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Automated Systems Office, Office of the Information Systems Specialist, and Information Systems Office (continued)
Office of the Information Systems Specialist (continued)
BOX 67 LOOOl. Statistical requirements
BOX 67 L0002. On-demand bibliographies
BOX 67 L0003. Personalized reference service
BOX 67 L0004. Indexing vocabulary system
BOX 67 LO005. Bill digest production
BOX 67 LO006. Bibliographic interface with data management
BOX 67 LQ007. Production of Bill Digest using Linotron, microfilm, etc.
BOX 67 LO008. Cumulative serial listings
BOX 67 LO009. Cumulative authority listings
BOX 67 LOOIO. Inquiry by division report
BOX 67 L0118. CRS requirements study
BOX 67 LOI 19. CRS Bill Digest subject index
BOX 67 LOI24. Bill Digest phase I
BOX 67 LOI34. Bill Digest display augmentation
BOX 67 Automation—PIPARS—Copyright Office (1970/71) (Monthly progress reports, project statements, and project plans)
BOX 67 CO022. Study and design of the Copyright Office automated information system
BOX 67 CO023. DAMP (Deposit Account Machine Posting) subsystem
BOX 67 CO024. CASH subsystem
BOX 67 CO025. In-process information subsystem
BOX 67 CO026. Status and location control subsystem
BOX 67 CO027. Examining Div. interface
BOX 67 CO028. Reference Div. interface
BOX 67 CO029. Cataloging Div. interface and cataloging subsystem
BOX 67 Automation—PIPARS—Reference Department (1970/71) (Monthly progress reports unless stated otherwise, some project statements and project plans)
BOX 67 IO051. Select Copy & Report (SCORE) (also project statement, project plan)
BOX 67 10055. Software maintenance (generate COBOL programs) (also project statement, project plan)
BOX 67 RO031. Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL)
BOX 67 RO034. National Referral Center system (also memo)
BOX 67 R0115. Master manuscript record/manuscript indexing project
BOX 67 R0116. Loan Div. pilot automation project (also project statement)
BOX 67 R0123. Presidential papers index output program
BOX 67 R0131. Hispanic Foundation special report project
BOX 67 R0132. Presidential papers index output program
BOX 67 Automation (1971)
BOX 67 ALA/LC print train (memos)
BOX 67 ANSI COBOL (also ANSI Standard Character Set for Handprinting—use in OCR)
BOX 67 Automation projects (also Copyright Office; MT/ST)
BOX 67 Computer assistance (to outsiders, MARC Dev staff, etc.)
BOX 67 BIBSYS (miscellaneous correspondence)
BOX 67 Bill Digest (production of)
BOX 67 COBOL (use of)
BOX 67 CRS bibliographic master files (also CRS automation, Senate automation, other related items)
BOX 67 DOS (conversion from DOS to OS; includes Order Div. work)
BOX 67 Data files (sorting, comments on proposed standard)
BOX 67 Digi-Data Converter (device used to convert data input on MT/ST to magnetic tape)
BOX 67 Format recognition (conversion of programs from DOS to OS)
BOX 67 Generalized photocomposition system (for Linotron, proposal to develop)
BOX 67 INTREX (miscellaneous correspondence)
BOX 67 LC book rooms (CRS to absorb, organize ... in Senate, House)
BOX 67 LRS (CRS) (miscellaneous memos, correspondence)
BOX 67 Legislative Indexing Vocabulary (LIV) (use by Washington State Library?)
BOX 67 Library automation (paper by Paul Reimers?)
