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Henry Rowe Schoolcraft papers, 1788-1941

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BOX 71-82 REEL 57-63 Book File, circa 1817-1857
Research material, notes and drafts, manuscripts, fair copies, and page proofs of Schoolcraft's major published and unpublished works. Contains some fragments.
Arranged in approximate alphabetical order.
BOX 71 REEL 57 MSS 1 Algic Researches, Comprising Inquiries Respecting the Mental Characteristics of the North American Indians, undated
Vol. 1, part 1
Title page
MSS 2 "To Lieut. Col. Henry Whiting"
MSS 3-4 Contents of volume 1
MSS 5-28 "General Considerations"
MSS 29-95 "Preliminary Observations on the Tales"
MSS 96-121 "Ojeeg Annung, or the Summer-maker, or the Fisher Stars"
MSS 122-125 "The Celestial Sisters"
MSS 126-151 "Tau-Wau-Chee-Hezkaw, or the White Feather"
MSS 152-154 "Peboan and Seegwun: An Allegory of the Seasons"
MSS 155-178 "The Red Lover"
BOX 72 REEL 57 MSS 179-232 Vol. 1, part 2
"Iamo, or the Undying Head"
MSS 233-243 "Mon-daw-min, or the Origin of Indian Corn" or "Corn Story"
MSS 244-256 "Peeta Kway, or the Tempest"
MSS 257-284 "Manabozho, or the Great Incarnation of the North"
MSS 285-288 "Bokwewa, or the Humpback"
MSS 289-319 "Iena, or the Magic Bundle"
MSS 320-329 "Sheem, or the Forsaken Boy"
MSS 330-352 "Pappuckewiss" or "The Storm Fool: A Tale of the Vernal Equinox"
MSS 353-363 "Iadilla, or the Origin of the Robin"
MSS 364-373 "The Enchanted Moccasins"
MSS 374-375 "The Three Cranberries"
MSS 376-379 "Paradise Opened to the Indians" and "Pontiac"
BOX 73 REEL 58 MSS 380-383 Vol. 2
"Aggo Dah Gauda, or the Man With His Leg Tied Up"
MSS 384-418 "Iosco, or a Visit to the Sun and Moon" or "Ambition Gratified: The Danger of Gratified Wishes"
MSS 419-432 "Pah-Hah-Undootah, or the Red Head"
MSS 433-436 "Leelinau, or the Lost Daughter"
MSS 437-442 "Puck Wud Jininee, or the Little Wild Man of the Mountains"
MSS 443-464 "Mishosha, or the Magician of the Lakes"
MSS 465-507 "The Weendigoes" or "Saganaw's Story"
MSS 508-511 "The Raccoon and Crawfish"
MSS 512-517 "Wauwanishkum, or Glimpses of Ghost-land"
MSS 518-525 "Kwasind, or the Fearfully Strong"
MSS 526-560 "Madjee Monedo, and the Genius of Benevolence"
MSS 561-566 "The Pigeon Hawk and Tortoise" or "The Blue Bird and Terrapin"
MSS 567-575 "The Charmed Arrow"
MSS 576-581 "Addik Kum Maig, or the Origin of the White Fish"
MSS 582-589 "Mythology of the Chippewas"
MSS 590 "The Linnet and Eagle"
MSS 591-594 "Weeng"
MSS 595-603 "Iagoo"
MSS 604-605 "Adventures of a Warrior's Soul"
MSS 606 "The Vine and Oak"
MSS 607-610 Fragments
BOX 74 REEL 58 MSS 1-2 "Indian Tales and Legends," undated Published, in part, in Schoolcraft's Indian Legends from Algic Researches, Mentor L. Williams, editor
"The Wabose and Pizhoo, or the Hare and Lynx"
MSS 3 "The Lynx and Wawbos, a Chippewa Fable"
MSS 4 "Shingeliss, or the Fall Duck"
MSS 5-13 "Baush'kwudosh, or Animal with the Hair Blown Off His Skin"
MSS 14-17 "Wa-wá be zo win, or the Swing"
MSS 18-23 "Mukakee Mindemoca, or the Toad-Woman"
MSS 24-25 "Ampata Sapa, or the Cast-off Wife"
MSS 26-27 "The Little Spirit, or Boy-Man"
MSS 28-31 "Moowis, or the Coquette's Reward"
MSS 32 "[Allaietaw?] the Great Jossakeed of Manitoulin"
MSS 33-37 "The Bird-woman"
