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Poetry Office series, Library of Congress archives, 1915-1990

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BOX G:1 Series G: Printing, 1946-1986
Series G: Printing consists of programs and samples of invitations for various events held by the Poetry Office at the Library of Congress.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material.
BOX G:1 Programs, 1946-1986
BOX G:1 Samples of invitations and tickets, undated
BOX H:1-H:11 Series H: Reference, 1950-1980
Series H: Reference consists of printed matter, primarily clippings.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person, organization, or topic.
BOX H:1 African Art Museum, Washington, D.C., at the Frederick Douglass residence
BOX H:1 Alaskan poets
BOX H:1 American Academy of Arts and Letters
BOX H:1 American Academy of Arts and Sciences
BOX H:1 American Arts Association
BOX H:1 American Film Institute
BOX H:1 Committee on American Studies
BOX H:1 American University, Washington, D.C.
BOX H:1 American University Players
BOX H:1 Anderson, Mrs. John [Hill, Hyacinthe]
BOX H:1 Anderson, Lee
BOX H:1 Anderson, Maxwell
BOX H:1 Andrews, Lyman
BOX H:1 Appleman, Philip
BOX H:1 Arasteh, A. Reza
BOX H:1 Arena Stage (organization in Washington, D.C.)
BOX H:1 Armstrong, Phyllis
BOX H:1 Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies
BOX H:1 Authors' Guild
BOX H:1 Avant-garde theater
BOX H:1 Awards
BOX H:1 Baker, Carlos
BOX H:1 Bardot, Brigitte
BOX H:1 Barney, Natalie
BOX H:1 Basler, Roy P.
BOX H:1 Basso, Hamilton
BOX H:1 Beach, Joseph Warren
BOX H:1 Beecher, John
BOX H:1 Belloc, Hilaire
BOX H:1 Bell, Marvin
BOX H:1 Benét, William Rose
BOX H:1 Berrigan, Daniel
BOX H:1 Bibliography, book on
BOX H:1 Biddle, Francis
BOX H:1 Birney, Earle
BOX H:1 Black Box, literary magazine published on cassette tapes
BOX H:1 Black poets (African-American poets)
BOX H:1 Blackburn, Paul
BOX H:1 Blackmur, R. P.
BOX H:1 Division for the Blind
BOX H:1 Blunden, Edmund
BOX H:1 Bodenheim, Maxwell
BOX H:1 Boepple, Paul
BOX H:1 Books by government officials, news article on publication of books by members of the Lyndon Baines Johnson administration
BOX H:1 Boucher, Anthony
BOX H:2 Brazilian poetry
BOX H:2 Brodsky, Joseph
BOX H:2 Brontë, Emily
BOX H:2 Brooks, Gwendolyn
BOX H:2 Browning Society (New York)
BOX H:2 Browne, Roscoe Lee
BOX H:2 Bryant, William C.
BOX H:2 Burton, Philip
BOX H:2 Cain, James
BOX H:2 Caldwell, Erskine
BOX H:2 Capote, Truman
BOX H:2 Carroll, Paul
BOX H:2 Cartier-Bresson, Henri
BOX H:2 Catton, Bruce
BOX H:2 Chapin, Katherine Garrison
BOX H:2 Chayefsky, Paddy
BOX H:2 Cheever, John
BOX H:2 Children's Book Section, Library of Congress
BOX H:2 Childress, William
BOX H:2 Chivers, T. H. (Thomas Holley)
BOX H:2 Ciardi, John
BOX H:2 Claremon, Neil
BOX H:2 Clark, Eleanor
Clarke, Arthur C.
BOX H:2 Clarke, Gilmore D.
BOX H:2 Coleman, Elliot
BOX H:2 Colum, Padraic
BOX H:2 Commager, Henry Steele
BOX H:2 Concrete poetry
BOX H:2 U.S. Congress, eighty-eighth (1963-1965)
BOX H:2 Copyright, memorandum and reform
(2 folders)
BOX H:2 Cornish, Sam, and Lucian W. Dixon
BOX H:2 Committee of Small Magazine Editors and Publishers
BOX H:2 Councils of the arts, various
BOX H:2 Cromie, Robert
BOX H:2 Cummings, E. E.
BOX H:2 Damon, Samuel Foster
BOX H:2 Davie, Donald
BOX H:2 Davison, Peter
BOX H:2 Dell, Floyd
BOX H:2 Denney, Reuel
BOX H:2 Derwood, Gene
BOX H:2 Deutsch, Babette
BOX H:2 Dickinson, Emily
BOX H:2 Dillon, George Hill
BOX H:2 District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)
(2 folders)
BOX H:2 Dodson, Owen
BOX H:2 Drouet, Minou
BOX H:2 Dunbar, Paul Laurence
BOX H:2 Eaton, Vincent L.
BOX H:2 Edel, Leon
BOX H:2 Ellison, Ralph
BOX H:2 Ēmin, Gevorg
BOX H:2 Englehard, Jane
BOX H:2 Evans, Abbie Huston
BOX H:2 Evett, Robert
BOX H:2 Fairfax County Cultural Association, Virginia
BOX H:2 Federal City College, Washington, D.C.
BOX H:2 U.S. Federal Library Committee
BOX H:2 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
BOX H:2 Festival of the Performing Arts (television series) hosted by David Susskind
BOX H:2 Field, Eugene
BOX H:2 Film, poets
BOX H:2 Fitzgerald, Robert
BOX H:2 Florida State Poetry Society
BOX H:2 Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington, D.C.
BOX H:3 Folklore Section, Library of Congress, recordings
BOX H:3 Ford Foundation
BOX H:3 Ford, Ford Madox
BOX H:3 Ford's Theatre National Historic Site, Washington, D.C.
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