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Shaker collection of records concerning the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, 1676-1937

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BOX 1 REEL 1 ITEM 1-15 Enfield, Connecticut, 1792-1906
Biographical sketches, covenants, lectures and addresses, correspondence, spiritual communications, membership lists, religious tracts, church records, poems, and music.
Arranged numerically.
BOX 1 REEL 1 Autobiographical or biographical sketches of Shakers at Enfield, Conn., 1810-43, including Olive Damon, Sophia Newcomb, Enoch Pease, Mary S. Russell, Persis Stebbins, Thomas Stebbins, Timothy Terry, Richard Wilcox, Sophia Wood, and Mary C. Wright
ITEM 2* *Item number 1 no longer exists.
ITEM 3 "The Covenant of the South Family in the United Society (commonly called Shakers), in Enfield, 1827"
ITEM 4 "A lecture delivered at Enfield, Conn., at a meeting of Adventists and believers," on the second coming of Christ, 1847
ITEM 5 "Correspondence dated 1832, 1851, and 1881, of William Deming, Benjamin S. Youngs, and others from Pittsfield, Mass., and Enfield"
ITEM 6 Spiritual communications, 1840-1842
31 Jan., Daniel Wilcox's description of the final illness of Deacon Nathan Tiffany [?]
15 Feb., "A short scetch of the last sickness of Deacon Nathan Tiffany, who departed this life Feb. 12, 1840"
6 Dec., Jefferson White's description of his vision
27 Feb., communication from Father James by Mother Ann's and Father William's request, New Lebanon, N.Y.
Mar. and Apr., "A roll from Mother Ann to Russel Haskell," instrument, Daniel Wilcox
Apr. "A roll from Mother Ann to John Slate," instrument, Elsa Parsons
16 May, communication from Mother [Ann] and Father James through a visionary instrument
22 May, roll from Mother Ann to Elijah Kellog, instrument, George Willcox
21 Aug., Elder Brother Daniel's spiritual communications for Elder Brother Asa Tiffany [?] and Eldress Sister Clarissa Pease [?]
25 Sept., message from Mother Ann, instrument, Averil Haskell
25 Sept., "A short communication from Holy Mother Wisdom to the ministry; given to her inspired instrument, Sept. 25, 1841," instrument, Averil Haskell
27 Jan., "A message from Mother Sarah; communicated by her to a visionary instrument, Jan. 27, 1842, and the spiritual paper containing what she read or spoke to the instrument, was brought from Pittsfield to this place by our Ministry," instrument, Averil Haskell
20 Feb., "A letter from Father Calvin Harlow [?] to Russel Haskell given to an instrument by inspiration, Feb. 20, 1842," instrument, George Wilcox
27 Feb., Father James's prayer which was heard by visionary Averil Haskell
20 Mar., "A roll from Jesus Christ to Russel Haskell; a part of which was given to an instrument by vision, and the remainder to another instrument by inspiration," instruments, Phebe Wilcox and Lovicy Davis
3 Apr., "A few words from the Lord Jesus; spoken to an inspired and visionary instrument in meeting, Apr. 3, 1842"
17 Apr., "A communication from Jesus Christ to Elder Brother Asa Tiffany; given to an instrument by inspiration, Apr. 17, 1842," instrument, George Wilcox
8 May, "A message from Father Calvin; given by inspiration, May 8, 1842," instrument, Phebe Wilcox
19 Dec., "Communications and presents from good spirits to Jefferson White at the City of Peace, Oct. 6 and 7, 1842"
Some of the words which visionary Averil Haskell heard Father James speak to Deacon Nathan Tiffany [?]
ITEM 7 List, heads of families and the first founders of Enfield Shaker community
ITEM 8 "A Shaker tract on the Nativity of Jesus Christ, in connection with the divine promise, that the seed of the woman should bruise the serpent's head: How it was fulfilled in the first born son and daughter of the new creation," by Russel Haskell, 1878
ITEM 9 "An Address to Father James"
ITEM 10 "Words of comfort to Mother's first born children" (poem)
ITEM 11 "A record of some of the most important changes that have taken place in the Society at Enfield, 1792 to 1850," including a record (1792 to 1906) of the deaths of members of the Shaker communities at Watervliet and New Lebanon, N.Y., Harvard and Hancock, Mass., Canterbury, N.H., and Alfred, Maine
ITEM 12 Poems
(1 vol.)
