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Automated Systems Office, Office of the Information Systems Specialist, and Information Systems Office (continued)
BOX 82-105 Information Systems Office
BOX 82 Organization—History
BOX 82 Central Bibliographic Systems (1964-66) (memos, internal documents)
BOX 82 Information Systems Office (1965-67) (memos, reports, other internal documents)
BOX 82 Machine-Readable Catalog (MARC) (1964-65)
BOX 82 (miscellaneous memos, reports)
BOX 82 Library of Congress Automation Techniques Exchange (LOCATE) (1965) (miscellaneous memos, proposals to establish, request for grant)
BOX 82 Publications—Requests for ISO use (1968-69) (handled by LOCATE; includes miscellaneous memos, requests to purchase, order forms)
BOX 82 Public activities—Articles and speeches (1969)
BOX 82 Henriette Avram (miscellaneous memos, correspondence)
BOX 82 Others (miscellaneous memos, correspondence, drafts, reviews)
BOX 82 Press releases (includes drafts)
BOX 82 Information bulletins (drafts, carbons of articles submitted to LCIB)
BOX 82 Reimers, Paul (miscellaneous memos, correspondence, conference schedules)
BOX 82 Public activities—Visitors (1969)
BOX 82 Foreign (correspondence)
BOX 82 United States (miscellaneous memos, correspondence, curricula vitae)
BOX 82 Public activities—Automation—Clippings (items from clipping service)
BOX 82 Organization (mostly 1968)
BOX 82 Program directives—Utilization of EDP equipment and data processing personnel (miscellaneous memos)
BOX 82 Procedures—LC book ordering (memo)
BOX 82 Procedures—Other (miscellaneous memos about organization, staff assignments, and other topics)
BOX 82 Program directives—Staff assignments in the framework of MARC system (miscellaneous memos)
BOX 82 Policy decisions (memos)
BOX 82 Procedures—ISOP's (Information Systems Office Standard Operating Procedures) (carbons)
BOX 82 Organization chart(s) (1967?)
BOX 82 Visitors FY 70 (1968-70) (also contains misfiled items, e.g., computer use by contractors, annual reports, IBM maintenance support, manuscript format)
BOX 82 Publications (mostly 1969)
BOX 82 Serials: A MARC Format (memo)
BOX 82 Monthly Highlights (camera copy, v. 1, no. 1-9; Jan.- Dec. 1969)
BOX 82 SPSE publications (Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers—correspondence related to assignment of CODEN, receipt of publications by Exchange and Gift Division)
BOX 82 MARC Pilot Project: Final Report
BOX 82 (Press releases, memos, distribution of review copies)
BOX 82 (Miscellaneous memos, correspondence)
BOX 82 MARC System Internal Format Specifications (memo on distribution to National Libraries Task Force)
BOX 82 MARC Manuals Used by the Library of Congress
BOX 82 (Memo, press release)
BOX 82 (Correspondence, memos related to publication of manuals by ALA, 1968-69)
BOX 82 Publication proposal (memos on publication of RECON report)
BOX 82 "ADP Projects in the Reference Department," (January 1969, copy of report)
BOX 82 Final Report on MARC Pilot Project at LC Recounts First Steps Toward MARC (press release about final report)
BOX 82 Journal of Library Automation (letter about galleys for article)
BOX 83 Reading files
BOX 83 Jan.-May 1969
BOX 83 May-August 1969 (also includes two items from 1968)
BOX 83 Sept.-Dec. 1969
BOX 83 Public activities—Articles and speeches—ISO staff (1968)
BOX 83 (memos, correspondence, drafts)
BOX 83 Proposal (by RCA, "Automation of the Catalog Card Reproduction System")
BOX 83 Automation—Equipment (1969)
BOX 83 (Procurement of ATS terminals, IBM 360)
BOX 83 (Memos, correspondence, other documents on procurement, use, arranging for time on computer, etc.)
