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Shaker collection of records concerning the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing, 1676-1937

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BOX 4-10 REEL 4-9 ITEM 50-150 New Lebanon, New York, 1676-1937
Diary and journals, correspondence, covenants, poems, autobiographical material, historical sketches, revelations, testimonies, lectures, spiritual communications, laws, orders, discourses, and other writings.
Arranged numerically.
BOX 4 REEL 4 ITEM 50 "Journal of a memorable journey from White-Water, Ohio, to New Lebanon, N.Y., taken by Hannah R. Agnew when 16 years of age, 1836," and other writings, 1836-1858
ITEM 51 "A Journey to Busro," verse, possibly written in Union Village, Ohio, 1849-1851, undated
ITEM 52 Essays believed to be written by Giles B. Avery and Calvin Green, undated
ITEM 53 "Historical scetches or a record of remarkable events with remarks and illustrations kept by Giles B. Avery, New Lebanon," 1832[?]-1855
ITEM 54 Miscellaneous notes and sketches by Giles B. Avery, 1838-1852
ITEM 55 Autobiography, Rhoda Blake, 1864-1892
ITEM 56 Photograph, Rhoda Blake, 1892
BOX 5 REEL 4 ITEM 57 Journal, Peter Boyd, 1833-1840
ITEM 58 "John Calvin. An account of some of the particular transactions in the life of John Calvin and his entrance and sufferings in the world of spirits. Written by himself, in union with our heavenly parents," 1842, introduction by Father James. (contemporary copy by Brother Seth Y. Wells)
ITEM 59 Fragmentary notes, Christ's second coming
ITEM 60 Revelations to Dave Comstock from Mother Ann, Father James, and others, 1841-1844
ITEM 61 Testimony, Harvey Eades, 1873
ITEM 62 Frederick [?] W. Evans's lecture on Christ's second coming, Second Advent Conference, Enfield, Conn., 22 Feb. 1847. Contemporary copy by Giles B. Avery, New Lebanon, N.Y.
ITEM 63 "A General statement of the Holy Laws of Zion," introduction by Father James, 1840, attested to by Seth Y. Wells, New Lebanon, N.Y., 1840
ITEM 64 "A communication, written by Father James," 2 Mar. 1841
ITEM 65 "Extracts from the Holy Orders of the Church written by Father Joseph to the Elders of the Church at New Lebanon, and copied, Feb. 18, 1841"
ITEM 66 "A roll directed by Father Joseph to the Ministry, copied Feb. 5, 1841"
ITEM 67 "The Holy Orders of the Church, written by Father Joseph, to the Elders of the Church at New Lebanon, recopied at Union Village, Sept. 1842"
BOX 5 REEL 5 ITEM 68 Judgments law, the words of Father William, copied 25 Nov. 1841
ITEM 69 "Words of Father William to the writer," copied 25 Nov. 1841
ITEM 70 Spiritual communications recorded by Anna Granger [?] in 20 chapters, 1842, Union Village, Ohio; New Lebanon, N.Y.; and Enfield, Conn.
Chapters 1 and 14, messages from Mother Lucy, 1842. Instruments, Phebe Wilcox and Lovicy Davis
Chapters 2, 7, 10, 18, and 19, messages from Mother Ann, 1842. Instruments, Phebe Wilcox, Lovicy Davis, and Averill Haskell [?]
Chapters 4 and 5, messages from the Savior, 1842. Instrument, Averill Haskell
Chapters 8 and 13, messages from the Holy Angel, 1842. Instrument, Phebe Wilcox
Chapters 3 and 9, messages from Father William, 1842. Instruments, Lovicy Davis and Phebe Wilcox
Chapters 11 and 12, messages from Mother Sarah, 1842. Instruments, Phebe Wilcox and Averill Haskell
Chapters 6 and 17, messages from Father James, 1842. Instrument, Lovicy Davis
Chapters 15 and 20, messages from Father Calvin Harlow [?], 1842. Instrument, Phebe Wilcox
Chapter 16, message from Father Abraham, 1842
ITEM 71 Vision of Elder Freegift Wells (James Smith's copy) and his letters, from Union Village, Ohio, 1836-1837
ITEM 72 "The First Appearing of Christ, and the primitive Church, and the falling away," by Calvin Green, circa 1840
ITEM 73 "An explanation of certain texts and figures contained in the Scriptures; and important to be known by believers in the second appearance of Christ," by Calvin Green, undated
ITEM 74 "A Discourse on the connective relation of all the elements and principles of the natural and spiritual creation; and the intimate correspondency and affinity of all the works of God, as manifesting the eternal laws of life and duty," by Calvin Green, undated
ITEM 75 Discourses on the gospel by Calvin Green, copied by John Wood, 1833
BOX 6 REEL 5 ITEM 76 Discourses on the gospel by Calvin Green, collected and arranged in 1835-1836, copied by John Wood. Notice to the reader by Seth Y. Wells.
