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Poetry Office series, Library of Congress archives, 1915-1990

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BOX E:1-E:37 Series E: General Office Files, 1981-1985
Series E: General Office Files, 1981-1985 contains files documenting the work carried out by the Consultant in Poetry and the Poetry Office and the various poetry and literature programs held at or sponsored by the Library of Congress largely during those years.
Material types include correspondence, memoranda, notes, literary manuscripts, reports, financial records, printed matter, and exhibits.
Arranged by chronological date span and therein largely alphabetically by name of person or organization, topic, or type of material.
BOX E:1 Abe, Kobo
BOX E:1 Academy of American Poets, fiftieth anniversary, Library of Congress (Nov. 1983)
(2 folders)
BOX E:1 Actors' Equity Association
BOX E:1 Adams, Léonie
BOX E:1 Additions to collections
BOX E:1 American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters
BOX E:1 Ammons, A. R.
BOX E:2 An Evening with Queen Victoria, Library of Congress (1983)
BOX E:2 Anania, Michael, and Mari Evans
BOX E:2 Angelou, Maya
(2 folders)
BOX E:2 Announcements and press releases
BOX E:2 Appleman, Philip
BOX E:2 Awoonor, Kofi
BOX E:2 Baldwin, James
BOX E:2 Bambara, Toni Cade
BOX E:2 Barthelme, Donald
BOX E:2 Basler, Roy P.
BOX E:2 Bate, Walter Jackson
BOX E:2 Beattie, Ann
BOX E:2 Bell, Marvin, and Shirley Kaufman
BOX E:2 Benedikt, Michael
BOX E:2 Berg, Stephen
BOX E:2 Annual reports
BOX E:3 Booth, Philip
BOX E:3 Bradbury, Ray
BOX E:3 Brathwaite, Kamau
BOX E:3 Brée, Germaine
BOX E:3 Broderick, John C.
BOX E:3 Brodsky, Joseph
(3 folders)
BOX E:3 Brooks, Cleanth
(2 folders)
BOX E:4 Brooks, Gwendolyn
(3 folders)
BOX E:5 Brooks, Gwendolyn
(5 folders)
BOX E:5 Budget
BOX E:5 Audit of Gertrude Clarke Whittall Poetry and Literature Fund
BOX E:5 Gertrude Clarke Whittall Poetry and Literature Fund
(4 folders)
BOX E:6 Gertrude Clarke Whittall Poetry and Literature Fund
(10 folders)
BOX E:7 Caldwell, Erskine
BOX E:7 Canadian poetry, proposed program
BOX E:7 Carruth, Hayden
(2 folders)
BOX E:7 Cavalieri, Grace, and Robert Sargent
BOX E:7 Clampitt, Amy, and Robert Pinsky
BOX E:7 Conference on Science and Literature, Library of Congress (1981)
BOX E:7 General
BOX E:8 Abelson, Philip Hague
BOX E:8 Ackerman, Diane
BOX E:8 Alenier, Karren LaLonde
BOX E:8 Appleman, Philip
BOX E:8 Asimov, Isaac
BOX E:8 Baratz, Stephen
BOX E:8 Beall, James
BOX E:8 Berry, Wendell
BOX E:8 Bradbury, Ray
BOX E:8 Brown, Bertram S.
BOX E:8 Chandrasekar, Subrahmanyan [Chandrasekar, S.]
BOX E:8 Chargaff, Erwin
BOX E:8 Clarke, Arthur C.
BOX E:8 Coles, Robert T.
BOX E:8 Dubos, René
BOX E:8 Feynman, Richard P.
BOX E:8 Finsterbusch, Gail W.
(2 folders)
BOX E:8 Gardner, John
BOX E:8 General
(4 folders)
BOX E:8 Glaser, Michael
BOX E:8 Grossman, Richard
(2 folders)
BOX E:9 Hardison, O. B., Jr., manuscript of "The Poetry of Nothing"
BOX E:9 Consultants, Fellows of the Library of Congress in American Letters and Honorary Consultants in American Letters
BOX E:9 Consultants in Poetry in English
BOX E:9 Conference on Science and Literature, Library of Congress (1981)
BOX E:9 Hoyle, Fred
BOX E:9 Jacob, François
BOX E:9 Jaynes, Julian
BOX E:9 Kelly, Ann
BOX E:9 Kelly, Henry
BOX E:9 Lad, Pramod M.
BOX E:9 Le Guin, Ursula K.
BOX E:9 Lefcowitz, Allan B.
BOX E:9 Leffler, Merrill
BOX E:9 Lessing, Doris
BOX E:9 MacLean, Paul D.
BOX E:9 Marshall, Caroline
BOX E:9 Meredith, William
BOX E:9 Miller, Roberta Balstad
BOX E:9 Miller, Walter J.
BOX E:9 Murchie, Guy
BOX E:9 Needham, Joseph
BOX E:9 Pastan, Linda
BOX E:9 Pournelle, Jerry
BOX E:9 Praeger, Frederick A.
BOX E:9 Pynchon, Thomas
BOX E:9 Roddenberry, Gene
BOX E:9 Rota, Gian-Carlo
BOX E:9 Sagan, Carl
BOX E:9 Sargent, Robert
BOX E:9 Seltzer, Richard W., Jr.
BOX E:9 Shaffer, Elinor
BOX E:9 Sklarew, Myra
BOX E:9 Sokolowski, Robert
BOX E:9 Stafford, William
(2 folders)
BOX E:9 Thomas, Lewis
BOX E:9 Wald, George
BOX E:9 Weinberg, Steven
BOX E:9 Weisskopf, Victor Frederick
BOX E:9 West, Paul
BOX E:10 Contemporary Israeli Poetry, Library of Congress (1985)
(2 folders)
BOX E:10 Corn, Alfred, and Carl Dennis
BOX E:10 Curry, Nicholas
BOX E:10 Dana, Doris
BOX E:10 Davies, Robertson
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