ITEM 13 Songs; spiritual communications from Mother Ann [Lee], Father James [Whittaker], Father Abraham [Perkins ?], Father Calvin [Harlow], Mother Sarah [Harrison], Mother Lucy [Wright], the heavenly parents and Savior, and others to members of the communities at Enfield, Conn., and Pittsfield, Harvard, and Hancock, Mass., including Abner Allen, Needham Allen, Lovicy Cary, and Amaziah Clark, Robert Lackey, Esther Markham, Hannah Munsel, Jefferson White, Stephen Whiting; correspondence of Lovicy Cary, Amaziah Clark, Anna Granger, Sarah Markham, Hannah Munsel, Silas G. Strong, and others; and other writings, 1827-1865, undated
ITEM 14 "Restoring the order of nature," Seth Y. Wells to Brother Rufus Bishop [?] New Lebanon, N.Y., 7 Oct. 1843
ITEM 15 "A Record of visions, messages and communications, which were given by divine power, in the several families of the United Society at Enfield," 1842
BOX 2 REEL 1-2 ITEM 2 Miscellany, 1801-1874
Spiritual communications, covenants, correspondence, poems, church records, declarations of trust, and records of births and deaths of members in various Shaker communities, mostly in New England.
Arranged numerically.
BOX 2 REEL 1 ITEM 16 "A book containing a number of spiritual communications; from the Holy Savior, Mother Ann, and others to William Davis," 23 Dec. 1847, New Lebanon, N.Y. [?]
ITEM 17 "The Covenant of the Church at Tyringham," Mass., 1816
ITEM 18 Calvin Green to William Russel, New Lebanon, N.Y., 20 Jan. 1847
ITEM 19 "Martha Pease's Book," Enfield, Conn., 11 June 1831 (poems)
ITEM 20-21 Letters to Elder George from Elisa A. Stratton and Henry C. Blinn, Shaker Village, N.H., copies, May-Sept. 1874 [1847?]
ITEM 22 "A record of our Church in Tyringham called Believers in Chris[t] Timothy Bigelow, clark and recorder, Nov. 25, 1801"
BOX 2 REEL 2 ITEM 23 Declarations of trust by Shakers at Tyringham, Mass., 1832, 1841
ITEM 24 "A record containing the declarations of the inspired instruments at Tyringham, Mass., Apr. 1842"
ITEM 25 Vital statistics for the years 1736-1821. Includes birth and death dates of Mother Ann and other "Heavenly Parents," New England
BOX 2 REEL 2 ITEM 26-32 Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, circa 1804-1879
Diary, church records, social compact, correspondence and writings, church orders, and laws and ordinances.
Arranged numerically.
BOX 2 REEL 2 Diary, author unknown, 1843-1850
ITEM 26 A study of this item in 1982 concluded that it came from the Shaker community at Union Village, Ohio, and not Pleasant Hill.
ITEM 27 "Church record including biographical register of the Shaker Community at Pleasant Hill, Mercer County, 1806-1879" (typed copy)
ITEM 28 "A revision and confirmation of the social compact of the United Society (called Shakers) at Pleasant Hill," 1830
ITEM 29 Extract of letter from John Dunlavy to Barton W. Stone and other writings concerning the "Kentucky Revival," Shaker theology, and the establishment of Shaker communities in the midwest, including Turtle Creek (later Union Village) and Watervliet in Ohio, Pleasant Hill and South Union, Ky., and Busro or West Union, Ind., circa 1804-1823
ITEM 30-31 "Copy of the Holy Orders of the Church, written by Father Joseph, to the elders of the Church at New Lebanon," 1841; recopied at Pleasant Hill, 1842
(2 vols.)
ITEM 32 "Millenial laws or gospel statutes and ordinances, adapted to the day of Christ's second appearing, by Father Joseph Meacham and Mother Lucy Wright," recorded at New Lebanon, 1821, and received at Pleasant Hill, 1847
BOX 3 REEL 2 ITEM 33-38 South Union, Kentucky, 1830-1869
Church orders, diary, journal, poem, and other writings.
Arranged numerically.
BOX 3 REEL 2 "Rules and orders for the Church of Christ's second appearing established by the Ministry and elders of the Church," revised and reestablished, New Lebanon, N.Y., 1860. Copied at South Union, Ky., 1860
ITEM 33-34 (2 vols.)
ITEM 35 Diary of a journey by the South Union ministry to visit the New England Shakers, 1869
ITEM 36 "Scenes and incidents appertaining to the war at or near South Union, Ky. taken from the writings of Nancy E. Moore, v. 2," 1863-1864
ITEM 37 Journal, Milton Robinson, 1830-1831
ITEM 38 "The twelve Christian virtues in poetry," Peter A. Foster, Canterbury, N.H., 1848
BOX 3-4 REEL 3-4 ITEM 39-49 Canaan, New York, 1813-1875
Diary, journals, treatise, recipes, and other writings.
Arranged numerically.
