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Legal File, circa 1785-1886 (continued)
Private Practice, circa 1822-1886 (continued)
Abel Stearns v. United States See also Oversize
Hills, William, claim
BOX 307 De Haro v. United States See also Oversize
Elgee cotton case
(2 folders)
Kirtland v. Watt
Lockwood v. Providence banks
(2 folders)
Loring v. Marsh
BOX 308 Petitions before U.S. Court of Claims
Printed matter, cotton claims and other confiscation matters
Sayre v. Elmore
United States v. State Bank of South Carolina
BOX 309 1867-1869
Lane v. Gibbons
(2 folders)
State Department matters
(2 folders)
Veazie Bank v. Fenno
Draper, Simeon, trespass suits
(2 folders)
(5 folders)
BOX 310 1867-1871, confiscation cases
(4 folders)
1867-1870, Newcomb, John G., claims concerning Confederate property
(2 folders)
1867-1874, Woodruff and Bouchard v. United States
(4 folders)
BOX 311 1868
Cotton cases
Davis, Amos, estate in Georgia
(2 folders)
Dyer, Alexander B. (1815-1874)
French citizen, claims arising from bombardment of Greytown, Nicaragua, in 1854
Holtzman, Adrian, application for patent
Lane v. Gibbons
Larkin v. United States
Merchants National Bank, Boston, Mass.
Peniston, Fergus
Slocomb, Cora
Tornado, seizure
Whitney, Benjamin D., contracts
Yankton proprietors v. Todd
BOX 312 1868-1869
Bark Grapeshot v. Wallerstein
Masset & Co.
(2 folders)
Clark v. City of Providence
Kimberly v. Butler
(8 folders)
BOX 313 (5 folders)
Perrin v. United States
Steamboat cases
Caldera claims
Fasnacht v. Westerfield and Jackson
BOX 314 Mallison v. United States
Merryman v. Bourne
Garnett, Edgar M.
Purdy v. United States
Whitney, Benjamin D. [?] (attorney), legal cases transferred to Cushing
1868-1874, Armendariz family, property, New Mexico
(7 folders)
BOX 315 1868-1878, Cushing v. Laird
(9 folders)
BOX 316 (8 folders)
BOX 317 1869
Black, Charles, steamer cases
Clark v. Peckham
(2 folders)
Mobile Dock Co. v. United States
(2 folders)
Stephenson, Mary
United States v. Stevenson
Wiard v. United States
Geist, Simpson & Co.
Gill v. United States
In re Union Pacific Railroad
(4 folders)
BOX 318 (1 folder)
Waples, Rufus, and Edward W. Burbank
1869-1871, McVeigh and Garnett v. United States
(5 folders)
1869-1872, Illinois v. United States
BOX 319 1869-1873
First National Bank of Washington v. Texas
(2 folders)
Morgan v. Thornhill
(6 folders)
Charles M. Conrad v. United States
Napoleon III v. Ship Sapphire
(5 folders)
1869-1876, Welles, Henry S.
1869-1877, South Hampton v. Fowler
BOX 320 1870
Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad
Herndon v. Howard
New York election frauds
Paraguay, American claimants against
Smith, W. Scott, inquiry, Select Committee of U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Supreme Court, docket, Dec. term, 1870
Whitney v. Ames
Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railroad
BOX 321 New York v. Northern R.R.
(2 folders)
Rancho Rio de Santa Clara, Santa Barbara County, Calif.
1870-1878, Washington Market Co.
(6 folders)
BOX 322 1871
Abbott, Joseph C., claim to Senate seat
Burwell, Armistead, claims
Cochrane v. Mansfield
Collins, Samuel, English property claimed by heirs
District of Columbia indebtedness
(2 folders)
Lunt, Micajah, and J. Rodney Croskey (London)
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