BOX 67 Linotron (character set, diacritics; also miscellaneous memos)
BOX 67 MARC (miscellaneous memos, correspondence; newsletter Gospel According to MARC)
BOX 67 MT/ST (memos, other documents; use by MARC Editorial Division)
BOX 67 NUC cards (saving cards for pre-1956 imprints)
BOX 67 Order Division (IBM 1050s (card reader); conversion from DOS to OS)
BOX 67 4-Phase (terminals)
BOX 67 Presidential papers indexes
BOX 67 Print train
BOX 67 Publications (including Linotron diacritic grid)
BOX 67 Publicate Inc. (vendor, pre-photocomposition programs)
BOX 67 Reference Department (miscellaneous memos, correspondence)
BOX 68 Committees, meetings, and conferences (1971)
BOX 68 American Association of Law Libraries
BOX 68 American Library Association
BOX 68 American National Standards (ANSI)
BOX 68 Association for Asian Studies
BOX 68 Association of State Library Agencies
BOX 68 Automation Steering Group
BOX 68 Automation—ATS (1971)
BOX 68 Chinese-English Translation Assistance (CETA) group
BOX 68 Committee on East Asian Studies (Association for Asian Studies)
BOX 68 Federal Library Committee
BOX 68 Forum on Interactive Bibliographic Systems
BOX 68 ISO (miscellaneous proposals from outside organizations)
BOX 68 MARC Dev (includes MARC/RECON staff meetings minutes; other miscellaneous correspondence, memos)
BOX 68 National Referral Center
BOX 68 RECON Advisory Committee
BOX 68 Serials (minutes of Serials Section, Discussion Group for Large Research Libraries, ALA, June 29, 1970 Detroit)
BOX 68 Consultants Coyle and Stewart (miscellaneous correspondence, memos concerning format recognition programs)
BOX 68 Automation (1971)
BOX 68 S.D.I. system (miscellaneous correspondence about implementation in CRS)
BOX 68 Task Force (Association of Asian Studies?)
BOX 68 Three capital letters in the notation of the LC Classification (schedule)
BOX 68 Publications (1971)
BOX 68 Council on Library Resources (press release, grant awarded for Southwestern Library Interstate Cooperative Endeavor, SLICE)
BOX 68 Dewey classification (miscellaneous memos, notes about 18th ed.)
BOX 68 LC (miscellaneous memos about or on publications, press releases)
BOX 68 Outside (miscellaneous correspondence, press releases about automation projects)
BOX 68 Proposals (Phase II—CARDS, 1969/70)
BOX 68 University Computing Company, Dallas, Tex. (annual report for 1969, financial statement)
BOX 68 "Dataventure Proposal to the Library of Congress for Procurement of Catalog Card System Software," (Dataventure, Inc., McLean, Va.)
BOX 68 "System for Photocomposed Production of Library of Congress Catalog Cards," (Publicate, Incorporated, Bethesda, Md.)
BOX 68 "A Proposal to the Library of Congress for Software Support of Phase II of CARDS," (C3, Inc., Fairfax, Va.). "Amendment 1 to C3, Inc. Proposal to ... "
BOX 82-105 Information Systems Office
BOX 82 Organization—History
BOX 82 Central Bibliographic Systems (1964-66) (memos, internal documents)
BOX 82 Information Systems Office (1965-67) (memos, reports, other internal documents)
BOX 82 Machine-Readable Catalog (MARC) (1964-65)
BOX 82 (miscellaneous memos, reports)
BOX 82 Library of Congress Automation Techniques Exchange (LOCATE) (1965) (miscellaneous memos, proposals to establish, request for grant)
BOX 82 Publications—Requests for ISO use (1968-69) (handled by LOCATE; includes miscellaneous memos, requests to purchase, order forms)
BOX 82 Public activities—Articles and speeches (1969)
BOX 82 Henriette Avram (miscellaneous memos, correspondence)
BOX 82 Others (miscellaneous memos, correspondence, drafts, reviews)
BOX 82 Press releases (includes drafts)
BOX 82 Information bulletins (drafts, carbons of articles submitted to LCIB)
BOX 82 Reimers, Paul (miscellaneous memos, correspondence, conference schedules)
BOX 82 Public activities—Visitors (1969)
BOX 82 Foreign (correspondence)
BOX 82 United States (miscellaneous memos, correspondence, curricula vitae)
BOX 82 Public activities—Automation—Clippings (items from clipping service)
BOX 82 Organization (mostly 1968)
BOX 82 Program directives—Utilization of EDP equipment and data processing personnel (miscellaneous memos)
BOX 82 Procedures—LC book ordering (memo)
BOX 82 Procedures—Other (miscellaneous memos about organization, staff assignments, and other topics)
BOX 82 Program directives—Staff assignments in the framework of MARC system (miscellaneous memos)
BOX 82 Policy decisions (memos)
BOX 82 Procedures—ISOP's (Information Systems Office Standard Operating Procedures) (carbons)
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