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Supreme Court File, 1937-1972 (continued)
Case File, 1937-1971 (continued)
Intracourt memoranda
Opinions by other justices
Arkansas Corp. Comm'n v. Thompson
Armour and Co. v. Alton R.R.
Berry v. United States
City Bank Farmers Trust Co. v. Helvering
BOX 262 Commercial Molasses Corp. v. New York Tank Barge Corp.
Cox v. New Hampshire
Crane-Johnson Co. v. Helvering
Fashion Originators Guild v. Federal Trade Comm'n
Helvering v. Northwest Steel Rolling Mills
Helvering v. Oregon Mut. Life Ins. Co.
Helvering v. Richter
Hines v. Davidowitz
BOX 263 Hormel v. Helvering
Huron Holding Corp. v. Lincoln Mine Operating Co.
Milk Wagon Drivers Union v. Lake Valley Farm
Milk Wagon Drivers Union v. Meadowmoor Dairies
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Millinery Creators Guild v. Federal Trade Comm'n
Montgomery Ward v. Duncan
BOX 264 Moore v. Illinois Cent. R.R. Co.
Public Serv. Comm'n v. Brashear Freight Lines
Republic Steel Corp. v. National Labor Relations Bd.
Royal Indem. Co. v. United States
Smith v. O'Grady
Smith v. Texas
Superior Bath House Co. v. McCarroll
Swanson v. Buck
BOX 265 Union Joint State Land Bank v. Byerly
United States v. Cooper Corp.
United States v. Pyne
Voeller v. Neilstron Warehouse Co.
Watson v. Buck
Wood and Knowlton v. Lovett
Z. & F. Assets Realization Corp. v. Hull
BOX 266 October term, 1941
Betts v. Brady
Bridges v. California
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BOX 267 Carpenters and Joiners Union v. Ritter's Cafe
Cochran v. Kansas
Columbia Rivers Parkers Ass'n v. Hinton
Commercial Molasses Corp. v. Tank Barge Corp.
Duncan v. Thompson
Exhibit Supply Co. v. Ace Patents Corp.
Federal Power Comm'n v. Natural Gas Pipeline Co.
Federal Trade Comm'n v. Raladam Co.
Helvering v. Safe Deposit & Trust Co. of Baltimore
Hysler v. Florida
Interstate Commerce Comm'n v. Railway Labor Executives Ass'n
Jones v. City of Opelika
Lisenba v. California
Milcor Steel Co. v. Fuller Co.
Mishawaka Rubber and Woolen Mfg. Co. v. Kresge Co.
National Labor Relations Bd. v. P. Lorillard Co.
Parker v. Motor Boat Sales
BOX 268 Purcell v. United States
Query v. United States
Spreckels v. Helvering
Standard Oil Co. of Calif. v. Johnson
Stewart v. Southern Ry. Co.
Tulee v. Washington
United States v. Bethlehem Steel
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United States v. Ragen
Williams v. Jacksonville Terminal Co.
Williams Mfg. Co. v. United Shoe Mach. Corp.
Wright v. Logan
BOX 269 October term, 1942
Assignment sheets
Conference sheets
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Opinions by Black
Opinions by other justices
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Public correspondence
Special lists
Adams v. United States
Boone v. Lightner
Burford v. Sun Oil
Clyde-Mallory Line v. Steamship Eglantine
County of Mahnomen v. United States
Creek Nation v. United States
Davis v. Washington Dept. of Labor and Indus.
De Zon v. American President Lines
Ex parte Kawato
Ex parte Quirin
Galloway v. United States
Garrett v. Moore-McCormack Co.
Hastings v. Selby Oil and Gas Co.
BOX 270 Helvering v. Sabine Transp. Co.
Hendry Co. v. Moore
Hirabayashi v. United States
Hoopeston Canning Co. v. Pink
Interstate Commerce Comm'n v. Inland Waterways Corp.
Jamison v. Texas
Kelley v. Everglades Drainage Dist.
Korematsu v. United States
Marshall v. Pletz
Martin v. Struthers
National Labor Relations Bd. v. Indiana & Michigan Elec. Co.
Oklahoma Tax Comm'n v. United States
Public Utilities Comm'n v. United Fuel Gas Co.
Robinette v. Helvering
Securities and Exch. Comm'n v. Chenery Corp.
Smith v. Shaughnessy
Standard Dredging Corp. v. Murphy
Tiller v. Atlantic Coast Line R.R. Co.
Tot v. United States
United States v. Lepowitch
United States v. Miller
United States v. Rice
United States ex rel. Marcus v. Hess
United States ex rel. Ostrager v. New Orleans Chapter, Associated Gen. Contractors
Viereck v. United States
West Virginia Bd. of Education v. Barnette
BOX 271 October term, 1943
Assignment lists
Conference lists
(2 folders)
Opinions by other justices
(3 folders)
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