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Shaker collection of records concerning the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, 1676-1937

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Union Village, Ohio, 1769-1937 (continued)
ITEM 268 "The Word of Holy and Eternal Wisdom, directed to the beloved ministry at Wisdom's Valley . . . 1844," confirmed and sealed at Holy Mount, New Lebanon, N.Y., copy, 1844
ITEM 269 "The holy word of the Lord God almighty, the holy one of Israel to his chosen people throughout Zion's habitations, given at Wisdom's Valley and written by inspiration at the Holy Mount, Mar. 15, 1843"
BOX 23 REEL 20 ITEM 270 "Jehovah's chosen square. Revelation thereof. July 29, 1844," and descriptions of meetings, 1844-1847
ITEM 271 "The Word of Holy and Eternal Wisdom, directed to the beloved ministry at Wisdom's Valley . . . 1844," confirmed and sealed at Holy Mount, New Lebanon, N.Y., copy, 1844
ITEM 272 "Covenant of the West family or central institution of the Order of Young Believers in the United Society at Union Village," 1841-1843
ITEM 273-274 "Rules and orders for the Church of Christ's second appearing established by the ministry and elders of the Church, New Lebanon, N.Y. May 1860" (two copies)
ITEM 275 Queries and church orders, undated
ITEM 276 Words of Mother Wisdom to the ministry of the North Family from a book copied by Mother Ann, 1841, carried to Watervliet by Father James, received at New Lebanon, N.Y., and transcribed, 1841
ITEM 277 "A little book of communications received Aug. 25, 1842, in the name of our ever-blessed Mother Lucy. Copied by inspiration, Aug. 27th," New Lebanon, N.Y. [?]
ITEM 278 Family journal, North Union, Ohio, 1840-1859
ITEM 279 Daybook, Mill family, North Union, Ohio, 1879-1894
ITEM 280 "Harmonial Philosophy," William Offord, New Lebanon, N.Y., 1873. Written to editor of Human Nature in response to the article by A. Gardner entitled "Individualism v. communism," also included.
ITEM 281 "A sketch of the life and religious experience of Richard W. Pelham" of Union Village and a founder of North Union, Ohio, copy, undated
ITEM 282 Writings or notes by Richard W. Pelham on theological subjects, such as Hebrew text, the Church, Trinity, Eucharist, 1828-1830 [?]
(1 vol.)
BOX 24 REEL 20 ITEM 283 "The narrative and testimony of R. W. Pelham," 1843
ITEM 284 "Aphorisms, original and select; together with, short essays, pious aspirations, parables, and concise notes on certain scripture texts," no. 2 [John Patterson MacLean?], 1860
ITEM 285 List of deceased from Union Village, Ohio, 1807-1822; diary of Harriet E. Poor, 1862-1865; and daybook of Jane Wheeler, 1870-1872, no. 6 [John Patterson MacLean?]
ITEM 286 Prophecy from Holy Mother Wisdom given by Father James Whittaker, 1843. Copied at North Union, Ohio, by James S. Prescott, 1881
ITEM 287 Journal, Center family of North Union, Ohio, recorded by James S. Prescott, 1860-1888
ITEM 288 William Pursell, notebook containing a record of births and deaths and diary notes, 1863, undated
ITEM 289 Elcey Patterson, notebook containing a poem and list of deceased Shakers, 1818-1875
BOX 25 REEL 21 ITEM 290 "Records of the Church at North Union containing the rise and progress of the Church" by James S. Prescott and others, 1822-1886
ITEM 291 Church record or memorandum of events, 1841-1844
ITEM 292 "Office record by James S. Prescott, Jan. 26, 1882," North Union, Ohio
BOX 26 REEL 21 ITEM 293 Promises or agreements, 1861-1875
ITEM 294 Spiritual journal or church record of events, 1874-1881
BOX 26 REEL 22 ITEM 295 Journal, Giles Bushnell Avery [?] and C. G. Reed, concerning the boys school, New Lebanon, N.Y., 1837-1842
ITEM 296 Restrictions or rules, undated
ITEM 297 Journal, Ebenezer Rice, Whitewater and Watervliet, Ohio, 1856-1894
ITEM 298 Journal, Sally Sharp, 1805-1880
ITEM 299 Record of births and deaths, mostly from Shaker communities in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts, 1769-1867
ITEM 300 Extract From An Unpublished Manuscript on Shaker History (by an Eye Witness.) Giving an Accurate Description of Their Songs, Dances, Marches, Visions, Visits to the Spirit Land. &c. (Boston: E. K. Allen, 1850. 48 pp.)
ITEM 301 Church records including lists of members, descriptions of the buildings, correspondence, agreements, circa 1815-1839, no. 1 [John Patterson MacLean?]
