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Speech, Article, and Book File, 1816-1877 (continued)
Feb., "Independence of Texas," Madisonian
Nov., article on the Oregon question, United States Magazine and Democratic Review 1845-1846 [?], notes on McCullough
July 25, speech on Mexican-U.S. relations, Newburyport, Mass., published in Newburyport Advertiser, July 28
Notes, speech on presidential canvas
July 4, "An Address Delivered at the Laying of the Corner Stone of the New Town Hall in Newburyport," Newburyport, Mass.
Aug. 2, speech, Female High School celebration, Newburyport, Mass.
Sept., speech, Essex Agricultural Society, Salem, Mass.
Oct. 2, "Address of the Democratic State Central Committee to the People of Massachusetts," reported by Cushing
Nov. 30, speech on women's rights, Exeter, N.H. [?]
BOX 206 1851
Feb. 4, report, modification of judicial system
Apr. 1, committee report on repeal of legislation enforcing a sabbath, Massachusetts House of Representatives
July, "Recent Legislation in Massachusetts," Law Reporter
Committee report on free ballot law, Massachusetts House of Representatives
1852 [?], opinion on towns
1853, Oct. [?] 9, remarks, U.S. Supreme Court
Mar. 8, report on modifications in conducting legal business of government
May 30, opinion on enlistment of aliens
Article on Franklin Pierce administration, author unidentified
Apr. 28, report on right of belligerents to asylum in U.S. ports
May 17, circular concerning phrase "while in the line of duty"
June 6, remarks on "North and South"
July 4, speech, Newburyport, Mass.
Aug. 9, "Opinion of the Attorney General Concerning British Recruitment in the United States"
Oct. 1, report on Texas colonization grants
Dec. 1, opinion, court-martial of William Montgomery
Notes on Crimean War, unidentified author
1855-1856, remarks on British enlistment question
1856, May 27, report on British enlistments
Mar. 3, report on rate of ships of war
Mar. 3, report on telegraphic communication for government
Apr. 25, speech draft, Newburyport, Mass.
June 18, "Report of Executive Committee of Democratic State Central Committee"
Oct. 27, speeches, Faneuil Hall, Boston, Mass.; Newburyport, Mass, Oct. 31
Nov. 18, "The Puritan Commonwealth," speech, Boston, Mass.; Salem, Mass., Nov. 23; Lowell, Mass., Nov. 24; Newburyport, Mass., Nov. 25; and New Bedford, Mass., undated
BOX 207 1858
Jan. 18, speech, Smith v. Washington
Mar. 17, speech, Irish Charitable Society anniversary dinner, Boston, Mass.
Mar. 26, speech, Dred Scott decision, Massachusetts House of Representatives
Mar. 26, remarks on personal liberty bill, Massachusetts House of Representatives
Mar., notes, speech on military light dragoons
July 5, speech, Tammany Society, Tammany Hall, New York, N.Y.
Notes, lecture on "Isthmian thoughts"
Apr. 4, speech, citizenship for Massachusetts Indians, Massachusetts House of Representatives
Dec. 8, notes, speech on John Brown, union meeting, Faneuil Hall, Boston, Mass.
"Speeches on the Amendment of the Constitution of Massachusetts, Imposing Disabilities on Naturalized Citizens of the United States," printed pamphlet
Jan. 9, letter on John Brown and slavery sent to Arrangements Committee, Bangor, Maine, Daily Union
Mar. 23, speech, Boston Light Dragoons, Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass.
Apr. 23-May 3
"Proceedings of the Democratic National Convention," and speeches, Charleston, S.C.
"Official Proceedings of the Democratic National Convention," Charleston, S.C., and Baltimore, Md., June 18-23
Sept. 12, speech, Massachusetts National Democratic Convention, Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass.
BOX 208 Oct. 2, speech, Norombega Hall, Bangor, Maine
Nov. 26, speech, Newburyport, Mass.
Dec. 1, "Second" speech, Newburyport, Mass.
Dec., "Third" speech, Newburyport, Mass.
1862, Mar. 1, speech, Massachusetts House of Representatives (transcription)
Feb. 17 [?], notes for article appearing in Boston Courier
Mar. 14, speech on suppression of habeas corpus
Mar. 21, notes on Abraham Lincoln
July 4, speech
Nov. 2, "Singular Single Speech" on Abraham Lincoln
Oct. 17, speech on Roger Brooke Taney
1864 [?], speech notes, Newburyport, Mass.
1866, Apr. 11, opinion, Non-Intercourse Acts
June 10, commencement address, Columbian Law College, Washington, D.C.
Aug. 21, speech, reception honoring visiting Chinese embassy officials, St. James Hotel, Boston, Mass.
Sept. 7, "The Right of the National Life Insurance Co. to Establish Agencies in the State of New York"
BOX 209 1869, Nov. 17, "The Alabama Claims"
Jan. 6, "Spain and the United States"
Feb. 13, "Spanish Monkeys and American Cats"
1871, May 9, "The Treaty of Washington"
June 2, "Causes of Differences Between Great Britain and the United States," Philadelphia Press
June 12, "The London Times and Mr. Bancroft Davis," Philadelphia Press
June, "London Times and Mr. Fish," Philadelphia Press
July 1, "Chambrun on Executive Power in the United States," Philadelphia Press
July 5, "The Affair of the Alabama From the Recent Documents Published by Order of the Government of the United States," Philadelphia Press
July 23, "The New York Press," for Philadelphia Press [?]
Aug. 4, "Bagehot's English Constitution," for Philadelphia Press [?]
Sept. 17, opinion, validity of sewer certificates in the District of Columbia
The Treaty of Washington
1876, speech with notes, Salisbury Beach, Mass.
1877, Sept. 5, speech, "Ould Newberry" celebration, Newburyport, Mass.
BOX 210 Undated
"The Contract of Partnership"
"Day in the Deccan"
"The Election Law," Mississippi
"English and French Intervention in the Rio de la Plata"
"Great Britain and the United States"
"The History of Massachusetts"
(2 folders)
"Intervention of Nations"
"Legal Education"
BOX 211 "Moral Reforms"
"Simon Bolivar"
"Sir Edward Coke"
"Statute of Distribution"
"Thomas Ewing"
Italian poets and poetry
Webster's dictionary
Other writings
Emerigon, Balthazard-Marie, A Treatise of Insurance (1850), projected translation
BOX 212 Miscellaneous topics
(5 folders)
Speech, Young Men's Democratic Association
BOX 213 Untitled and related partial drafts
Europe and Asia Minor
(2 folders)
West Indies, Central and South America, Europe and Asia Minor
(3 folders)
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