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Poetry Office series, Library of Congress archives, 1915-1990

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Series C: General Office Files, 1971-1975 (continued)
BOX C:10 Rubin, Theodore Isaac
BOX C:10 Stegner, Wallace
BOX C:10 Walker, Margaret
BOX C:10 Williams, Miller
BOX C:10 Consultant in Poetry in English
BOX C:10 Copernicus Awards
BOX C:11 Creeley, Robert, and David Ignatow
BOX C:11 Curnow, Allen, and Thom Gunn
BOX C:11 Dickey, James
BOX C:11 Ellison, Ralph
BOX C:11 Emmanuel, Pierre
BOX C:11 Engle, Paul
BOX C:11 Fellows of the Library of Congress in American Letters and Honorary Consultants in American Letters
BOX C:11 Fergusson, Francis
BOX C:11 Ferlinghetti, Lawrence
BOX C:11 Field, Edward, and Michael S. Harper
BOX C:11 Robert Frost Centennial (1974)
BOX C:11 General
BOX C:12 Bacon, Helen H.
BOX C:12 Davison, Peter
BOX C:12 Holt, Rinehart, and Winston, Inc. (publishers)
BOX C:12 MacLeish, Archibald
BOX C:12 Morrison, Theodore
BOX C:12 Pack, Robert
BOX C:12 Administrative files
(10 folders)
BOX C:13 Administrative files
BOX C:13 Tate, Allen
BOX C:13 Untermeyer, Louis
BOX C:13 Gardiner, Isabella, and John Logan
BOX C:13 Garrett, George, and Brendan Kennelly
BOX C:13 Gifts and awards
BOX C:13 Ginsberg, Allen, and Ishmael Reed
BOX C:13 Gish, Lillian
BOX C:13 Glück, Louise, Robert Hass, and Robert Orr
BOX C:13 Gordon, Ruth
BOX C:14 Haley, Alex
(2 folders)
BOX C:14 Hall, Donald
BOX C:14 Hamilton, Ian
BOX C:14 Hamilton, Virginia
BOX C:14 Hansberry, Lorraine
BOX C:14 Harrison, Jim, and Mark Strand
BOX C:15 Haugaard, Erik Christian
BOX C:15 Hayden, Robert
BOX C:15 Hazo, Samuel
BOX C:15 Hine, Daryl, and George MacBeth
BOX C:15 Hoffman, Daniel
(2 folders)
BOX C:16 Hoffman, Daniel
(2 folders)
BOX C:17 Hoffman, Daniel
(3 folders)
BOX C:17 Hollander, John, and Gary Snyder
BOX C:17 Honorary Consultants in American Letters, memoranda
BOX C:17 Howard, Richard, and Richard Murphy
BOX C:17 Howes, Barbara
BOX C:17 Hughes, Ted
BOX C:17 Hugo, Richard
BOX C:17 Inglis, Rob
BOX C:17 International Poetry Festival, Library of Congress (1970)
BOX C:17 Introductions for various speakers at programs
BOX C:17 Inventory of office equipment
BOX C:17 Jacobsen, Josephine
BOX C:18 General
(2 folders)
BOX C:19 General
(2 folders)
BOX C:20 General
(3 folders)
BOX C:21 General
(2 folders)
BOX C:22 Printed matter
BOX C:23 Printed matter
BOX C:23 Jarrell, Randall
BOX C:23 Justice, Donald, and Carolyn Kizer
BOX C:23 Kanin, Garson
BOX C:23 Kantor, MacKinlay
BOX C:23 Kinnell, Galway
BOX C:23 Kinsella, Thomas
BOX C:23 Ko, Sung-Won [Ko, Wŏn]
BOX C:23 Koch, Kenneth
BOX C:23 Kumin, Maxine, and Alan Dugan
BOX C:23 Kunitz, Stanley
BOX C:24 Kunitz, Stanley
(4 folders)
BOX C:25 Le Guin, Ursula K.
BOX C:25 Léger, Alexis Saint-Léger [Saint-John Perse]
BOX C:25 Levine, Philip, and David Wagoner
BOX C:25 Literary programs
BOX C:25 Literary Recordings: A Checklist of the Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature at the Library of Congress
BOX C:25 Lortel, Lucille
(2 folders)
BOX C:26 Luce, Clare Boothe
BOX C:26 Luncheons
BOX C:26 MacGowran, Jack
BOX C:26 MacLeish, Archibald
BOX C:26 Malamud, Bernard
BOX C:26 Mao, Tse-tung [Mao, Zedong]
BOX C:26 McCarthy, Eugene
BOX C:26 Meredith, Burgess
BOX C:26 Michener, James A.
BOX C:26 Miles, Josephine, and Elder Olson
BOX C:26 Millay, Norma
BOX C:26 Momaday, N. Scott
BOX C:26 Moore, Marianne
BOX C:26 Moss, Arnold
(2 folders)
BOX C:27 Moss, Arnold
(2 folders)
BOX C:27 Moss, Howard
BOX C:27 Myers, J. William
BOX C:28 Nevins, Allan
BOX C:28 Nims, John Frederick
BOX C:28 Nin, Anaïs
BOX C:28 Oates, Joyce Carol
BOX C:28 Opie, Peter
BOX C:28 Osborne, John
BOX C:28 Patterson, Raymond R.
BOX C:28 Pauker, John
BOX C:28 Paulson, Arvid
BOX C:28 Peardon, Patricia
BOX C:28 World Petrarch Congress, arranged by Library of Congress and Folger Shakespeare Library to mark six hundredth anniversary of death of Francesco Petrarch [Petrarca] (1974)
BOX C:28 Pound, Ezra
BOX C:28 Proposed programs
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