ITEM 77 "A brief illustration of the operations of divine light and wisdom in the work of God in all ages, as displayed in the four general dispensations of divine providence and grace," by Calvin Green, copied by William Offord, 1856
ITEM 78 "Biographic memoir of the life and experience of Calvin Green," by Calvin Green, 1861, copied by Thomas J. Stroud, 1881
ITEM 79 "A little memorial of life and experience from birth to old age," by Calvin Green, 1859. Note on the last page, 1869 [?]
ITEM 80 Discourses for public meeting, by Henry Hanson, Watervliet, N.Y., 1852, copied by Joseph Babe
ITEM 81 Roll, introduction by Father William, 18 May 1841. Includes lists of members of the Upper family of Canaan, N.Y., 1842
ITEM 82 "Life and writings of Rebecca Jackson, Sen., commonly called Mother Rebecca," and "Different kinds of inspiration with Jane Leeds own experience between the years 1676 and 1700," copied by T [?] G. Hollister, 1877
ITEM 83 "A memorandom kept by Jethro -- New Lebanon, Jan. 1, 1804"
ITEM 84 Letter from New Lebanon Ministry while visiting other Shaker communities to the west, copy, 1862
ITEM 85 "A communication in the name of the Holy and Eternal One, the Father of all souls, written by inspiration, second family, Wisdom's Valley, May 14, 1843," Watervliet, N.Y.
ITEM 86 "Lives and sufferings of Christ our Holy Savior and our Blessed Mother Ann in two parts given by inspiration in the Church at Harvard, Oct. 1841." Copied at Union Village, second family, 1843
ITEM 87 "The word of the Lord God, to the anointed ones. Written by inspiration, second family, Wisdom's Valley, Apr. 25, 1843," Watervliet, N.Y.
ITEM 88 Queries and answers concerning the founders of the Church and Mother Lucy's sayings, undated
ITEM 89 Circular letter of 1829 concerning revision of the general covenant, copy, undated
ITEM 90 Draft covenant of the community at Union Village, Ohio, in conformity with the New Lebanon covenant, 1829
ITEM 91 Circular letter of 1829 concerning revision of the covenant, copy, undated
ITEM 92 "Names of the brethren and sisters in the first and second order, Apr. 1835"
BOX 7 REEL 6 ITEM 93 "A general statement of the holy laws of Zion. Introduction by Father James, May 7, 1840" (6 vols.; not exact copies)
ITEM 94 "An extract from the holy orders of the Church. Written by Father Joseph. To the Elders of the Church," 1841
ITEM 95 "Lives and sufferings of Christ, our Holy Savior, and our Blessed Mother Ann, in two parts. Given by inspiration in the Church, at Harvard, Oct. 1841. Copied at Union Village, Mar. 1843"
ITEM 96 List of members of Union Village, Ohio, to receive dividend, 1846
ITEM 97 "Words of sacred and solemn truth, which were received by your heavenly parents, in deep tribulation; and read to you by the Holy Angel Se ir se ka," to New Lebanon second family, 1841
BOX 8 REEL 6 ITEM 98 "Lives and sufferings of Christ, our Holy Saviour, and our Blessed Mother Ann, in two parts. Given by inspiration in the Church at Harvard, Oct. 1841. Copied at Union Village, Mar. 1843."