MSS 38-39 "The Blue Jay and the Woodpecker"
MSS 40-45 "The Charmed Trap"
MSS 46-56 "Chebiabo, the Seer of the Manitoulin or Spirit Islands"
MSS 57 "Chorus of Ghosts"
MSS 58-60 "The Condor of the Mississippi Valley"
MSS 61-62 "The Crane and Beaver"
MSS 63-64 "The Dangerous Guest"
MSS 65 "The Eagle and the Wren"
MSS 66-70 "The Family of the Thunderers: An Iroquois Tradition"
MSS 71 "Indian Tales and Legends," undated
"The Fox and the Wolf"
MSS 72-73 "Fraternal Affection, or the Six Hawks"
MSS 74 "The Ghost of the Indian Graveyard"
MSS 75-76 "Oblation to the Dead: The Old Indian Graveyard"
MSS 77-83 "Italco, or the Story of the Ghost That Returned from the Indian Paradise"
MSS 84-95 "Iosa, Fairy Foot Prints on the Shore"
MSS 96 "The Indian Hunter and His Dog"
MSS 97-100 "Itasca, or the Origin of the Mississippi River"
MSS 101-103 "Iva, the Maid of Algoma"
MSS 104 "Kenabick, or the Serpent"
MSS 105-111 "The Bone Cave"
BOX 75 REEL 59 MSS 112-119 "The Little Red Shoes"
MSS 120 "The Lodge of the Eagle's Feather"
MSS 121-124 "The Lost Rocks"
MSS 125-130 "The Manito Tree"
MSS 131 "The Morning Star"
MSS 132-135 "Moshop, or the Giant of Nopee"
MSS 136-137 "Nebahquam's Dream: An Allegory of Civilization and Christianity"
MSS 138-140 "Onyatstee, or Blood and Beauty: A Wyandot Tale"
MSS 141-143 "Origin of the Enmity between Man and Beast"
MSS 144-145 "Origin of the Great Lakes"
MSS 146 "The Origin of the Lakes"
MSS 147 "The Origin of Michilimackinac"
MSS 148-150 "The Origin of the Miscodeed"
MSS 151-154 "The Origin of the Raccoon"
MSS 155-163 "Ossigomico, or the Spirits of Taquimenon Falls: An Allegory"
MSS 164 "Penassee's First Success in Hunting"
MSS 165-169 "The Rainbow"
MSS 170 "The Serpent and Tortoise"
MSS 171 "The Snake and the Robin"
MSS 172-173 "Sun God, a Prahmo Tradition of the Andes"
MSS 174-175 "Teoatatea"
MSS 176 "The Three Races of Men"
MSS 177-190 "The Thunder Birds"
MSS 191 "The Transformation of Quadrupeds"
MSS 192-193 "The Weendego Bird or Condor"
MSS 194 "The White Rose and the Miscodeed"
MSS 195-196 "A Chippeway Story"
MSS 197-218 Untitled fragments
BOX 76 REEL 59 Algic Researches, Comprising Inquiries Respecting the Mental Characteristics of the North American Indians, "Oral Fictions of the Onishemauba," in the hand of Jane Johnston Schoolcraft, undated
"Archives of Aboriginal Knowledge, To the Reader," in the hand of Henry Rowe Schoolcraft and Mary Howard Schoolcraft, undated
Biographical sketches of Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, 1857, n.d
Notes on the Iroquois, original material used in taking the census of the New York Iroquois, 1845
"Considerations on the Art of Picture Writing and the System of Mnemonic Symbols of the North American Indians," circa 1844
BOX 77 REEL 60 Historical and Statistical Information Respecting the History, Condition and Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States
Circulars, undated
"Synopsis Showing the Progress Made in the Census and the Collecting of Information Respecting the General Inquiries," undated
"Aborigines in Massachusetts," 1848
"Adoption," undated
"Census of Algonquins," undated
"Antique Inscribed Stone of Manlius," undated
"Apalachicola Indians," memoranda of J. H. Offley, undated
"Appalachia: Allegheny," undated
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