BOX 27 REEL 22 ITEM 302 Legal documents
Daniel Boyd and Ithamar Johnson v. Nathan Sharp, William Sharp, Caleb Bates, and Jonathan Bates, 1830-1836
Shaker Society v. Gass, Banta, et al., Pleasant Hill, Ky., undated
ITEM 303 "General rules of the United Society and summary articles of mutual agreement and release, ratified and confirmed by the United Society at Watervliet, Montgomery County, Ohio, Jan. 1833"
ITEM 304 Document copies including legislation from the Ohio general assembly; legal records from case of Daniel Boyd and Ithamar Johnson v. Nathan Sharp, William Sharp, Caleb Bates, and Jonathan Bates, 1836-1837; and memorandum of events, 1830-1831
ITEM 305 Notes on wearing apparel and living style and recipes for cider, New Lebanon, N.Y., and Union Village, Ohio, 1816, 1840, undated
ITEM 306 List of proper wearing apparel for women, Pittsfield, Mass., 1840, and a bill of articles for Betsey Carson, undated
ITEM 307 Giles Bushnell Avery [?], exercises in shorthand or phonography, circa 1840-1843
ITEM 308 Miscellany, including poems, one from Enfield, Conn.; broadside, "Relief for the Afflicted"; and inventories of clothing for members, possibly in New Lebanon, N.Y., or Union Village, Ohio, 1840-1841
ITEM 309 "A little book of communications," Mother Lucy Wright [?], 25 Aug. 1842
ITEM 310 Records concerning the death of Sister Jemime Peas, 1842
ITEM 311 Journal, 1841-1844
ITEM 312 Rules for washing, ironing, bathing, making shirts, plaiting gowns, making clothes, and giving to the poor, City of Union, Enfield, Conn., 1846, and a message from Mother Dana, 1851
ITEM 313-315 "Temperance the best preserver of health," by Seth Y. Wells, circa 1846 (3 vols.), and letter from Seth Y. Wells, New Lebanon, N.Y., to Sally Loomis Harvard, Mass., 1846
ITEM 316 Book of poems, circa 1851
ITEM 317 Journal, 1850-1851
ITEM 318 Book of phonography or shorthand, circa 1852
ITEM 319 Book of notes and criticism by O. C. Hampton [?], 1853, 1881
BOX 27 REEL 23 ITEM 320 List of fruit grafted by David Rowley and list of fruit in the West Orchard, 1855
ITEM 321 Record of books lent by the Shaker library, 1865-1869; considerations on the conduct of meetings by the ministry at New Lebanon, N.Y., 1870; aphorisms, Union Village, Ohio, 1871; journal, 1873-1874
(1 vol.)
ITEM 322 "Constitution, bylaws, and minutes of the Union Village Scientific and Progressive Association," 1871-1873 (vol. 1) See also item numbers 324- 325
ITEM 323 William Offord, undated comments on "The New Birth," by John R. Cooper, in Shaker and Shakeress Monthly, Dec. 1873
ITEM 324 Union Village Scientific and Progressive Association or Lyceum, minutes of meetings, 1873-1874 (vol. 2) See also item numbers 322, 325
ITEM 325 Union Village Scientific and Progressive Association or Lyceum, minutes of meetings, 1874-1877 (vol. 3) See also item numbers 322, 324
ITEM 326 Recipes and medicinal cures, record of births and deaths, extracts from journals, and other writings, circa 1824-1842
(1 vol.)
BOX 28 REEL 23 Last page of a communication from the ministry at Union Village, Ohio, to the ministry at New Lebanon, N.Y., prayers, and diary, 1883-1888
ITEM 327 (1 vol.)
ITEM 328 Journal excerpts, Andrew D. Barret, 1902-1910
ITEM 329 "Secret composition to start the animal oil yoke or grease from wool," Barnabus Sprague, undated
ITEM 330 "Phonographic Shorthand," undated
ITEM 331 "Diabollogy: a research into the scriptural account of the devil, satan and lucifer . . . ," by Richard W. Pelham [?], undated
ITEM 332 Treatise, "The only true medium of true happiness," by James Wilson or copied from one of his letters, circa 1849
ITEM 333 "Inspired communications, Union Village, Ohio," 1846-1849; diary, 1891; and hymns, undated
(1 vol.)
ITEM 334 Spiritual communications, 1844-1846
(1 vol.)
