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United States Court of Appeals File, 1957-1965 (continued)
Administrative File, 1961-1965 (continued)
(2 folders)
Unfiled after sixty days argument
Pro se
"P-Z" miscellany
(2 folders)
September term 1964
"A-B" miscellany
Case file
Alleghany Corp. v. Kirby
Interstate Commerce Comm'n v. S & S Bus Serv.
(2 folders)
BOX 18 Quinby v. Morrow
Tellier v. Commissioner
United States v. Abrams
United States v. First Nat'l City Bank
United States ex rel. Weber v. Fay
"C" miscellany
En bancs, list
Escobedo cases (Escobedo v. Illinois)
(2 folders)
"E-F" miscellany
"G-H" miscellany
In forma pauperis
Memoranda and orders
"I" miscellany
Judicial Conference of the Second Circuit
Judicial Council of the Second Circuit
BOX 19 "K" miscellany
Lumbard, J. Edward
(2 folders)
"L" miscellany
30 Apr. 1965
28 Sept.-16 Nov. 1964
(6 folders)
BOX 20 14 Dec. 1964-14 June 1965
(10 folders)
Apr.-May 1965
(2 folders)
BOX 21 Weekly
28 Sept. 1964-14 June 1965
(9 folders)
"M-N" miscellany
(2 folders)
Unfiled after sixty days argument
"O-P" miscellany
"R-U" miscellany
BOX 22-24 Miscellany, 1957-1965
Correspondence, memoranda, writings, notes, resolutions, minutes of meetings, background material, certificates, printed matter, and other items.
Arrangement is alphabetical by topic or type of material and chronological therein.
BOX 22 Awards, 1961-1964
Boy Scouts of America, 1964-1965
(4 folders)
Civil rights
(3 folders)
BOX 23 1962-1964, undated
(4 folders)
Episcopal Church
Committee on Mutual Responsibility, 1964
General, 1963-1965
(4 folders)
General convention, St. Louis, Mo., 1964
Resolutions, 1964
Standing Committee, 1964-1965
BOX 24 Lincoln University, Lincoln University, Pa., 1961-1963
(2 folders)
Masons, 1961-1965
(5 folders)
Notes and jottings, undated
Regional Plan Association, New York, N.Y., 1965
By Marshall, undated
By others, 1957-1964
Unidentified, undated
BOX 25-28 United States Solicitor General File, 1965-1967
Correspondence, memoranda, briefs, motions, petitions, transcripts, statements for oral arguments, notes, background information, certificates, and printed matter.
Arrangement is alphabetical by topic or type of material, with case files grouped chronologically by term.
BOX 25 Awards, 1965-1967
Case file
October term 1965
65-10 United States v. Yazell
65-18 United Auto Workers Local 283 v. Scofield
(2 folders)
65-45 Linn v. United Plant Guard Workers
(2 folders)
65-48 Harper v. Virginia State Bd. of Elections
(2 folders)
65-53 United Auto Workers Local 133 v. Fafnir Bearing Co. See same container, 65-18
65-59 United States v. Price
(2 folders)
65-60 United States v. Price See same container, 65-59
BOX 26
65-65 United States v. Guest
(2 folders)
65-127 United States v. O'Malley
65-531 United States v. Blue
65-584 California v. Stewart See same container, 65-761
65-759 Miranda v. Arizona See same container, 65-761
65-760 Vignera v. New York See same container, 65-761
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