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Poetry Office series, Library of Congress archives, 1915-1990

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BOX C:1-C:32 Series C: General Office Files, 1971-1975
Series C: General Office Files, 1971-1975 contains files documenting the work carried out by the Consultant in Poetry and the Poetry Office and the various poetry and literature programs held at or sponsored by the Library of Congress largely during those years.
Material types include correspondence, memoranda, notes, literary manuscripts, reports, financial records, and printed matter.
Arranged by chronological date span and therein largely alphabetically by name of person or organization, topic, or type of material.
BOX C:1 Actors' Equity Association
BOX C:1 Additions to collections
BOX C:1 Advertising, newspapers
BOX C:1 Washington Daily News
BOX C:1 Washington Post
BOX C:1 Washington Star
BOX C:1 Afro-American Poetry, Library of Congress (1975)
BOX C:1 Aiken, Conrad
BOX C:1 Aiken, Joan
BOX C:1 Allen, Samuel, and Ned O'Gorman
BOX C:1 American National Theatre and Academy [ANTA]
BOX C:1 American University, Washington, D.C., Writer's Conference (1975)
BOX C:1 Ammons, A. R.
BOX C:1 Angelou, Maya
BOX C:1 Annual reports
BOX C:2 Anderson, Lee
BOX C:2 Announcements and press releases
BOX C:2 Ashbery, John, and Charles Simic
BOX C:2 Auden, W. H.
BOX C:2 Barth, John
BOX C:2 Barthelme, Donald
BOX C:2 Basler, Roy P., retirement
BOX C:2 Bishop, Elizabeth, and James Merrill
BOX C:2 Bly, Robert
BOX C:2 Bogan, Louise
BOX C:3 Brooks, Gwendolyn
BOX C:3 Brown, Sterling A.
BOX C:3 Budgets
BOX C:3 Bollingen Foundation
BOX C:3 Singer, Stephanie A., in memory of Lois Moriarty
BOX C:3 Various
BOX C:3 Gertrude Clarke Whittall Poetry and Literature Fund
(5 folders)
BOX C:4 Calendar of events
BOX C:4 Ciardi, John
BOX C:4 Claire, William F.
BOX C:4 Clifton, Lucille, and Owen Dodson
BOX C:4 Clover Collection of Verse
BOX C:4 Coleman, Elliot, and Mona van Duyn
BOX C:4 Conference on the Publication of Poetry and Fiction, Library of Congress (1975)
BOX C:4 Administrative files
(5 folders)
BOX C:4 Ai (Ogawa, Pelorhankhe Ai)
BOX C:4 Austin, Alan
BOX C:4 Barthelme, Donald
BOX C:4 Baumbach, Jonathan
BOX C:4 Boyers, Robert
BOX C:4 Davison, Peter
BOX C:4 Eshleman, Clayton
BOX C:4 Fraser, Kathleen
BOX C:4 Griffith, E. V.
BOX C:4 Halpern, Daniel
BOX C:4 Kray, Elizabeth
BOX C:4 Laughlin, James
BOX C:4 Lee, Don L. [Madhubuti, Haki R.]
BOX C:5 Lockwood, Willard
BOX C:5 Matthews, Diane
BOX C:5 McCullough, Frances
BOX C:5 McMurtry, Larry
BOX C:5 Prashker, Betty
BOX C:5 Randall, Dudley
BOX C:5 Randolph, Leonard
BOX C:5 Schulman, Grace
BOX C:5 Seaver, Richard
BOX C:5 Shapiro, Harvey
BOX C:5 Sherwood, Margaret
BOX C:5 Shoemaker, Jack
BOX C:5 Solotaroff, Ted
BOX C:5 Stanton, Maura
BOX C:5 Vinz, Mark
BOX C:5 Weeks, Ramona
BOX C:5 Williams, Galen
BOX C:5 Young, David
BOX C:5 Zimmer, Paul
BOX C:5 Conference on Teaching Creative Writing, Library of Congress (1973)
BOX C:5 General
(2 folders)
BOX C:6 Baker, Russell
BOX C:6 Barth, John
BOX C:6 Bowen, Catherine Drinker
BOX C:6 Browne, Michael Dennis
BOX C:6 Ciardi, John
(2 folders)
BOX C:6 Coleman, Elliot
(2 folders)
BOX C:6 Eberhart, Richard
(2 folders)
BOX C:6 Ellison, Ralph
BOX C:6 Engle, Paul
(3 folders)
BOX C:6 Gaines, Ernest J.
BOX C:6 Garrett, George
BOX C:6 Lederer, William J.
BOX C:6 McCauley, Robie
BOX C:6 McNeill, Anthony
BOX C:6 Momaday, N. Scott
BOX C:6 Morrison, Theodore
BOX C:6 Rubin, Louis
BOX C:6 Stegner, Wallace
(2 folders)
BOX C:6 Williams, Miller
BOX C:7 General
(7 folders)
BOX C:8 General
(9 folders)
BOX C:9 General
(6 folders)
BOX C:9 Barth, John
BOX C:9 Bowen, Catherine Drinker
BOX C:9 Browne, Michael Dennis
BOX C:9 Ciardi, John
BOX C:9 Coleman, Elliot
BOX C:9 Ellison, Ralph
BOX C:9 Engle, Paul
BOX C:9 Gaines, Ernest J.
BOX C:9 Garrett, George
BOX C:10 Jacobsen, Josephine
BOX C:10 Lederer, William J.
BOX C:10 McCauley, Robie
BOX C:10 McNeill, Anthony
BOX C:10 Momaday, N. Scott
BOX C:10 Morrison, Theodore
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