ITEM 335 Poems (or songs), Anna White, New Lebanon, N.Y., and Alden Lyman, Union Village, Ohio
ITEM 336 Autobiography of Susanna Cole Liddell, Union Village, Ohio, including draft, notes, clippings, and printed matter, circa 1800-1906
ITEM 336a-c (4 folders)
BOX 28
ITEM 336d-e
(1 folder)
ITEM 337
BOX 29
(4 folders)
ITEM 338 (3 folders)
BOX 30 REEL 25 ITEM 339-340 History of Union Village, Ohio, untitled draft
Vols. l and 2 (undivided), circa 1878-1879
(2 folders)
ITEM 341 Vol. 3, with notes and printed matter, 1895
(3 folders)
BOX 31 REEL 25 Vol. 4, with notes and printed matter, undated
ITEM 342 (4 folders)
BOX 31 REEL 25-26 Vol. 5, with notes and printed matter, undated
ITEM 343 (3 folders)
BOX 32 REEL 26 Vol. 6, undated
ITEM 344 (2 folders)
ITEM 345 Miscellaneous correspondence, notes, hymns, clippings, and other material, circa 1804-1908
(5 folders)
BOX 33 REEL 27 Poems, by Richard McNemar, Issachar Bates, Prudence Morrell, and others, 1895, undated
ITEM 346a (2 folders)
ITEM 346b "A description of the person and character of Jesus Christ, as it was found in an ancient manuscript, sent by Publius Lutulus, President of Judea, to the Senate of Rome," undated
ITEM 347a Miscellaneous documents primarily concerning communities in New Lebanon, N.Y., and Whitewater and Union Village, Ohio, circa 1817-1904
ITEM 347b Correspondence between Shakers in New Lebanon, N.Y.; Pittsfield, Mass.; South Union, Ky.; Union Village, Ohio; and other places, 1827-1863. Correspondents include William Deming, H. L. Eads, Andrew C. Houston, James McNemar, Richard R. McNemar, Eleazar Wright, and others.
ITEM 347c Correspondence and other documents primarily between Shakers in New Lebanon and Watervliet, N.Y.; Pleasant Hill, Ky.; Canterbury, N.H.; and Union Village, Ohio, 1825-1836, undated Correspondents include Rufus Bishop [?], John Dunlavy, Matthew Houston [?], Solomon King [?], and Seth Y. Wells [?].
(1 vol.)
ITEM 347d Miscellany, 1859-1862, 1876-1877, 1896, undated; and "An account of the origin, progress and decline of Shakerism in Ohio," by John Patterson MacLean, circa 1900
BOX 34 REEL 27 ITEM 348a Memoranda on the life of Richard McNemar, 1904, undated
ITEM 348b Extract copied from Richard McNemar's journal concerning the death of David Darrow and other notes, undated
ITEM 348c Miscellany: correspondence from Kentucky and Ohio, including letters of Granville Hixson, E. T. Leggett, Richard McNemar, Richard R. McNemar, and Clarissa Patterson, 1839-1908; summons, 1868; journal and memorandum of events, 1843-1844, undated; poetry, clippings, and other material concerning Shakers in Ohio and New York, 1905, undated
ITEM 348d Notes, mostly on Richard McNemar and family, undated
ITEM 348e Journal fragment of Richard McNemar [?] and notes by Susanna Cole Liddell, 1904, undated
ITEM 348f Poetry and notes concerning Richard McNemar, undated
BOX 34 REEL 28 ITEM 348g Notes, mostly on Richard McNemar and Lucy Wright, undated
ITEM 348h Miscellany: letter from Henry C. Blinn, East Canterbury, N.H., 1893; journal of Richard McNemar [?] 1837; notes; and clippings on the "Kentucky Revival" and history of Warren Co., Ohio, 1874
ITEM 348i Notes on Richard McNemar and Eleazar Wright, undated
ITEM 349 Papers of Richard McNemar
ITEM 349a-c Hymns, correspondence, and other papers of Abijah Alley, Worthington Baxter, Chancy Daniels, Matthew Duffy, Milton H. McNemar, S. Parkhurst, Joseph C. Worley, Eleazar Wright, and others, mostly concerning the Shaker communities at Pleasant Hill and South Union, Ky., and Union Village, Ohio, 1818-1838, 1851, undated
(3 folders)
ITEM 349d Vincy McNemar, hymnbook and notes, 1903, undated
BOX 35 REEL 28 ITEM 350a "Sketch of the life and experience of Issachar Bates," undated, and miscellany, 1832, 1905, undated
ITEM 350b-o Hymns, prayers, testimonies, spiritual communications, proclamation, and notes on Abigail Clark, Andrew and Matthew Houston, Garner McNemar, Daniel Miller, Daniel Moseley, and other Shakers, circa 1823-1905
(9 folders)
BOX 35 REEL 29 ITEM 351a Writings and notes on Shaker theology and history, 1909, undated
ITEM 351b Correspondence between Shakers in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky, including Ruth Farrington, Solomon King, Richard McNemar, Peter Pease, Samuel Rollins, Benjamin S. Youngs, and elders, possibly in New Lebanon, N.Y., 1807-1821; and miscellaneous notes, 1813-1905
(1 vol.)
ITEM 351c-d Notes and copies of spiritual communications of David Darrow, Ruth Farrington, Ann Lee, William Lee, Mother Wisdom, Lucy Wright, and others, circa 1807-1905
BOX 36 REEL 29 ITEM 352a Correspondence, mostly to Charles Clapp at Union Village, Ohio, and notes, 1888-1891, undated
ITEM 352b Miscellaneous notes and printed matter, 1898-1904, undated
Correspondence, notes, hymns, spiritual communications, clippings, and printed matter, circa 1838-1904
ITEM 352c (1 folder)
BOX 36
ITEM 352d
(1 folder)
ITEM 353a Poem and notes on mob, 1810, robbery, 1809, and Vincy McNemar's note on her father, Richard McNemar, 1871
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