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BOX III:1-III:21 Part III: Correspondence, 1945-2005
Correspondence between Levine and colleagues, friends, family, and the public, primarily relating to his career as a broadcast journalist.
Arranged into three groupings: General Correspondence, Personal Correspondence, and Fan Mail. The General Correspondence is further organized into chronological and alphabetical groupings. The Personal Correspondence and Fan Mail is further organized chronologically.
BOX III:1 General
BOX III:1 Alphabetical
BOX III:1 "B" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
(2 folders)
BOX III:1 "C" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
BOX III:1 Dicker, Gerald, 1954-1968
(5 folders)
BOX III:2 Doubleday and Company, Inc., 1957-1963
(2 folders)
BOX III:2 "D" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
BOX III:2 "E" and "F" miscellaneous, 1957-1963
BOX III:2 "G" miscellaneous, 1957-1963
BOX III:2 "H" miscellaneous, 1957-1962
(2 folders)
BOX III:2 "I" and "J" miscellaneous, 1957-1963
BOX III:2 "K" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
BOX III:3 "L" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
BOX III:3 "M" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
BOX III:3 National Broadcasting Co.
BOX III:3 1953-1958
(5 folders)
BOX III:4 1959-1965
(8 folders)
BOX III:5 1966-1969 May
(6 folders)
BOX III:6 1969 June-1995, undated
(8 folders)
BOX III:6 North American Newspaper Alliance, 1955-1958
(1 folder)
BOX III:7 (1 folder)
BOX III:7 "N" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
BOX III:7 "O" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
BOX III:7 "P" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
BOX III:7 Sponsors, 1982-1986
BOX III:7 "S" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
BOX III:7 The Times, London, U.K., 1956-1958
(2 folders)
BOX III:8 "T"-"V" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
BOX III:8 "W" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
BOX III:8 "Y" and "Z" miscellaneous, 1959-1963
BOX III:8 Chronological
BOX III:8 1946-1952
(7 folders)
BOX III:9 1953-1955 Sept.
(8 folders)
BOX III:10 1955 Oct.-1956 Aug.
(7 folders)
BOX III:11 1956 Sept.-1957 Sept.
(8 folders)
BOX III:12 1957 Oct.-1958
(7 folders)
BOX III:13 1959-1965 Feb.
(10 folders)
BOX III:14 1965 Mar.-1968 June
(9 folders)
BOX III:15 1968 July-1978
(8 folders)
BOX III:16 1978-2005
(8 folders)
BOX III:17 undated
(1 folder)
BOX III:17 Personal
BOX III:17 1945-1953
(10 folders)
BOX III:18 1954-1963
(9 folders)
BOX III:19 1964-1969
(10 folders)
BOX III:20 1970-1996, undated
(3 folders)
BOX III:20 Fan Mail
BOX III:20 1954-1964
(6 folders)
BOX III:21 1965-1994, undated
(10 folders)
BOX III:21-III:53 Part III: News Correspondent File, 1945-2006
Scripts, notes and notebooks, cables, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and article drafts primarily documenting Levine’s career in the International News Service and as a foreign correspondent for NBC News. Digital files include text and system files assocaited with the G-7 Economic Summit in 1993.
Arranged alphabetically by topic or material type. File structure of the digital content maintained as received.
BOX III:21 Assignments
BOX III:21 Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1968
BOX III:22 Cape Town, South Africa
BOX III:22 Blaiberg, Philip, 1968
(3 folders)
BOX III:22 Cables, 1968
BOX III:22 Scripts, 1968
BOX III:22 Copenhagen, Denmark, circa 1956
BOX III:22 French Indochina, 1951
BOX III:22 Geneva, Switzerland, 1959
BOX III:22 Germany, 1949
(1 folder)
BOX III:23 (1 folder)
BOX III:23 Greece, undated
BOX III:23 Guadeloupe, 1979
(2 folders)
BOX III:23 Hong Kong, 1947-1952
BOX III:23 Korean War
BOX III:23 50th anniversary, 2000
(2 folders)
BOX III:23 Armistice notes, 1951-1952
(2 folders)
BOX III:24 (1 folder)
BOX III:24 Article fragments, circa 1950-circa 1952
BOX III:24 Clippings, 1950-1952
(3 folders)
BOX III:24 Correspondence, 1952
BOX III:24 Correspondents reunion, 1980, 1983
BOX III:24 Dispatches, circa 1950-circa 1952
(2 folders)
BOX III:24 Notes, circa 1950-1953
(1 folder)
BOX III:25 (1 folder)
BOX III:25 Notebooks, circa 1950-circa 1952
BOX III:25 Tokyo, Japan, 1950-1954
BOX III:25 United Nations memoranda, 1950-1953
BOX III:25 United States Army memoranda and leaflets, 1950-1952
(2 folders)
BOX III:25 London, England
BOX III:25 British election, 1966
(2 folders)
BOX III:25 Introduction party, 1967
BOX III:25 Memoranda, 1967-1968
BOX III:25 Scripts
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