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Part I: Whitefield McKinlay Papers, 1848-1913 (continued)
Crum, William Demos, including copies of two Theodore Roosevelt letters
"D" miscellaneous Correspondents include John C. Dancy, R. C. Douglas, and Paul Lawrence Dunbar
Davis, John A.
Deas, E. H.
Dickey, George W.
Dudley, James B.
Durham, John S.
Edson, John Joy
Edwards, John B.
BOX I:2 REEL 1 "F" miscellaneous Correspondents include Christian A. Fleetwood, Bettie G. Francis, John R. Francis, and Perri W. Frisby
Fortune, Timothy Thomas
Furbush, Edgar
Furniss, H. W.
"G" miscellaneous Correspondents include Abraham Grant and James M. Gregory
Grant, T. L.
Greener, Richard T.
"H" miscellaneous Correspondents include Robert J. Harlan, J. L. Harrison, William H. H. Hart, James H. Hayes, E. M. Hewlet, Frank W. Hoffman, J. H. Holloway, Andrew F. Holyer, William H. Huff, E. H. Hunter, Isaac H. Hunter, and J. B. Hyman
"J" miscellaneous Correspondents include Charles C. Jacobs, D. E. Johnson, E. A. Johnson, and James Weldon Johnson
"K" miscellaneous Correspondents include A. C. Kaufman and John C. Keelan
Kealing, H. T.
Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1904
"L" miscellaneous Correspondents include Charles C. Leslie, James A. Lunn, John Roy Lynch, and Judson W. Lyons Lodge
"M" miscellaneous Correspondents include Douglass B. McCary, A. C. McClennan, Ricley W. McClennan, Isaiah J. McCottie, Frederick L. McGhee, F. R. McKinlay, Isadore Martin, James H. Meriwether, Kelly Miller, Thomas E. Miller, and J. Minges
McKinlay, A. Reid
McKinlay, George
McKinlay, Mary E. (mother)
McKinlay, Sarah
Merritt, John A.
Minton, T. J.
Murray, George W.
Myers, W. F.
Napier, J. C.
BOX I:3 REEL 2 "P" miscellaneous Correspondents include Jeanie Maury Patten, Friend Pitts, Jr., John D. Posten, W. P. Powell, J. C. Prioleau, and Isaac L. Purcell
Pinchback, P. B. S.
Purvis, Charles B.
(2 folders)
Rainey, Susan E.
Reynolds, James B.
Richardson, R. H.
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1903-1906 See Container 1, Crum, William Demos
"S" miscellaneous Correspondents include I. B. Scott, Oscar J. Scott, John A. Simkins, Lula F. Singleton, Lillie Smith (Mrs. T. Marshall), and McCants Stewart
Scott, Emmett J.
Smalls, Robert
Smith, J. W.
Smith, S. E.
Smith, William Alden
Stewart, William M.
"T" miscellaneous Correspondents include C. H. J. Taylor, H. L. Thomas, and J. W. Thompson
Taylor, John E.
Terrell, Robert H.
Thompson, John E. W.
Thorne, Weston
Toomer, Nathan
BOX I:4 REEL 2 "W" miscellaneous Correspondents include Stephen R. Wall, Henry T. Wallace, J. E. Wallace, O. M. Waller, J. E. Weis, Henry L. West, A. Weston, F. A. R. Whipper, James W. Wilkinson, and S. Laing Williams
Waring, James H. N.
BOX I:4 REEL 2 Washington, Booker T.
(7 folders)
Winsey, Herbert
Winsey, W.
BOX I:5-6 REEL 3-4 Part I: Carter Godwin Woodson Papers, 1916-1927
Letters received.
Arranged alphabetically by name of correspondent.
BOX I:5 REEL 3 Anderson, Matthew, 1924-1925, undated
"A" miscellaneous Correspondents include Dada Adeshigbin, Majola Agbebi, J. E. K. Aggrey, J. E. K. Aggrey, V. Herman Ames, and Nettie J. Asberry
"B" miscellaneous Correspondents include Maria L. Baldwin, Hosea Starr Ballou, Charles Banks, Janie Porter Barrett, Charles A Battle, C. C. Belgrave, Belle H. Bennett, A. Binga, Jr., C. W. Birnie, James Bond, W. E. John Bowen, Nannie I. Boyd, George F. Bragg, Walter H. Brooks, Ethelred E. Brown, H. Leo Brown, Marianna B. Brubaker, Josephine B. Bruce, L. V. Bryant, Arthur H. Buffington, Horace Bumstead, Joseph Butch, and Wallace Buttrick
Baker, Henry E.
Bassett, John Spencer
Bentley, Charles E.
Booker, Joseph A.
Boyce, Stansbury
Bruce, John Edward
"C" miscellaneous Correspondents include Edgar Calvert, D. E. Carney, J. R. Casimir, Charles W. Chesnutt, Nick Chiles, Leota Clair, J. R. Clifford, Maurice C. Clifford, James Harold Coleman, Levi J. Coppin, Joseph S. Cotter, and W. H. Crogman
Cable, George W.
