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Part III: News Correspondent File, 1945-2006 (continued)
BOX III:34 Notebooks, circa 1959-circa 1969
(1 folder)
BOX III:35 (1 folder)
BOX III:35 Paul VI, Pope
BOX III:35 1963-1966
(7 folders)
BOX III:36 1967-1969
(4 folders)
BOX III:36 Podgorny, Nikolai, visit, 1967
BOX III:36 Politics, 1966-1970
BOX III:36 RAI Radiotelevisione italiana, 1965-1968
BOX III:36 Reder, Walter, Marzabotto, Italy, 1967
BOX III:36 Rocca di Papa, Italy, 1966
BOX III:36 Roman baths, 1966
BOX III:36 Roman traffic, 1966
BOX III:37 Saints (Vatican), 1969
BOX III:37 Sardinia, Italy, 1962-1966
BOX III:37 Sicily, Italy, earthquake, 1969
BOX III:37 Scott, Walter, visit, 1967
BOX III:37 Scripts
BOX III:37 1959-1966
(7 folders)
BOX III:38 1966-1969
(7 folders)
BOX III:38 Story ideas, 1966
BOX III:38 Strikes, 1969
BOX III:38 Subway, 1969
BOX III:39 Telephone lists, 1968-1970
BOX III:39 "Town without men," 1965
BOX III:39 Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy, 1964-1966
BOX III:39 Vanzi, Luigi, America: God's Own Country, 1966
BOX III:39 Vatican concordats, 1964-1970
(2 folders)
BOX III:39 Vatican and television, 1965-1970
(2 folders)
BOX III:39 Vatican and theologians, 1968-1969
BOX III:40 Vatican tour project, 1962-1965
(2 folders)
BOX III:40 Vidal, Gore, interview, 1969
BOX III:40 Villa Doria Pamphilj, Rome, Italy, 1966
BOX III:40 Volkswagen, 1959-1961
BOX III:40 Sofia, Bulgaria, 1949
BOX III:40 Spain and Portugal, circa 1960-circa 1969
BOX III:40 Taiwan, 1951
BOX III:40 Tehran, Iran, 1959
BOX III:40 Tel Aviv, Israel, 1959, 1966
BOX III:41 Thailand (Siam) and Paris, France, 1949-1951
(2 folders)
BOX III:41 Tokyo, Japan, 1950-1951
BOX III:41 Tunisia, 1961
BOX III:41 Turkey, 1966
BOX III:41 Vienna, Austria, 1948-1950
(4 folders)
BOX III:42 Washington, D.C., 1971, 1987
(3 folders)
BOX III:42 Economic Summits
BOX III:42 General
BOX III:42 1974-1981
(5 folders)
BOX III:43 1982-1993
(8 folders)
BOX III:44 1993-1998 See also official G-7 Economic Summit documents in digital files:
(9 folders)
Digital ID: mss83623_046_016
Digital ID: mss83623_046_017
BOX III:45 Summary, 1974-1995
BOX III:45 Fees, 1973-1974
(3 folders)
BOX III:45 Inventory and synopsis of recorded news stories
BOX III:45 1950-1980
(2 folders)
BOX III:46 1980-1995
(3 folders)
BOX III:46 Jordan, George Racey, 1949-1955
BOX III:46 Miscellany, circa 1954-2001
(2 folders)
BOX III:46 National Broadcasting Co.
BOX III:46 Color TV mobile unit tour, 1954
BOX III:47 Correspondent's tour, 1965-1978
BOX III:47 Directors and managers, 1976-1977
BOX III:47 Newsletters and press releases, 1953-1995
(4 folders)
BOX III:47 News distortion, 1947-1948
BOX III:47 Notes and notebooks, circa 1959-1985, undated
(1 folder)
BOX III:48 (3 folders)
BOX III:48 Overseas Press Club of America, 1952-1964
BOX III:48 Press passes and identification cards, 1950-1989, undated
(2 folders)
BOX III:49 Press passes for labor union conventions, 1971-1978
BOX III:49 Professional proposals and assignments, 1952-1955
BOX III:49 Scripts and commentary
BOX III:49 CNBC, 1995-1996
BOX III:49 Kennedy, John F. death and funeral, 1963
BOX III:49 Korean War Stories (documentary), 2000
(2 folders)
BOX III:49 Look at Russia (television special program), 1955
BOX III:49 Meet the Press, 1971-1991
(4 folders)
BOX III:50 (2 folders)
BOX III:50 Miscellaneous, 1972-1998
(2 folders)
BOX III:50 NBC Nightly News, 1992-1995
BOX III:50 Nightly Business Report
BOX III:50 1997-1999
(3 folders)
BOX III:51 1999-2002
(8 folders)
BOX III:52 2003-2006, undated
(7 folders)
BOX III:52 The Pope and the Vatican (documentary), 1965
BOX III:52 Thirty Forgotten Men (radio documentary), 1953-1954
BOX III:52 Today, 1973-1978, 1992
BOX III:52 Vatican II (documentary), 1995-1996
BOX III:53 "Vaticano," 1967
BOX III:53 Visas and passes, 1949-1950
BOX III:53 Writing style memoranda, 1961-1968
BOX III:53-III:98 Part III: Speeches and Writings, 1940-2006
Book manuscripts, articles, speech transcripts, notes, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and programs and publicity materials related to Levine's public appearances and lectures.
Arranged alphabetically by material type or topic.
BOX III:53 Articles
BOX III:53 "Capital of Philippine Democracy," circa 1945
BOX III:53 Chronological
BOX III:53 1940-1950
(5 folders)
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