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Supreme Court File, 1930-1974 (continued)
Opinions--Associate Justice, 1953-1969 (continued)
Gonzales v. United States
Granville-Smith v. Granville-Smith
Lewis v. United States
Lewyt Corp. v. Commissioner
Maneja v. Waialua Agric. Co.
Marcello v. Bonds
Massey v. Moore
McAllister v. United States
Mitchell v. C. W. Vollmer & Co.
BOX 425 Moore v. Mead's Fine Bread Co.
In re Murchison & White
National City Bank v. Republic of China
National Union of Marine Cooks v. Arnold
Net worth cases
Norwood v. Kirkpatrick
Offutt v. United States
Opper v. United States
Regan v. New York
Rice v. Sioux City Cemetery
Securities & Exch. Comm'n v. Drexel & Co.
Shaughnessy v. Pedreiro
Shaughnessy v. United States ex rel. Accardi
Shomberg v. United States
BOX 426 Sicurella v. United States
Simmons v. United States
Society for Sav. v. Bowers
Sullivan v. United States
Tee-Hit-Ton Indians v. United States
United States v. Acri
United States v. Bramblett
United States v. Brown
United States v. California E. Line
United States v. Guy W. Capps, Inc.
United States v. Koppers Co.
United States v. Menasche
United States v. Nielson
United States v. Olympic Radio & Television
United States ex rel. Toth v. Talbott
BOX 427 Watson v. Employers Liab. Assurance Corp.
Weber v. Anheuser-Busch
Whitehouse v. Illinois Cent. R.R.
Wilburn Boat Co. v. Fireman's Fund Ins. Co.
Williams v. Georgia
Williamson v. Lee Optical
Witmer v. United States
October term, 1955
Affronti v. United States
American Airlines v. North Am. Airlines
Archawski v. Hanioti
Armstrong v. Armstrong
BOX 428 Bernhardt v. Polygraphic Co.
Berra v. United States
Black v. Cutter Laboratories
Cammer v. United States
Cold Metal Process Co. v. United Eng'g & Foundry Co.
Cole v. Young
Collins v. American Buslines
Commissioner v. LoBue
Commissioner v. Southwest Exploration Co.
Communist Party v. Subversive Activities Control Bd.
Corn Prods. Ref. Co. v. Commissioner
Costello v. United States
Covert and Kinsella cases
BOX 429 Czaplicki v. S.S. Hoegh Silvercloud
Denver & Rio Grande W. R.R. cases
De Sylva v. Ballentine
Dixie Carriers v. United States
Doud v. Hodge
Durley v. Mayo
Federal Power Comm'n v. Sierra Pac. Power Co.
Frozen Food Express cases
General Box Co. v. United States
General Stores Corp. v. Shlensky
Greenwood v. United States
Griffin v. Illinois
Hatahley v. United States
Indian Towing Co. v. United States
BOX 430 International Harvester Credit Corp. v. Goodrich
Jay v. Boyd
Johnston v. United States
Konigsberg v. State Bar
Local 25, Int'l Bhd. of Teamsters v. New York, New Haven & Hartford R.R.
Mastro Plastics Corp. v. National Labor Relations Bd.
Michel v. Louisiana
Millinery Center Bldg. Corp. v. Commissioner
Mitchell v. Budd
National Labor Relations Bd. v. Babcock & Wilcox Co.
National Labor Relations Bd. v. Coca-Cola Bottling Co.
National Labor Relations Bd. v. Truitt Mfg. Co.
Offutt Hous. Co. v. County of Sarpy
Parr v. United States
Pennsylvania ex rel. Herman v. Claudy
Railway Employees' Dep't v. Hanson
BOX 431 Rea v. United States
Reece v. Georgia
Reed v. Pennsylvania R.R.
Remmer v. United States
Rex Trailer Co. v. United States
Ryan Stevedoring Co. v. Pan-Atl. S.S. Corp.
Schulz v. Pennsylvania R.R.
Sears, Roebuck & Co. v. Mackey
Secretary of Agric. v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
Shields v. Atlantic Coast Line R.R.
Slochower v. Board of Higher Educ.
Southern Pac. Co. v. Gileo
Ullmann v. United States
United Auto. Workers v. Wisconsin Employment Relations Bd.
BOX 432 United Gas Pipe Line Co. v. Mobile Gas Serv. Corp.
United Mine Workers v. Arkansas Flooring Co.
United States v. Anderson, Clayton & Co.
United States v. E. I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.
United States v. Green
United States v. Leslie Salt Co.
United States v. Minker
United States v. Ryan
United States v. Storer Broadcasting Co.
United States v. Twin City Power Co.
United States v. White Bear Brewing Co.
United States ex rel. Darcy v. Handy
United States ex rel. Toth v. Quarles
BOX 433 October term, 1956
Achilli v. United States
Alleghany Corp. v. Breswick & Co.
Amalgamated Meat Cutters v. National Labor Relations Bd.
Automobile Club v. Commissioner
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