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Supreme Court File, 1930-1974 (continued)
BOX 631-654 Opinions--Per Curiam, 1953-1969
Case files of opinions written per curiam in various stages of deliberation up to the final printed copy and with occasional memoranda and background material.
Arranged chronologically by term and therein alphabetically by case. At the end of each term is a miscellaneous file of certiorari and appeals entered on order list.
BOX 631 October term, 1953
Alabama v. Texas
Alaska S.S. Co. v. Petterson
Alton v. Alton
Avondale Marine Ways v. Henderson
Brownell v. Singer
Gordon v. United States
Public Utils. Comm'n v. United Air Lines
Sacher v. Association of the Bar of New York
Superior Films v. Department of Educ.
Toolson v. New York Yankees
United Shoe Mach. Corp. v. United States
October term, 1954
Davidson v. United States
Diehl v. Lehigh Valley R.R.
In re Levy
Mitchell v. Joyce Agency
Natural Gas Pipeline Co. of Am. v. Panoma Corp.
Parissi v. Telechron, Inc.
Pino v. Landon
Sapir v. United States
BOX 632 October term, 1955
Arizona v. California
In re Burwell
Cahill v. New York, New Haven & Hartford R.R.
Dix v. Commissioner
Florida ex rel. Hawkins v. Board of Control
Gibson v. Lockheed Aircraft Serv.
Gonzales v. Landon
In re Groban
Lucy v. Adams
Mitchell v. Myrtle Grove Packing Co.
Murdock Acceptance Corp. v. United States
Neese v. Southern Ry.
Petrowski v. Hawkeye-Sec. Ins. Co.
Riverbank Laboratories v. Hardwood Prods. Corp.
South Carolina Elec. & Gas Co. v. Flemming
United States v. Contract Steel Carriers
Werner Mach. Co. v. Director of Div. of Taxation
October term, 1956
Arnold v. Panhandle & Santa Fe Ry.
Blackburn v. Alabama
Civil Aeronautics Bd. v. Hermann
Daniman v. Board of Educ.
BOX 633 Gayle v. Browder
Gold v. United States
Government & Civic Employees Org. Comm. v. Windsor
Jaffke v. Dunham
Kremen v. United States
Lawlor v. National Screen Serv. Corp.
Leslie Miller, Inc. v. Arkansas
Mitchell v. Bekins Van & Storage Co.
National Labor Relations Bd. v. F. W. Woolworth Co.
Scales v. United States
Securities & Exch. Comm'n v. Louisiana Pub. Serv. Comm'n
Textile Workers Union v. Lincoln Mills
Thompson v. Coastal Oil Co.
United States v. Louisiana
United States v. Ohio Power Co.
Wilson v. Girard
BOX 634 Wisconsin v. Illinois
Miscellaneous, certiorari and appeals entered on order list
October term, 1957
Aaron v. Cooper
Alcorta v. Texas
Caritativo v. California
Ciucci v. Illinois
Cunningham v. English
Dessalernos v. Savoretti
Eskridge v. Washington State Bd.
Federal Trade Comm'n v. National Casualty Co.
Grimes v. Raymond Concrete Pile Co.
Harmon v. Brocker
Moog Indus. v. Federal Trade Comm'n
United States v. R. F. Ball Constr. Co.
United States v. Massei
BOX 635 United States ex rel. Lee Kum Hoy v. Murff
Yaks v. United States
Miscellaneous, certiorari and appeals entered on order list
October term, 1958
Baker v. Texas & Pac. Ry.
Boston & Maine R.R. v. United States
California v. Washington
Ellis v. United States
Evers v. Dwyer
Greene v. United States
Hahn v. Ross Island Sand & Gravel Co.
Hinkle v. New England Mut. Life Ins. Co.
Hotel Employees Local 255 v. Leedom
Hotel Employees Local 255 v. Sax Enters.
Koller v. United States
BOX 636 Lev v. United States
Magenau v. Aetna Freight Lines
Marshall v. United States
Mills v. Louisiana
NAACP v. Alabama ex rel. Patterson
Patterson v. United States
Peurifoy v. Commissioner
Sentilles v. Inter-Caribbean Shipping Corp.
Spevack v. Strauss
Taylor v. McElroy
Wisconsin v. Illinois
Miscellaneous, certiorari and appeals entered on order list
BOX 637 October term, 1959
Communications Workers v. National Labor Relations Bd.
Communist Party v. Subversive Activities Control Bd.
Cory Corp. v. Sauber
Goett v. Union Carbide Corp.
Kimm v. Rosenberg
Mackey v. Mendoza-Martinez
(2 folders)
McGann v. United States
Mitchell v. Oregon Frozen Foods Co.
Needelman v. United States
Niukkanen v. McAlexander
Nostrand v. Little
Ohio ex rel. Eaton v. Price
BOX 638 Parker v. Ellis
Petite v. United States
Phillips v. New York
Superior Court v. Washington ex rel. Yellow Cab Serv.
Union Pac. R.R. v. United States
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