BOX 3 REEL 3 ITEM 39 Diary, 1850-1853, and list of members of the Upper family in Canaan
ITEM 40 Journal, Shaker community, 1813-1843
ITEM 41 Journal, Levi Shaw and the Upper family, 1813-1875
ITEM 42 "Narrative of various events," journal, Isaac N. Youngs, 1814-1823
BOX 4 REEL 3 ITEM 43 Journal, Benjamin Lyon, concerning events in the family of the second order, 1816-1818
ITEM 44 Journal, Benjamin Lyon, concerning events in the family of the second order, 1818-1820
ITEM 45 "A Journal of work," Benjamin Lyon, 1834-1838
ITEM 46 Journal, Upper family, 1866-1874
BOX 4 REEL 4 ITEM 47 "Words which were written upon the doors of the dwelling rooms of the Upper family, Canaan, and read to the instruments from the North family by the holy witnessing angels, May 14, 1842"
ITEM 48 "Nature. God. Law," treatise, William Offord, 1872
ITEM 49 Recipe book, undated
BOX 4-10 REEL 4-9 ITEM 50-150 New Lebanon, New York, 1676-1937
Diary and journals, correspondence, covenants, poems, autobiographical material, historical sketches, revelations, testimonies, lectures, spiritual communications, laws, orders, discourses, and other writings.
Arranged numerically.
BOX 4 REEL 4 ITEM 50 "Journal of a memorable journey from White-Water, Ohio, to New Lebanon, N.Y., taken by Hannah R. Agnew when 16 years of age, 1836," and other writings, 1836-1858
ITEM 51 "A Journey to Busro," verse, possibly written in Union Village, Ohio, 1849-1851, undated
ITEM 52 Essays believed to be written by Giles B. Avery and Calvin Green, undated
ITEM 53 "Historical scetches or a record of remarkable events with remarks and illustrations kept by Giles B. Avery, New Lebanon," 1832[?]-1855
ITEM 54 Miscellaneous notes and sketches by Giles B. Avery, 1838-1852
ITEM 55 Autobiography, Rhoda Blake, 1864-1892
ITEM 56 Photograph, Rhoda Blake, 1892
BOX 5 REEL 4 ITEM 57 Journal, Peter Boyd, 1833-1840
ITEM 58 "John Calvin. An account of some of the particular transactions in the life of John Calvin and his entrance and sufferings in the world of spirits. Written by himself, in union with our heavenly parents," 1842, introduction by Father James. (contemporary copy by Brother Seth Y. Wells)
ITEM 59 Fragmentary notes, Christ's second coming
ITEM 60 Revelations to Dave Comstock from Mother Ann, Father James, and others, 1841-1844
ITEM 61 Testimony, Harvey Eades, 1873
ITEM 62 Frederick [?] W. Evans's lecture on Christ's second coming, Second Advent Conference, Enfield, Conn., 22 Feb. 1847. Contemporary copy by Giles B. Avery, New Lebanon, N.Y.
ITEM 63 "A General statement of the Holy Laws of Zion," introduction by Father James, 1840, attested to by Seth Y. Wells, New Lebanon, N.Y., 1840
ITEM 64 "A communication, written by Father James," 2 Mar. 1841
ITEM 65 "Extracts from the Holy Orders of the Church written by Father Joseph to the Elders of the Church at New Lebanon, and copied, Feb. 18, 1841"
ITEM 66 "A roll directed by Father Joseph to the Ministry, copied Feb. 5, 1841"
ITEM 67 "The Holy Orders of the Church, written by Father Joseph, to the Elders of the Church at New Lebanon, recopied at Union Village, Sept. 1842"
BOX 5 REEL 5 ITEM 68 Judgments law, the words of Father William, copied 25 Nov. 1841
ITEM 69 "Words of Father William to the writer," copied 25 Nov. 1841
ITEM 70 Spiritual communications recorded by Anna Granger [?] in 20 chapters, 1842, Union Village, Ohio; New Lebanon, N.Y.; and Enfield, Conn.
Chapters 1 and 14, messages from Mother Lucy, 1842. Instruments, Phebe Wilcox and Lovicy Davis
Chapters 2, 7, 10, 18, and 19, messages from Mother Ann, 1842. Instruments, Phebe Wilcox, Lovicy Davis, and Averill Haskell [?]
Chapters 4 and 5, messages from the Savior, 1842. Instrument, Averill Haskell
Chapters 8 and 13, messages from the Holy Angel, 1842. Instrument, Phebe Wilcox
Chapters 3 and 9, messages from Father William, 1842. Instruments, Lovicy Davis and Phebe Wilcox
Chapters 11 and 12, messages from Mother Sarah, 1842. Instruments, Phebe Wilcox and Averill Haskell
Chapters 6 and 17, messages from Father James, 1842. Instrument, Lovicy Davis
Chapters 15 and 20, messages from Father Calvin Harlow [?], 1842. Instrument, Phebe Wilcox
Chapter 16, message from Father Abraham, 1842
ITEM 71 Vision of Elder Freegift Wells (James Smith's copy) and his letters, from Union Village, Ohio, 1836-1837
ITEM 72 "The First Appearing of Christ, and the primitive Church, and the falling away," by Calvin Green, circa 1840
ITEM 73 "An explanation of certain texts and figures contained in the Scriptures; and important to be known by believers in the second appearance of Christ," by Calvin Green, undated
ITEM 74 "A Discourse on the connective relation of all the elements and principles of the natural and spiritual creation; and the intimate correspondency and affinity of all the works of God, as manifesting the eternal laws of life and duty," by Calvin Green, undated
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