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BOX 1-24 United States Court of Appeals File, 1957-1965
BOX 1-7 General Correspondence, 1961-1965
Correspondence and memoranda, including attachments, between Marshall and judges, lawyers, court staff, law professors, government officials, friends, and the general public.
Arrangement is alphabetical by topic or name of person or organization and chronological therein.
BOX 1 Administrative Office of the Courts, 1961-1965
(3 folders)
Advisory Committee for the Peace Corps, Africa Lawyers Project, 1963
Africa trip, 1963
Association of the Bar of the City of New York, New York, N.Y., 1963-1964
"A" miscellaneous, 1961-1965
(4 folders)
Books USA, Washington, D.C., 1963-1964
(2 folders)
BOX 2 "B" miscellaneous, 1961-1965
(3 folders)
Clark, Charles E., 1962-1963
Clerk's office, 1961-1965
"C-E" miscellaneous, 1961-1965, undated
(8 folders)
BOX 3 Freedman, James O., 1961-1964
Friendly, Henry J., 1962-1965
"F-G" miscellaneous, 1961-1965
(6 folders)
Hall of Fame for Great Americans, New York, N.Y., 1962-1965
(4 folders)
BOX 4 Hays, Paul R., 1962-1965
"H-I" miscellaneous, 1961-1965
(5 folders)
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library, Boston, Mass., 1964-1965
"J" miscellaneous, 1961-1965
(2 folders)
Kaufman, Irving R., 1962-1965
"K-L" miscellaneous, 1961-1965
(5 folders)
BOX 5 Moore, Leonard P., 1963-1965
"M-Mc" miscellaneous, 1961-1965
(4 folders)
New School for Social Research, New York, N.Y., 1965
"N-O" miscellaneous, 1961-1965
(5 folders)
BOX 6 "P-R" miscellaneous, 1961-1965
(6 folders)
Smith, J. Joseph, 1963-1965
"S-T" miscellaneous, 1961-1965
(5 folders)
BOX 7 "U-V" miscellaneous, 1961-1965
(3 folders)
Waterman, Sterry R., 1962-1965
West Publishing Co., 1962-1965
"W-Z" miscellaneous, 1961-1965
(7 folders)
BOX 8-21 Administrative File, 1961-1965
Correspondence, memoranda, opinions, orders, petitions, motions, minutes of meetings, notes, lists, background information, and printed matter.
Arrangement is chronological and therein by topic or type of material.
BOX 8 September term 1961
Case file
Alvado v. General Motors Corp.
Empresa Hondurena de Vapores v. McLeod
Fitzgerald v. United States Lines
Foti v. Immigration & Naturalization Serv.
Great Atl. & Pac. Tea Co. v. Local 10, Am. Bakery & Confectionery Workers Int'l
Harrington v. Sharff For additional material see same container, United States v. New York Foreign Trade Zone Operators
McLeod v. Business Mach. & Office Appliance Mechanics Bd. Local 459
Muniz v. United States See same container, Winston v. United States
Puddu v. Royal Netherlands S.S. Co.
Securities & Exch. Comm'n v. Capital Gains Research Bureau
United States v. Jones
United States v. New York Foreign Trade Zone Operators
Winston v. United States
Yen v. Immigration & Naturalization Serv. See same container, Foti v. Immigration & Naturalization Serv.
Docket disqualifications
"D-F" miscellany
Judicial Conference of the Second Circuit
BOX 9 General
(2 folders)
Minutes of meetings
Justice Department
Lumbard, J. Edward
Feb.-Sept. 1962
(3 folders)
30 Oct. 1961-16 Feb. 1962
(6 folders)
BOX 10 5 Mar.-21 Aug. 1962
(6 folders)
En bancs
(2 folders)
BOX 11 Motions
Jan.-Feb. 1962
(2 folders)
30 Oct. 1961-21 Aug. 1962
(7 folders)
(2 folders)
"S" miscellany
United States Information Agency
"U-W" miscellany
(2 folders)
October term 1962
"A-B" miscellany
(2 folders)
Case file
Arrowsmith v. United Press Int'l
Atlantic City Elec. Co. v. General Elec. Co.
United States v. Certain property, Manhattan
Farmer v. Arabian Am. Oil Co.
(2 folders)
Farrand Optical Co. v. United States
BOX 12 Pearson v. Northeast Airlines
Walters v. Moore-McCormack Lines
Yale Transp. Corp. v. United States
Courthouse space
"C-F" miscellany
(2 folders)
"G-H" miscellany
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