BOX 83 Automation—LC projects—National Serials Data Program (1969) (memos, correspondence)
BOX 83 Budget (mostly 1969)
BOX 83 Salaries and expenses, LC (appropriations—automation allotment FY 1969, 1970; increase/decrease)
BOX 83 Automation study (allotment 26A contracts)
BOX 83 Budget adjustment (FY 1968, 1969, 1970)
BOX 83 Planning for computer facilities for FY 1970 and 1971 (1968-69)
BOX 83 Computer testing (memo)
BOX 83 Rental of equipment
BOX 83 Printing and reproduction (publication of MARC manuals by ALA, other miscellaneous correspondence)
BOX 83 Communications—Inquiries (1969) (memo on National Serials Data Program; comments related to NAL letter)
BOX 83 Administration—Photoduplication (reproducing 1968 annual report; also items related to IBM 1030 data collection system)
BOX 83 Automation—LC projects (mostly 1968)
BOX 83 ADP activities (1968-69) (miscellaneous memos, correspondence, other documents)
BOX 83 ATS (memos related to installation, coordination of ATS)
BOX 83 CLR (memos, correspondence related to NSDP RECON)
BOX 83 DPO (memos, other correspondence, requests for machine time, other ADP topics)
BOX 83 Equipment (memos, correspondence, including letter/proposal from Lockheed/Dialog on online access)
BOX 83 General Services Administration (questionnaire on ADP time sharing)
BOX 83 LRS (House Banking and Currency Committee proposal for automation to support legislative calendar; use of ATS, acquisition of terminal(s) )
BOX 83 Tape recertification (memos, correspondence brochures—what to do with used tapes from MARC distribution)
BOX 83 Inquiries (outside requests—memos, correspondence)
BOX 83 Scan-Data Corp. (Norristown, Pa., OCR; also use of Sensormatic System for control of book movement)
BOX 83 Government agencies (correspondence, memos; also items on archive and manuscript control)
BOX 83 Automation—Private industry
BOX 83 Micrographic cataloging retrieval system demonstration (report on demonstration provided by Information Dynamics Corp., Reading, Mass.)
BOX 83 SESAM (information retrieval system developed by Siemens, Munich)
BOX 83 Soundex coding system (report on method used by social security system to translate names into numerical codes)
BOX 83 Conferences, committees, and meetings (mostly 1969)
BOX 83 MARC II (meetings in 1968 on implementation of MARC distribution service)
BOX 83 Automation Steering Group (memos)
BOX 83 Interagency Working Group (transition to Federal ADP standards)
BOX 83 Federal Library Committee (includes report, Development Trends in Library and Information Center Automation," prepared by Information Dynamics Corp.)
BOX 83 National Library (i.e., Libraries) Task Force (items related to NSDP, systems study, other miscellaneous topics)
BOX 83 Conference on Automated Bibliographic Control for Area and International Research (CORMOSEA) (co- sponsored by Association for Asian Studies?; notes, reports, other correspondence)
BOX 83 Committee on Bibliography and Publications (request to publish first RECON report)
BOX 84 Ad Hoc Committee (1968-69) (meeting of LC Ad Hoc Automation Planning Committee; summary of recommendations; also includes item related to Ad Hoc Serial Data Committee)
BOX 84 Administrative Conference on Automation (March 10- 11, 1969) (information about conference, location, directions, accommodations, etc.)
BOX 84 American Library Association (conference schedules, other miscellaneous memos; includes copy of report, "Library Networks and Reference Services," by Maryann Duggan, presented at Joint Meeting of RSD/RTSD/ISAD, Atlantic City, June 25, 1969, 30 p.)