ITEM 99 "The word of holy and eternal wisdom," to the Ministry at Wisdom's Valley, written by inspiration, 1844
REEL 7 ITEM 100 "Millennial laws, or gospel statues and ordinances adapted to the day of Christ's second appearing given and established in the Church for the protection thereof, by Father Joseph Meacham and Mother Lucy Wright," 1821. Revised by the ministry and elders, 1845
ITEM 101 "Millennial laws," a selection from the laws of the gathering order, New Lebanon, N.Y., undated
ITEM 102 "Millennial laws," copied at Union Village, Ohio, 1847; recopied at Whitewater Village, Ohio, 1859
ITEM 103 Book of verse and other writings, with clippings, New Lebanon, N.Y.; Enfield Conn., Enfield, N.H.; Canaan, N.Y.; Hancock and Harvard, Mass.; and South Union, Ky., 1849-1902
ITEM 104 Covenant and articles of agreement, Union Village, Ohio. Includes hymns, diary, death record, and other writings, circa 1811-1849
ITEM 105 "Rules and orders for the Church of Christ's second appearing," 1860
ITEM 106 "Rules and orders for the Church of Christ's second appearing," 1860 (varies from item number 105)
ITEM 107 Correspondence, photostatic copies See Oversize (nos. 107-118)
1805, Dec. 19, David Darrow [?], et al., Turtle Creek, Ohio, to the elders and brethren, New Lebanon, N.Y.
ITEM 108 1807, Sept. 10, David Darrow [?], Lebanon, Ohio, to Mother Lucy Wright [?], New Lebanon, N.Y.
ITEM 109 1810, Sept. 11, Matthew Houston, Turtle Creek, Ohio, to Mother Lucy Wright [?], New Lebanon, N.Y.
ITEM 110 1812, Jan. 27, David Darrow [?] and Ruth Farrington [?] Union Village, Ohio, to Mother Lucy Wright [?] et al., New Lebanon, N.Y.
ITEM 111 1816, Apr. 14, Malcham Worley et al., Union Village, Ohio, to Mother [Lucy Wright, New Lebanon, N.Y.?]
ITEM 112 1816, Sept. 7, Ministry, Alfred, Maine, to Ministry, New Lebanon, N.Y.
ITEM 113 1817, Dec. 4, Eunice Chapman, Albany, N.Y., to Lucy Goodrich [Lucy Wright, New Lebanon, N.Y.?]
BOX 8 REEL 7 ITEM 114 1818, Apr. 6, John Rankin, South Union, Ky., to Mother [Lucy Wright, New Lebanon, N.Y.?]
ITEM 115 1818, July 30, Ministry, Enfield, N.H., to Peter Dodge or Abiather Babbit, Watervliet, N.Y.
ITEM 116 1818, Dec. 17, young believers, South Union, Ky., to Ministry and Church, New Lebanon, N.Y.
ITEM 117 1829, July 1, Ministry, Canterbury, N.H., to Ministry [New Lebanon, N.Y.?]
ITEM 118 1817, Jan. 1, unidentified correspondent, Harvard, Mass., to Mother Lucy Wright [?], Elder Abiather Babbit [?], and Sister Ruth Farrington [?], New Lebanon, N.Y. [?], and "Characteristics of 31 of the United States of North America"
BOX 9 REEL 7 ITEM 119 Journal, Constant Mosely's journeys with the brethren and sisters, [South Union, Ky.?], 1807-1809
ITEM 120 "Death Reduces Once-Flourishing Shaker Group to 4," Washington Post, 17 Dec. 1937
ITEM 121 "A record of the Covenant or Constitution of the Church at Tyringham," 1841
ITEM 122 List, manuscripts received in the Library of Congress, 1911
ITEM 123 "Compositions, by Calvin G. Reed, drafted for the New York legislature by request, copied from the originals without revision," 1849
ITEM 124 "Mother's gospel -- the last dispensation of God to man," Union Village, Ohio, 1819
ITEM 125-126 "Mother Ann's staff of love and remembrance to all her first born children upon earth. Written by inspiration, Oct. 31, 1840 " (2 vols.; not exact copies)
ITEM 127 "A word from Mother Ann to the elders of the gathering order on the Holy Mount. Copied from the second part of the seventh sealed roll brought by the Holy Angel Sel vin sen la ren den Dejah to the Holy Anointed, Dec. 25, 1842"
ITEM 128 "A message from Mother Ann concerning the use of cider and ardent spirits, delivered to the Church at Hancock, May 16, 1841"
ITEM 129 "Solemn and sacred writings written by Mother Ann in the Valley of Condescension, Meekness and Love. Given to the Ministry at New Lebanon. Feb. 1841 while at the 2nd family."
