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Alexander Graham Bell family papers, 1834-1974

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Scientific Notebooks, 1879-1922 (continued)
Vol. 72, 19 Feb.-28 Mar. 1881
Vol. 73, 4 Mar.-12 May 1880
Vol. 74, 14 May-11 June 1880
Vol. 75, 26 Mar.-22 Aug. 1883
BOX 395-398 Article and Book File, 1901-1904
Digital content available.
Handwritten and typewritten drafts and printed copies of articles and books.
Grouped by type of material and arranged alphabetically thereunder.
BOX 395 Articles
"The Adventures of Mr. H. A. Largelamb"
"An Aerial Highway to the Pole"
"Aerial Locomotion"
"Aurora Borealis Observed at Beinn Bhreagh, Near Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Sep. 21 and Oct. 18, 1909"
"Aurora Borealis of August 21"
Autobiographical writings
BOX 396 "Auto-Education Continued in the Primary School"
"Condensing Water from Perspiration and from the Evaporation from Damp Clothes"
"Condensing Water from the Breath"
"Consequences of Denying Action at a Distance"
"Conservation of Energy"
"Deafness in White Cats"
"Discovery and Invention"
"The Evolution of Civilization"
"Experiments in Ventilating and Heating Houses"
"Experiments relating to Binaural Audition"
"Experiments with Celluloid"
"Extinct Reptiles Found in Nodules"
"A Few Notes of Progress in the Construction of an Aerodrome with an Historical Introduction"
"A Few Thoughts Concerning Eugenics"
"Fluids in Motion"
"The Flying Machine of the Future, as Conceived in 1892"
"French Pronunciation in the Melville Bell Symbols"
"Giving Eyes to the Ears of the Blind"
"The Growth of the Oral Method in America"
"Growth of the Oral Method of Instructing the Deaf"
"Is Race Suicide Possible?"
"Kith and Kin"
Letters to editors
Association Review
Daily Eastern Argus
(3 folders)
(2 folders)
BOX 397 New York Tribune
(2 folders)
"Making a Talking Machine"
"Marriages of Deaf Mutes"
"The Method of Instruction Pursued with Helen Keller, A Valuable Study for Teachers of the Deaf"
"The Multiple Telegraph"
"The Mystic Oral School"
"Natural Selection"
"Neighboring Worlds"
"Notes on Science and Progress"
"Observation: Twin Brother to Invention"
"On Anti-Trust Legislation"
"On Panoramas"
"On the Possibility of Seeing by Electricity"
"On Reading as a Means of Teaching Language to the Deaf"
"Parents' Co-Operative Association for the Support of Children"
"The Peace Negotiations," by Robert Lansing, comments by Alexander Graham Bell
"The Photophone and Conversion of Radiant Energy"
"Preventing Collisions with Icebergs in a Fog"
"The Proportion of Deaf Persons Married to Deaf Partners and to Hearing Partners"
"The Question of Sign Language and the Utility of Signs"
"Results of Collision with Stationary Particle"
"Saving the Six-Nippled Breed"
"Science and Food Supply"
"Science of Speech"
"The Scientific Education of Children"
"Sheep Breeding Experiments on Beinn Bhreagh"
"Simple Experiments"
"Simple Experiments: Experiments with a Floating Candle"
"Sound Lantern for the Blind"
"Studies of the Deaf"
"Suggested Remedy for Certain Kinds of Neurologic Pains"
"The Tetrahedral Principle in Kite Structure"
"Upon a Method of Teaching Language to a Very Young Congenitally Deaf Child
BOX 398 "Upon the Advancement of Visible Speech"
"Utility of Action and Gesture"
"Ventilation and Heating of Houses"
"Visible Speech as a Means of Communicating Articulation to Deaf Mutes"
"Warming and Cooling by Radiation"
"Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink"
"Weather Forecasts"
"What to Do with the House of Lords"
"When Does a Profit Become Usury?"
"Why Does a Cream Pitcher Have a Projecting Lip?" re Orville Wright's plane accident
Bound articles, 1901-1904, copies of dictations made by Charles R. Cox, Beinn Bhreagh, Nova Scotia, 1907
Marriages of the Deaf in America, printed copy
The Mechanism of Speech, clipping and excerpt
BOX 398-404 Speeches and Interviews File, 1876-1922
Digital content available.
Speeches and handwritten and typewritten drafts and printed copies of interviews.
Grouped by type of material. The interviews are arranged chronologically, and the speeches are arranged alphabetically by title. Untitled speeches are arranged chronologically.
BOX 398 Interviews
1885, Nov. 7
1893, June
1896, Mar. 1
1896, Mar. 5
BOX 399 1901, Aug. 13
1910, Aug. 16
1915, June 6
1915, Oct. 17
1916, Jan. 22
1916, Mar. 14
1921, June
1922, Feb. 4
"Aerial Locomotion," 13 Dec. 1906
"Aerial Locomotion," 7 May 1909
"Are There Other Worlds Than Ours"
"Articulation for Deaf Mutes"
"Conditions Affecting the Fertility of Sheep and the Sex of Their Offspring"
"The Connection between Sound and Electricity"
"Conquest of the Air"
"Deaf Classes in Connection with the Public Schools"
"Early Telephony"
Edison Gold Medal, presentation of
"Education of the Deaf"
"Experiments relating to Binaural Audition"
BOX 400 "A Few Thoughts Concerning Eugenics"
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