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Poetry Office series, Library of Congress archives, 1915-1990

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Series D: General Office Files, 1976-1980 (continued)
BOX D:15 Hecht, Anthony
BOX D:15 Heyen, William, and Peter Viereck
BOX D:15 Hoffman, Daniel
BOX D:15 Howard, Richard
BOX D:15 Huff, Robert, and Ann Stanford
BOX D:15 Hugo, Richard, and Diane Wakoski
BOX D:15 An Evening of Modern Hungarian Poetry, Library of Congress (1977)
BOX D:16 International Communications Agency (United States Information Agency)
BOX D:16 International Poetry Forum
BOX D:16 Iqbal, Muhammad
BOX D:16 Irving, John
BOX D:16 Ives, Burl
BOX D:16 Jacobsen, Josephine
BOX D:16 Japan Today celebration, Library of Congress (1979)
(2 folders)
BOX D:16 Jellema, Roderick
BOX D:16 Jordan, June, and Alice Walker
BOX D:16 Kendrick, Dolores
BOX D:16 Koch, Kenneth, and Jay Wright
BOX D:17 Kumin, Maxine
BOX D:17 Kunitz, Stanley
(3 folders)
BOX D:18 Kunitz, Stanley
(5 folders)
BOX D:18 Le Guin, Ursula K.
BOX D:18 Léger, Alexis Saint-Léger [Saint-John Perse]
BOX D:18 Levertov, Denise, and James Tate
BOX D:18 Lindsay, Vachel, and Wallace Stevens Centennial (1979)
(2 folders)
BOX D:18 Linney, Romulus, and May Sarton
BOX D:19 Literary programs
(2 folders)
BOX D:19 Literary Recordings: A Checklist of the Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature at the Library of Congress
BOX D:19 Logan, John
BOX D:19 Lortel, Lucille
(3 folders)
BOX D:19 Louchheim, Katie, and Henry Taylor
BOX D:19 Luce, Clare Boothe
BOX D:19 Luncheons
BOX D:19 McDonald, Cynthia
BOX D:19 MacLeish, Archibald
(2 folders)
BOX D:20 MacLeish, Archibald
(2 folders)
BOX D:20 Malamud, Bernard
BOX D:20 McAleavey, David, and Susan Shreve
BOX D:20 McClure, Michael, and Ira Sadoff
BOX D:21 Mason, Madeline
BOX D:21 McMurtry, Larry
BOX D:21 McPherson, Sandra, and James Welch
BOX D:21 Mead, Margaret
BOX D:21 Meredith, Burgess
BOX D:21 Meredith, William
(2 folders)
BOX D:22 Meredith, William
(3 folders)
BOX D:23 Meredith, William
(6 folders)
BOX D:24 Meredith, William
(6 folders)
BOX D:25 Merwin, W. S.
BOX D:25 Michener, James A.
BOX D:25 Miller, May, and Duane Niatum
BOX D:25 Morgan, Elizabeth
BOX D:25 Morrison, Toni
BOX D:25 Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
BOX D:25 Nevins, Allan
BOX D:25 Nims, John Frederick
BOX D:25 O'Brien, Tim, and James McPherson
BOX D:25 O'Hara, John
BOX D:26 Pacheco, José Emilio, and Tomás Segovia
BOX D:26 Paton, Alan
BOX D:26 Pauker, John
BOX D:26 Pears, Peter
BOX D:26 Peck, John, and Ellen Bryant Voight
BOX D:26 Percy, Walker
BOX D:26 Poetry and the Visual Arts Project
BOX D:26 Popa, Vasko
BOX D:26 An Evening of Portuguese Poetry, Library of Congress (1979)
BOX D:27 Poulin, A., Jr., and David R. Slavitt
BOX D:27 Proposed programs
BOX D:28 Pryderi & His Pigs, touring performance of Welsh poets and poetry
BOX D:28 Publications
BOX D:28 General
(2 folders)
BOX D:28 The Art of History
BOX D:28 Radio, NENet
BOX D:28 Randall, Dudley
BOX D:28 Ray, David
BOX D:28 Rich, Adrienne
BOX D:28 Rifbjerg, Klaus, and Torben Brostrøm
BOX D:28 Sadoff, Ira
BOX D:28 Saint-John Perse program
BOX D:29 Carl Sandburg Centennial (1978)
(2 folders)
BOX D:29 Conference on Science and Literature, Library of Congress (1981)
BOX D:29 Sklarew, Myra, and Edward Weismiller
BOX D:29 Smith, William Jay
BOX D:30 Spender, Stephen
BOX D:30 Squires, Radcliffe, and Chad Walsh
BOX D:30 Stafford, William
BOX D:30 Stamps, commemorative of Robert Frost
BOX D:30 Stone, Ruth
BOX D:30 Styron, William
BOX D:30 Sullivan, May Miller [Miller, May]
BOX D:30 Tate, Allen
BOX D:30 Theroux, Paul
BOX D:30 Thomas, D. M.
BOX D:30 Townsend, John Rowe
BOX D:30 Untermeyer, Louis
BOX D:30 Updike, John
BOX D:30 Urdang, Constance
BOX D:30 Vidal, Gore
BOX D:30 Voznesenskiĭ, Andreĭ
BOX D:30 Paton Walsh, Jill
BOX D:30 Walton, William
BOX D:31 Warren, Robert Penn
BOX D:31 Warrick, Ruth
BOX D:31 Whitman, Ruth
BOX D:31 Gertrude Clarke Whittall Poetry and Literature Series, twenty-fifth anniversary program (1976)
(2 folders)
BOX D:31 Williams, Emlyn
BOX D:31 Williams, William Carlos
BOX D:31 Women poets, proposal for Library of Congress to record women poets and women reading poetry
BOX D:31 Wouk, Herman
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