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Henry Rowe Schoolcraft papers, 1788-1941

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BOX 61 REEL 49 Subject File, 1822-1836
Lists, notes, reports, memoranda, statistics, and Indian vocabularies.
Arranged in approximate alphabetical order.
BOX 61 REEL 49 Education, undated
English grammar, undated
Ethnological scraps, undated
(2 folders)
Indian place names, undated
Indian population
Within the Sault Sainte Marie, Mich., agency
Miscellaneous statistics, undated
Tariff on Indian goods, circa 1836
Algic or Chippewaw, undated
Costános, San Francisco Bay, Calif., undated
Cushna tribe, Sacramento Valley, Calif., undated
Mandan, notes of James Kipp, undated
Vocabularies, 1822-1823
Lexicon of words and phrases, undated
Common verbs, Lord's Prayer, etc., undated
Unidentified, undated
BOX 62-63 REEL 50-51 Articles, 1818-1862
Chiefly manuscripts of articles and book reviews by Schoolcraft or ascribed to him.
Arranged in approximate alphabetical order.
BOX 62 REEL 50 "Aboriginal Idea of Religion," undated
"Aboriginal Palladium" See Container 63, "Oneida Stone"
"Adventures under the Helderberg," undated
"Alhalla," by Senex, New York Commercial Advertiser, undated
"Ancient Alphabetic Inscription in the Ohio Valley," undated
"Ancient Shipwreck of a Foreign Vessel on the American Coast During the Ante-Columbian Period: An Iroquois Tradition," undated
"Antiquities," undated
"Antiquities of the Town of Pompey," undated
"An Appeal to History on the Conduct and Treatment of the United States toward the Indian Tribes," undated
"Appeal to the Democracy" See same container, "To the Democracy of the Union"
Appleton's Cyclopedia of General Knowledge, vol. 1, review, undated
"Aboriginal History of America," critical notice, undated
"Auroral Phenomena Observed on Lake Superior," undated
"Biographical Sketch of Governor Cass," by Megesthines, New York Statesman, 1821
"Boldiades," undated
"Book of Ed: The Chronicles of Shem in America," circa 1857
"Brief Notes of Public Men and Characters at Washington," by Altamont, Albany Argus, circa 1847
"Brief Notices of the Statuary and Paintings in the Capitol at Washington," by Appelles, circa 1847
"The Burning of Schenectady by the French in 1690," undated
"Card-Table-Talk," undated
"Castle Island," undated
"Character of Confucius," undated
"Characteristic Traits of the Aboriginal Tribes of This Continent," undated
"The Cherokees," Evening Post, circa 1844
"Criticisms on American Literature," Athenaeum, undated
"Copper Mines," notice, 1841
"A Curt History of the United States in the Hebraic Manner," 1852
"Curt Tracts for European Emigrants to the United States" See same container, "Essays of Brutus: Pyramid of the Colorado"
"Dawn of Literary Composition by Educated Natives of the Aboriginal Tribes," undated
"Decline of Indian Population" or "Yet Still We Find the Same Primeval Race," undated
"To the Democracy of the Union" or "Appeal to the Democracy," undated
"Detroit Literary Tracts," Detroit City Gazette, undated
"Discovery of the Source of the Mississippi, 1527-1832," 1848
"Discovery of the Source of the Mississippi River," New York Evening Post, circa 1859
An Encyclopedia of Instruction, by A. B. Johnson, review, 1857
"Enduring Interest of the Indians as an Ethnological Element in the History of Mankind," undated
"An Essay on the Grave Creek Mound of the Ohio Valley," 1844
"Essay on the Indian Character," undated
"Essays of Brutus: Pyramid of the Colorado" or "Curt Tracts for European Emigrants to the United States," 1853, undated
"Evidences of the Unity of Demon Worship in the Ancient Population of Asia and among the Present Tribes in America," undated
"Expedition to the Source of St. Peter's River," review, undated
"The Falls of St. Anthony," The Family Magazine, undated
"Gallatin's Synopsis of the Indian Tribes within the United States" or "Value of Languages as an Element of Indian History," review, 1837
"Hon. Albert A. Gallup," 1851
"Geological Evidence of Design Denoting the Benevolence of God in the Disposition of the Surface of the Globe," undated
"Geology," 1818
"Theories of Geology and Biblical Geology," undated
"Geology of Albany County, N.Y.," undated
"Geology of Albany County," Albany Journal, 1856
"Hieroglyphics and Pictographic Devices," undated
"Hi-a-de-o-ne: A Seneca Tradition," Daily National Pilot, 1845
"History," undated
"History and Progress of American Geography," undated
Hoffman's "Vigil of Faith," review, undated
Hunter, John Dunn, Manners and Customs of Several Indian Tribes, review, circa 1824
"Idea of the Revelation in 1st Genesis," undated
"Indian Etymologies," Historical Magazine, 1857
"Indian Ideas of Immortality and the Repose of the Soul," Indian Tribes of the United States, undated
"The Indian Mind Respecting Religion," undated
"Indian Mode of Imparting Instruction," undated
"The Indian Mythology Considered as an Element in the Future Phases of American Literature," undated
"Indian Name for North Americans" See same container, "Indian Name for United States"
"Indian Name for United States" or "Indian Name for North Americans," New York Evening Post, 1845
"Indian Statistics," 1852
"Indian Stories," undated
No. 3. "A Shawanoe Tradition," undated
No. 4. "Takozid, or the Short-foot," circa 1835
No. 5. "The Sand Dunes of Lake Superior," undated
No. 7. "Indian Character," undated
No. 8. "The Three Races of Men," undated
No. 10. "Solidified Words, or the Enchanted Pub-bi-gwun," undated
"Inquiries Respecting the Geology and Mineralogy of the Western Parts of New York," 1820
"Inquiries Respecting the History, the Present Condition, and Future Prospects of the Indian Tribes of the United States," in three parts, title varies, The Literary World, 1847
"Is the Gospel Adapted to the North American Indians?" 1828
BOX 63 REEL 51 "Jeesukaywin Prophecy," undated
"Leonhard's Popular Lectures on Geology," Northern Light, review, 1841
"A Letter on City Names," 1844
Letter to the editors, New York Evening Express, 1845
Letters by Ianosh from New York, N.Y.; Philadelphia, Pa.; and Washington, D.C., for publication, circa 1857-1859
"Life and Speeches of General Lewis Cass," 1848
"The Lost Colony of Virginia," undated
"Love Song of an Odjibway Girl," undated
"Lower Saginaw and Lyons," undated
"Memoir of the Life of John Johnston Esqr., Late of Sault Ste. Marie," circa 1829
"Minnesota," by Algon, undated
(2 folders)
"Mosaical Geology," undated
"Mr. Charles Dickens 'Tatooed' a Little Himself," by Hiokato, undated
The North American Review, no. 94, review, 1837
"Notes for Memoir of Mrs. Henry Rowe Schoolcraft," by Jane Johnston, undated
"Notice of a Military Journal of the Era of the War Which Transferred the Canadas to the British Crown," by Henry R. Colcraft, circa 1843
"Oneida Stone" or "Aboriginal Palladium," undated
"On-Ton, or the Autobiography of My Cane," undated
"Opinions of Mr. Bozzlewozzle," undated
"The Order of Creation," undated
"Origin of the Indians: Recall of the Jews," Union, 1854
"Picture Writing" and "Symbolic Writing," undated
"Poetic Expression of the Aborigines," undated
"Pontiac," undated
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