BOX 84 American research libraries (Association of Research Libraries—semiannual reports from LC to ARL, 1968/69; other miscellaneous memos)
BOX 84 ASIS national convention (miscellaneous memos, requests to attend)
BOX 84 Association for Computing Machinery (miscellaneous memos, correspondence, application for membership)
BOX 84 Automation and scientific development, AALL (summary report of trip made by chair, Frederick E. Smith, to Chicago, Washington, New York in 1969)
BOX 84 Automation Each (i.e., East) Asian bibliographic systems (memos, correspondence, other documents related to automating production of Bibliography of Asian Studies)
BOX 84 Automation Steering Committee (LC) (agenda, memos, correspondence, minutes, other notes)
BOX 84 Automation Subcommittee (LC) (includes brief description and report of demonstration provided of Federal Information Research Science and Technology Network; copy of article from New York Times, March 27, 1969, on computerized New York Times Index)
BOX 84 Joint Committee on the Union List of Serials (minutes; status of gift fund established by committee for NSDP)
BOX 84 International Federation for Documentation (information about two meetings in 1968)
BOX 84 International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA) (report of ISO/TC 46 meeting, Oct. 1969, attended by Henriette Avram as IFLA representative)
BOX 84 ISAD/MARC Institutes (correspondence)
BOX 84 ISO staff members (memos on orientation, project progress reports)
BOX 84 COSATI (1968) (miscellaneous memos; four-page memo on "Guidelines for the Development of Information Retrieval Thesauri")
BOX 84 COSATI (input to LC's 1969 progress report to COSATI)
BOX 84 East Asian Studies Steering Committee (newsletters, Committee on East Asian Studies)
BOX 84 EDUCOM (press release announcing appointment of Joseph Becker as Vice President, Interuniversity Communications Council)
BOX 84 Fall Joint Computer Conference and ASIS special program (two copies (one a carbon) of report written by LC attendees)
BOX 84 Federal Council for Science and Technology, Committee on Scientific and Technical Information (COSATI) (minutes of Feb. 19, May 21, and June 18, 1969 meetings)
BOX 84 Federal Library Committee (1968-69) (correspondence, memos, summaries of meetings, other miscellaneous documents)
BOX 84 Fifth National Colloquium on Information Retrieval (correspondence—looking for speakers for 6th colloquium)
BOX 84 House Committee on Banking and Currency (reprints of news articles; form letter announcing availability of data base through LC, description of products; report of LRS meeting with staff of House Appropriations Committee to discuss possible projects)
BOX 84 IBM (memo to discuss Information Management and Review System)
BOX 84 Institute of Systems for Document Identification (correspondence announcing cancellation of system)
BOX 84 Interagency Committee on Automatic Data Processing (minutes, agendas, other attachments distributed at meetings, 1968-69; FIPS Pub. 8, June 9, 1969, "Standard for Metropolitan Statistical Areas;" publication, "Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas," 1967)
BOX 84 LC membership in X3.2G (memo requesting membership)
BOX 84 MARC (1968-69) (various memos, correspondence about MARC formats, tapes, other related topics)
BOX 84 Mini-MARC Meeting (minutes of meeting, June 19, 1969)
BOX 84 Modern Language Association (memo on meeting to discuss processing on LC computer)
BOX 84 National Serials Data Program (1968-69) (memos, correspondence related to meeting with NFAIS, Feb. 13, 1969)
BOX 84 National (Libraries) Task Force on Automation and Other Cooperative Services (meeting, Jan. 7, 1969, to discuss NSDP and NLM's proposal for NSDP)
BOX 84 Z39 SC2 (i.e., 20?) (1968-69) (memos, correspondence, newsletters, other documents for SC20 on Standard Serial Coding; Z39 activities)
BOX 84 SC20 (correspondence, 1969, to set up meeting)
BOX 84 SDI Conference (held at University of Wisconsin, Madison, April 16-18, 1969—invitation, other documents; request to attend)
BOX 84 Serials format (comments on format at meeting with Reference Dept., May 8, 1969)
BOX 84 Shady Grove Conference (memo thanking staff for materials, other items)
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