Carver, George Washington
Channing, Edward
Cromwell, John W.
"D" miscellaneous Correspondents include M. C. Dadd, Leo W. Daniels, Harry E. Davis, Mary Wright Davis, Cleveland H. Dodge, Charles F. Dole, D. S. Domer, James B. Dudley, Benjamin L. Dulaney, Otis D. Duncan, and Clyde Augustus Duniway
"E" miscellaneous Correspondents include George W. Ellis, J. M. Ellis, and Ephraim Emerton
"F" miscellaneous Correspondents include Ellen L. Fisher, Timothy Thomas Fortune, Joseph J. France, and Mansfield J. French
"G" miscellaneous Correspondents include Cornelia E. Gardner, Harry A. Garfield, Charles H. Gibson, A. A. Goldenweiser, A. Goldsmith, George Goode, Amanda V. Gray, R. Greener, Sutton E. Griggs, Archibald H. Grimkè, and George N. Grisham
"H" miscellaneous Correspondents include O. L. Hailey, Casely Hayford, George W. Hays, James Headlie, Mary F. Higginson, J. H. Hill, Frederick L. Hoffman, J. Alfred Holly, Lester Holman, Fred W. Hooke, Ernest M. Hopkins, Laura Deitz Howard, Caroline L. Hunt, and Zora Neale Hurston
Hammond, L. H. (Mrs. John D.)
Hartzell, Joseph C.
Ingham, Harvey
"J" miscellaneous Correspondents include Luther Porter Jackson, Annie Straith Jamieson, M. S. Jamison, M. J. Jaramillo, Albert E. Jenks, Theodore D. Jervey, John Albert Johnson, M. Viola Johnson, and Harry H. Johnston
BOX I:6 REEL 3-4 Kitchin, S. M.
Knowlton, Annie Rogers
"L" miscellaneous Correspondents include Rosetta Lawson, Victor F. Lawson, and Robert B. Lindsay
Lynch, John Roy
"M" miscellaneous Correspondents include Medill McCormick, T. MacDermot, Henry B. F. Macfarland, Edward L. Major, S. E. Marples, D. F. Merritt, George W. Millner, Duncan C. Milner, John Milsaps, S. C. Mitchell, Garrie W. Moore, E. C. Morris, A. J. Morrison, Beauregard F. Moseley, Robert R. Moton, and George A. Myers
Miller, Thomas E.
"N" miscellaneous Correspondents include Henry C. Niles, Kodwo Nsaaku, and T. G. Nutter
Post, Louis F., 1927, undated
"P" miscellaneous Correspondents include Arthur H. Pace, Dudley L. Page, C. H. Payne, Henry E. Pellew, John H. Pilgrim, Nellie A. Plummer, and Charles Price
"R" miscellaneous Correspondents include John E. Rastall, J. Edwin Reeves, S. G. Rich, Fannie M. Richards, Abigail L. Richardson, Florida Ruffin Ridley, W. A. Robinson, Isabel Rogers, Jules Rosemond, and Julius Rosenwald
Riley, Benjamin F.
"S" miscellaneous Correspondents include J. Milton Sampson, Frank K. Sanders, William S. Scarborough, Jacob H. Schiff, J. G. Schmidlapp, Emmett J. Scott, Nathan B. Scott, George Scurlock, Mrs. M. L. Searight, Esuman-Gwira Sekyi, Ann Sharpless, Benjamin Garland Shaw, Sarah J. Sinclair, C. S. Smith, Daniel Cranford Smith, Fannie W. Smith, Harry C. Smith, John G. Smith, Eugene P Southall, T. Stone, Moorfield Storey, Howard Sutherland, and Harold H. Smith
Smith Anna Bustill
Starr, Frederick
Talbert, Mary B.
Verde, A. P.
"W" miscellaneous Correspondents include Edmund Walker, Albert G. Weidler, Waldermar Westergaard, L. E. Wilkes, William G. Willcox, Edward Christopher Williams, Talcott Williams, S. R. Wood, John W. Work, Monroe N. Work, and Henry A. Wyman
Wallace, Henry A.
Washington, Booker T.
Washington, Margaret
Werner, Alice
Young, Charles
BOX I:7 REEL 4 Part I: Benjamin T. Tanner Papers, 1827-1972
Diaries, deeds, and a record book.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material and thereunder chronologically.
BOX I:7 REEL 4 Trenton, N.J., circuit record book, 1827-1848
1860, May-Aug.
1861, Nov. 1860-Apr.
1860-1868 and "Memories of Eden"
Deeds and certificates, 1858-1872
BOX I:8-9 REEL 4-6 Part I: John T. Clark Papers, 1921-1923
Letters received by Clark as an official of the Pittsburgh Urban League from African Americans seeking information on employment in the North.
Arranged chronologically.
BOX I:8 REEL 4-5 Information requests for Northern industrial employment
(6 folders)
BOX I:9 REEL 6 Fragments, undated
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