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Carter Godwin Woodson papers, 1736-1974

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Part II: Subject File, 1855-1953 (continued)
Negro Methodists,C. C. Scott, undated
BOX II: 29 REEL 20 Nigerian stocks, 1929
“Non-Self-Governing Territories,” Negro History Bulletin, 1950, undated
BOX II: 29 REEL 21 Phelps-Stokes Fund, criticisms by Woodson, 1924
Philadelphia, Pa., African-American community, 1855, 1875, 1913
Rural schools, 1949
Société des Amis de la Bibliothèque Nationale
General, 1932, undated
Woodson, Carter Godwin, book orders, undated
Images, undated
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, undated
“Statistical Report Prepared for the National Negro Insurance Association,” 1926 See also Container II: 37, National Negro Insurance Association
Stevens, Solomon, “Recollections of an African American Civil War Veteran,” 1931
Study guides and bibliographies, Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, 1934, undated
Turfley, George, 1896, 1912-1926
Williams, Eric, Negroes in the Caribbean since Emancipation, 1948
Woodson, Carter Godwin
“African Myths,” table of contents, undated
Book reviews by, 1946-1948
Miscellaneous manuscripts, undated
BOX II:29-31 REEL 21-22 Part II: Francis J. Grimké Estate, 1878-1951
Bank statements, cancelled checks, legal documents, church registers, daybooks, and miscellaneous business records.
Arranged according to the order in which the material was filmed.
BOX II: 29 REEL 21 Forten, Charlotte L., daybook, 1878
BOX II: 30 REEL 21 Record of sermons, receipts, and expenditures, 1904-1918, undated
Address book, undated
Stewardship account book, 1926-1936, undated
Register of communicants, Fifteenth Street Presbyterian Church, Washington, D.C., undated
Accounts, 1937-1939, undated
Bank statements, 1938-1951
BOX II: 31 REEL 21 Cancelled checks, 1929-1935
BOX II: 31 REEL 22 Correspondence, 1929-1941, undated
(4 folders)
Insurance, 1930-1938
Investment accounts, 1926-1939, undated
La Salle Apartments, Washington, D.C., 1939-1940
Miscellaneous business and legal documents, 1899-1907, 1915, 1930, 1930, 1937-1938, undated See also Container II:37, Grimké
Receipts, 1907, 1915-1916, 1929-1939, undated
Taxes, 1932-1938
BOX II:32-37 REEL 22-25 Part II: Business Documents, 1916-1951
Contracts, correspondence, royalty statements, bank statements, bank and cash books, cancelled checks, income tax returns, and miscellaneous documents.
Arranged according to the order in which the material was filmed.
BOX II: 32 REEL 22 Agreements between authors and Associated Publishers, 1935-1948, undated
(2 folders)
Contracts and agreements between authors and Associated Publishers, undated
(3 folders)
Correspondence, 1920-1948
Financial statements, 1920-1941
Income tax returns, 1934-1935
Insurance policies
BOX II: 32 REEL 23 1916-1934
(2 folders)
BOX II: 33 REEL 23 1935-1950
(2 folders)
Lord Baltimore Press, 1933-1934
Royalty reports, 1925-1932
Royalty statements, 1942-1951
(4 folders)
(2 folders)
BOX II: 34 REEL 23 1933-1950, undated
(5 folders)
Postage expenses, 1932-1937, 1949-1950, undated
BOX II: 34 REEL 24 Post office receipts
Journal of Negro History, 1950-1951
Negro History Bulletin, 1949-1951
Cancelled checks and vouchers
Association of Negro Life and History, 1927-1928
BOX II: 35 REEL 24 General
BOX II: 35 REEL 25 1925-1945
(4 folders)
BOX II: 36 REEL 25 1950
Bank and cash books, 1922-1940
Bank statements, 1932-1949
Bonds, 1919-1936
(2 folders)
Loans, 1927-1928
BOX II: 37 REEL 25 Miscellaneous business documents, 1924-1945, undated
Petty cash, 1936
Revenues, 1935
Subscriber and customer list, undated
Travel expenses, 1926
Taxes, Woodson, 1935-1943, 1949 See also Container II: 1, Federal income tax
Census report by Associated Publishers, 1929
BOX II:37-38 REEL 25 Part II: Formerly Oversize, 1887-1948
Topical files, correspondence, writings, and miscellaneous material. Organized and described as an oversize series prior to filming.
Arranged according to the order in which the material was filmed.
BOX II: 37 REEL 25 Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, financial statements, 1928-1929, undated
Bibliography, French sources on Africa and race, undated
Correspondence, 1948
Council on African Affairs, analysis of colonial provisions of the United Nations charter, undated
Grimké, Francis J., estate, 1931, 1937-1942, undated See Container II:31, Miscellaneous business and legal documents
Miscellaneous manuscripts, 1918, 1945, undated
National Negro Insurance Association, 1927 See also Container II:29, “Statistical Report Prepared for the National Negro Insurance Association”
BOX II: 38 REEL 25 Martinez, J. S., poetry, 1931-1935, undated
Printed matter, Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, 1926, 1945, undated See also Container II:24, same heading
Table of contents, unidentified manuscript, undated
Tubman, Harriet, 1887, 1898, 1940, undated
Woodson, Carter Godwin, real estate, 1912, 1922 See also Container II:1, Real estate
Wyman, Lillie Buffam Chace, miscellaneous manuscripts, undated See also Container II:12, same heading
BOX II:39-41not filmed Part II: Miscellany, 1868-1957
Legal and administrative case files related to “red cap” litigation; reports, maps, manuals, printed matter and miscellaneous material regarding the 368th Regiment during World War I; writings, topical files, maps, and other printed matter.
Arranged alphabetically by name of person or topic.
BOX II: 39 368th Infantry Regiment, World War I
Miscellany, 1918-1919, undated
(2 folders)
Print and near-print material
German documents, translations, 1918
Manuals, 1914-1918, undated
Maps, 1911, 1917-1918 See Oversize Miscellany
BOX II: 40 Miscellany, 1918-1919, undated
Bentlet, W. Holman, “Encyclopedia Africana” article, undated
Greene, Lorenzo Johnston, “The Negro in Colonial New England,” 1941
(2 folders)
Henderson, Edwin Bancroft, The Negro in Sports, 1949-1955, undated See Container II:4, same heading
Printed matter, 1868, 1884, 1920, 1928-1930, 1943-1957, undated
“Red caps,” legal cases
Interstate Commerce Commission
Briefs and source material, 1919-1938
Exhibits, 1917, 1919, 1938-1940, undated
BOX II: 41 Hearings, 1941
Miscellany, 1938-1941, 1947, undated
Petitions and notices, 1937-1938, undated
Pleadings and decisions, 1937-1941, undated
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