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Poetry Office series, Library of Congress archives, 1915-1990

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Series H: Reference, 1950-1980 (continued)
BOX H:3 Foreign poets
BOX H:3 Foundation directory
BOX H:3 Frankel, Charles
BOX H:3 Presidential Medal of Freedom
BOX H:3 Frumkin, Gene
BOX H:3 Galanskov, Yuri
BOX H:3 Gallaudet College, Washington, D.C.
BOX H:3 Gardner, Isabella
BOX H:3 Garrigue, Jean
BOX H:3 Gascoyne, David
BOX H:3 George Elliston Poetry Foundation
BOX H:3 Gershwin, Ira
BOX H:3 Gibson, W. Walker
BOX H:3 Gielgud, John
BOX H:3 Ginsberg, Louis
BOX H:3 Giovanni, Nikki
BOX H:3 Glatstein, Jacob
BOX H:3 Gordon, Ruth
BOX H:3 Grants
BOX H:3 Graves, Robert
BOX H:3 Green, Paul
BOX H:3 Gregor, Arthur
BOX H:3 Grove Press
BOX H:3 Guggenheim, John Simon
BOX H:3 Gunther, Bernard
BOX H:3 Harmon, William
BOX H:3 Haslemere Festival, Haslemere, Surrey, England
BOX H:3 Hayes, Patrick
BOX H:3 Heckscher, August
BOX H:3 Hellman, Anna McClure
BOX H:3 Hilker, Helen-Anne
BOX H:3 Hollins College, Roanoke, Va.
BOX H:3 Honorary Consultants in American Letters
BOX H:3 Horgan, Paul
BOX H:3 Houghton, Arthur Amory
BOX H:3 Howard University, Washington, D.C.
BOX H:3 Hughes, Glyn
BOX H:3 Hughes, Langston
BOX H:3 Hughes, Ted
BOX H:3 Hugo, Richard
BOX H:3 Hungarian poetry
BOX H:3 Institute of Contemporary Arts
BOX H:4 International Poetry Forum, Pittsburgh, Pa. (1971)
BOX H:4 International Publishers Association, 1965 convention
BOX H:4 University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, writing workshop
BOX H:4 Items of general interest regarding the Library of Congress
BOX H:4 James Madison Memorial Building, Library of Congress
BOX H:4 Jerome, Judson
BOX H:4 Jewish Community Center of Greater Washington, D.C.
BOX H:4 Joans, Ted
BOX H:4 Johnson, Georgia Douglas
BOX H:4 Jordan, June
BOX H:4 Kanin, Garson
BOX H:4 Kantor, MacKinlay
BOX H:4 Kawabata, Yasunari
BOX H:4 Keats, John
BOX H:4 Kees, Weldon
BOX H:4 Kelley, William Melvin
BOX H:4 Kerouac, Jack
BOX H:4 Kilmer, Joyce
BOX H:4 Kinnell, Galway
BOX H:4 Knoepfle, John
BOX H:4 Korson, George Gershon
BOX H:4 Kovner, Abba
BOX H:4 Krutch, Joseph Wood
BOX H:4 Kuzma, Greg
BOX H:4 Laing, Dilys
BOX H:4 Lanier, Sidney
BOX H:4 Léger, Dorothy
BOX H:4 Lewis, Sinclair
BOX H:4 Lin, Yutang
BOX H:4 Lincoln, Abraham
BOX H:4 Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York, N.Y.
BOX H:4 Lindsay, Vachel
BOX H:4 Link, Gordden
BOX H:4 Livingstone, Lyra T.
BOX H:4 Loewinsohn, Ron
BOX H:4 Logan, John
BOX H:4 Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
BOX H:4 Lowell, Robert
BOX H:4 Lowenfels, Walter
BOX H:4 Lynchburg Poetry Festival, Lynchburg, Va.
BOX H:4 Mabbott, Thomas Ollive
BOX H:4 MacBeth, George
BOX H:4 MacDowell Colony, Peterborough, N.H.
BOX H:4 MacDowell, Edward Alexander
BOX H:4 Mac Liammóir, Micheál
BOX H:4 MacNeice, Louis
BOX H:4 Magee, John Gillespie, Jr.
BOX H:4 Manuscript Division
BOX H:4 Markham, Edwin
BOX H:4 Marshall, Jack
BOX H:4 Maryland Poetry Society
BOX H:4 Masefield, John
BOX H:4 Mason, Lowell B.
BOX H:4 Massey, Raymond
BOX H:4 McAllister, Claire
BOX H:4 McCarthy, Eugene
BOX H:4 McCullers, Carson
BOX H:4 McGinley, Phyllis
BOX H:4 McGovern, James Patrick
BOX H:4 McLuhan, Marshall
BOX H:4 Mearns, David C.
BOX H:5 Medwick, Lucille
BOX H:5 Mencken, H. L.
BOX H:5 Merrill, James
BOX H:5 Merton, Thomas
BOX H:5 Millay, Edna St. Vincent
BOX H:5 Miller, Arthur
BOX H:5 Miller Cabin series (Joaquin Miller Cabin poetry reading series)
BOX H:5 Miller, Roy
BOX H:5 Minority publishing
BOX H:5 Mistral, Gabriela
BOX H:5 Mitchell, Sean
BOX H:5 Morrison, Toni
BOX H:5 Mumford, L. Quincy
BOX H:5 Murdoch, Royal
BOX H:5 My Fair Lady, manuscript
BOX H:5 Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich
BOX H:5 Naipaul, V. S.
BOX H:5 Nash, Ogden
BOX H:5 National Book Awards
BOX H:5 National Children's Book Week
BOX H:5 National Endowment for the Arts
BOX H:5 National Federation of State Poetry Societies
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