ITEM 130 Book concerning the cleansing gift, 1841-1844
ITEM 131 "Mother Ann's word to the elders in Zion," 1842
BOX 9 REEL 8 ITEM 132 "Lives and sufferings of Christ our Holy Saviour and our Blessed Mother Ann in two parts. Given by inspiration in the Church at Harvard Oct. 1841. Copied at New Lebanon Nov. 1841. Recopied at Union Village Nov. 1842," with additional spiritual communications, 1843-1844, newspaper clippings, 1871-1878, undated, and copies of correspondence, 1863-1873
ITEM 133 Account, vision of Mother Ann, 1847
ITEM 134 "Mothers pure teaching: An Introduction to good rules," list of the ministry, 1848, and "Solemn words from Mother Sarah to the sisters 2nd family," 1848
ITEM 135 Three watercolor paintings: a gift to Sister Anna Ervin [?] by Mother Lucy Wright's [?] permission, from Polly Laurance, 1853; a gift by Mother Dana with Polly Laurance's aid in drawing, 1853; a gift and a roll from Holy Mother Wisdom to Eldress Anna Ervin, in Enfield, given at the City of Peace, Hancock, N.Y., 1858 See also Oversize
ITEM 136 "The immortality of the soul verified from its own nature and constitution `For God created man to be immortal; and made him to be an image of his own Eternity.' M. Wisdom. By Garret K. Lawrence, 1836"
ITEM 137 "Holy Mother Wisdom's warning and seal, unto her people whom she has marked in their foreheads, with the name of Almighty God." Watervliet, 1841, to the Ministry of New Lebanon, N.Y.
ITEM 138 "A communication from Holy Mother Wisdom," 1845
ITEM 139 "A short account of the work of Mother Wisdom in the Church at Union Village, Oct. 10, 1841." Diary entries, 1845-1851. Recorder entry, 1880.
ITEM 140-141 "A little book containing a short word from Holy Mother Wisdom concerning the robes and dresses that are prepared for all such as go up to the feast of the Lord or attend to his Holy Passover. Copied July 20, 1842," to the Ministry of the City of Peace, Hancock, Mass. (2 vols.; not exact copies)
ITEM 142 "A vision seen by Emily Pearcifield," 1835
BOX 10 REEL 8 ITEM 143 Journal, James S. Prescott of North Union, Ohio, with clippings, 1846-1874
ITEM 144 Writings, Hiram Rude, 1859-1872
ITEM 145 "A register of work performed by the second family sisters together with the most important passing events recorded by Amy Slater," Union Village, Ohio [?], 1845-1890
ITEM 146 "A monthly journal of such transactions as is and may hereafter be considered of some importance," by Philemon Stewart, 1824-1837
ITEM 147 "A daily journal specifying the most important transactions," by Philemon Stewart, 1831-1832
ITEM 148 Journal, Philemon Stewart, 1832-1834
BOX 10 REEL 9 ITEM 149 Memoirs, James Wilson, undated
ITEM 150 "The rudiments of music displayed and explained," Isaac N. Youngs, 1833
BOX 11-38 REEL 9-31 ITEM 151-355 Union Village, Ohio, 1769-1937
Diaries and journals, correspondence, daybooks, financial papers and property records, legal papers, historical and autobiographical sketches, covenants, prophecies, spiritual communications, hymns, circulars, laws, rules, orders, recipes and medicinal cures, records of births and deaths, clippings and printed matter, poems, essays, drafts and research notes for unpublished books, and other writings.
Arranged numerically.
BOX 11 REEL 9 ITEM 151a List, financial accounts, Shaker community, Miami Valley, Ohio, undated
ITEM 151b Financial accounts
(10 vols.)
ITEM 152 1807-1815
ITEM 153 1813-1816
ITEM 154 1815-1817
ITEM 155 1815-1821
ITEM 156 1819-1820 (daybook recorded by Embarris)
ITEM 157 1820-1821 (Smith book)
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