automation)
BOX 67 Questionnaire (memos, responses to a questionnaire)
BOX 67 Inquiries (memos, correspondence, other documents) (1972)
BOX 67 Conferences and meetings (1972)
BOX 67 Association for Computing Machinery (paper "Remarks on Using Computers in Support of Information Service," Fred E. Croxton, presented at Mid- Southeast Chapter, ACM, Knoxville, Tenn., Oct 20, 1972. 14 p.)
BOX 67 Coordinators Meeting (on ASO resources) (minutes, agendas, memos, other documents)
BOX 67 Maryland Academic Library Center for Automated Processing (MALCAP)
BOX 67 Maryland Council for Higher Education
BOX 67 Society for Information Display
BOX 67 Equipment and supplies
BOX 67 Digi-Data Converter (memos, notes, use by Central Services Division)
BOX 67 Procurement (memos, correspondence, notices from GSA, other documents
BOX 67 Publications
BOX 67 Selected standards (memos commenting on MARC Development Office proposed standards)
BOX 67 Automation newsletters (1972)
BOX 67 Library automation (requests for publications, miscellaneous correspondence) (1972)
BOX 67 Reports
BOX 67 "Alternative Approaches to Satisfying SDI Requests from Congressional Subscribers." (by Marilyn Courtot, Information Systems Office, CRS Applications Unit) (March 29, 1972)
BOX 67 Association of Research Libraries (contributions to 1972 semiannual report)
BOX 67 Automation activities in the Reference Department (monthly reports—1972)
BOX 67 Congressional report (ISO activities related to item printed in committee document?)
BOX 67 Program reviews (Copyright Office, Central Services Division) (1972)
BOX 67 Reports
BOX 67 Annual (memos, announcements) (FY 1970, 1971; 1969/70)
BOX 67 ARL (Jan. 1971 report, contributions for Jan./June 1971, July/Dec. 1971 reports; other miscellaneous memos)
BOX 67 "Continuity Index of Information Science Abstracts: A Four-Year Progress Report," (by Ben-Ami Lipetz, Special Libraries, Nov. 1970, p. 508-510, 511 omitted; article cut from journal)
BOX 67 Developments at LC ("Some Developments at the Library of Congress: A Report to the Association of Research Libraries." Presented at meetings in Washington, D.C., Jan. 26, 1969, and Atlantic City, N.J., June 21, 1969)
BOX 67 Computer—Assistance (not associated with an approved or proposed project) (memos, other documents) (1972)
BOX 67 Computer—Operations (policy records only, including flashes) (memos, other documents, including items concerning computer charges for outside users)
BOX 67 Automation—Terminal Operations (memos, other documents concerning ATS use)
BOX 67 Projects (1972)
BOX 67 House of Representatives (memos, correspondence) Senate (memos, correspondence)
BOX 67 Reports (FY 1971)
BOX 67 Management (summary of staff assignments and liaison, MARC Development Office automation projects)
BOX 67 Machine utilization report (monthly)
BOX 67 National Program for Acquisitions and Cataloging
BOX 67 National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
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