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Georges F. Doriot papers, 1917-1985

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BOX 1-5 General Files, 1917-1985
Letters to and from friends, family, colleagues, and associates; reports; and speeches and lectures by Doriot concerning his teaching activities at Harvard University, his interest in business and commerce, the applications of research in the public and private sectors, and the defense of the United States.
Arranged by format (correspondence, reports, miscellany) and thereunder chronologically by year, month, and day.
BOX 1 Correspondence
1923-May 1948
BOX 2 June 1948-1950
BOX 3 1951-1959
BOX 4 1960-1985, undated
Oct. 1944-Oct. 1949
BOX 5 Oct. 1950-Mar. 1951; 1968
Address book, 1946, undated
Articles, 1917-1984, undated
Personal history file, 1941-1946, undated
Speeches and lectures, undated
Unidentified notes by Doriot, undated
BOX 6-18 War Department Files, circa 1929-1953
Letters to and from military officials and staff; reports; work diaries; photographs; and speeches by Doriot concerning the operation of the United States Army's research and development division to which Doriot was attached, the role of research and development in the war effort, and military affairs in general.
Arranged by subject and thereunder chronologically by year, month, and day.
BOX 6 Correspondence
Automobile industry during wartime, 1941
Canadian armed forces, research and development, 1945
Climatic Research Laboratory, 1943-1945
Directives, 1941-1951
(2 folders)
Distribution, 1942, undated
Equipment and supplies
Flying apparel, 1943-1945
Footwear, 1943-1946
BOX 7 Design and development, 1934-1946
(3 folders)
Heraldic designs and insignias (heraldry), 1942
Quality control, 1944
Ratings by officers, 1942-1947
Simplification ("standardization")
Oct. 1942-Mar. 1943
BOX 8 Apr. 1943-1945
German scientists and expertise, 1945
Joint Development and Research Board, 1946-1947
(2 folders)
Letters of appreciation, sent and received, 1942-1946
(3 folders)
Miscellaneous, 1941-1946
Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (C.B.E.) award, 1945
National Academy of Sciences, Committee on Quartermaster Problems, undated
BOX 9 Personnel, 1941-1945
Procurement, 1943-1945
(2 folders)
Projects under consideration, War Department general staff, 1945-1946, undated
Questionnaires, 1944-1945
Requirements, 1942-1945, undated
Research and Development Branch, Military Planning Division, Office of the Quartermaster, 1942, undated
Research and Development Division, War Department general staff, 1946, undated
BOX 10 Research and development, peacetime military, 1943-1946, undated
Rubber, 1942-1943
Staff promotions, decorations, and awards, 1945-1946
V-E (Victory in Europe) Day, 1945
"Advisory Board to the Research and Development Branch . . .," undated
"An Analysis of Central Planning," 1943
"Army Forecasted Requirements and Procurement of Special Rations," 1945
"Army Research and Development," 1947
"The Army's Subsistence Requirements: Lectures Delivered at the Quartermaster Subsistence School," 1945
"Chief of Staff Study on Uniforms and Equipment," 1946
"Clothing for Air Transport Command," 1943
BOX 11 "Committee on Medical Research of the Office of Scientific Research and Development," 1945
"Defense of the R ; D [Research and Development] Budget," 1946
"Determination of Depot Stock Levels Based on Operating Experience," 1945
"Dortmund--Work Physiology Research Report" (re Kaiser-Wilhelm Institute fur Arbeits Physiologie in Dortmund, Germany), undated
"Economic Preparation and Conduct of War Under Nazi Regime," 1946
"Electric Accounting Machine Test," 1945
"Equipment Section--Army Supply Program," undated
"Experience with Equipment and Supplies," 1944
"Final Report and Recommendations," Office of The Quartermaster General Civilian Supply Mission, 1943-1946
"Footwear Research," 1945
"Frostbite," undated
(2 folders)
"Fundamental Research Problems," 1945
"G-4 Procurement Panel," 1953
"General Principles Governing Selection of Clothing for Cold Climates," 1942
"German Clothing, Equipment, and Rations," 1945
(2 folders)
"Japanese Clothing, Equipment and Rations and A Brief Discussion of Japanese Supply Functions Similar to Those of the U.S. Quartermaster Corps," 1945
BOX 12 "Major Problems Confronting the Quartermaster Corps," 1943-1944
"A Meeting to Discuss Proposed Psychological Research," 1946
"Mosquito Proofing the Jungle Soldier," 1944
"Motor Transport Procurement," 1941-1942
"National Defense Research Committee of the Office of Scientific Research and Development," 1944
"The Necessity for Continued Military Responsibility for Equipping the Armed Forces," undated
"Preferences of Combat Soldiers for Various Types of Winter Clothing," 1945
"Proceedings of the Subsistence Research and Development Laboratory: Conference No. 1," 1945
"Progress Reports" of Office of the Rubber Director, War Production Board, 1942-1944
BOX 13 "Protection of Wounds by Use of Body Armor," 1945
Quartermaster Corps manuals
"Operating Manual for the Controlled Materials Plan in Quartermaster Depots," 1945
"U.S. Army . . . Rations and Supplements," 1945
"Quartermaster Corps Production Conference," 1942
"Quartermaster Requirements Field Liaison," undated
"Quartermaster Research and Development Lab," 1946
"Reconnaissance Report on Concentrated Rations of Primitive Peoples," 1946
(2 folders)
"Report on Compression of Dehydrated Foods," 1943
"Report on Quartermaster Corps Production Conference," 1942
"Report on the Technical Subcommittee on Synthetic Textiles," 1943
"Requirements Study No. 47: Classification and Rebuilding of Worn Shoes for Re-issue [and] Relationship Between Worn Shoes Turned In and Quantities Rebuilt for Re-issue," 1945
"Research Projects: Food Technology Laboratories," Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brookline, Mass., 1942-1945
(1 folder)
BOX 14 (3 vols.)
"The Resistance of Light Weight Armor Materials to 20mm Shell Fragments," 1945
"Some Administrative Techniques Used in Organization of War Assets Administration," 1946
BOX 15 "Special Report Prepared for General Gregory," 1945
"Staff Study on Army Quartermaster General Research Laboratory," 1950
"A Suggested Post-Armistice Training Program for Armed Forces on Overseas Assignments," undated
"Summary Report on the JANPAT [Joint Army Navy Plastic Armor Technical] Committee," 1945
"Survey of AAF [Army Air Force] Flying Clothing," 1944
Textile Series
"Report No. 1: Quartermaster Purchases of Wool Clothes and Blankets for World War II," 1946
"Report No. 43: Summary of Reports, Winter 1946-1947, on Arctic Field Trials, Quartermaster Textiles, Clothing and Footwear, Frigid, Williwaw and Frost," 1947
"Report No. 46: The Treatment of Army Socks for Shrink Resistance by the Quartermaster Corps," 1947
"Theater Study of Quartermaster T/O ; E's," 1945
"Tropical Nutrition--Biochemical and Clinical Observations on Troops," 1946
Re final report of G-4 Army Procurement Panel, 1953
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