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Ralph Ellison papers, 1890-2005

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Part I: Closed, 1932-1994 (continued)
Editorial comments
General, circa 1937, 1970
Negro Quarterly, 1942-1944
(2 folders)
“Harlem Is Nowhere” (1964), 1947-1948
(3 folders)
Hemingway, Ernest, unfinished essay, circa 1940
(2 folders)
“Imprisoned in Words,” 1946-1947
“Let Us Consider the Harlem Crime Wave,” circa 1943
BOX I:223 Miscellaneous notes, 1943, 1953-1991
(2 folders)
New American left wing writers, circa 1935
“Philippine Writers Report,” 1941
“Recent Negro Fiction” (1941), 1941
(2 folders)
“Richard Wright's Blues” (1945) draft fragments and notes, 1945
“The Shadow and the Act” (1949), 1949-1950
Shadow and Act (1964)
An American Dilemma: A Review,” 1944
Miscellaneous text, 1964-1966
“Twentieth Century Fiction and the Black Mask of Humanity,” circa 1946, 1953
“Society, Morality, and the Novel,” The Living Novel (1957), 1956-1963
“Tell It Like It Is, Baby” (1965)
Drafts, 1965-1969, 1990
(2 folders)
Galleys, notes, and general material, 1965-1969, 1990
“Three Southern Novels,” 1944
Unidentified fragments, undated
(2 folders)
“The World and the Jug” (1963), notes, undated
Memoirs, draft fragment, undated
BOX I:224 Miscellany
Notes, 1941-1988
(4 folders)
Plot ideas, undated
Unidentified fragments, circa 1940, 1963
(3 folders)
Hickman novel
Bliss and Severin's mother, undated
Bliss and Sister Georgia, undated
Bliss, Body, and Meatwhistle, 1959, 1981
Cliofus talks with McIntyre, undated
Hickman and Wilhite at Mister Jessie's, complete sequences, 1968
Hickman and Wilhite leave the Lincoln Memorial, undated
“Hickman Reminiscing,” undated
Hickman with Bliss at the hospital, undated
“McIntyre's Dream”
Hitching post boy, undated
Mother Strothers, undated
“Mr. Love New,” undated
BOX I:225 Mr. Love New and Severin, undated
(2 folders)
“Prologue,” undated
Severin and the shooting of the senator, undated
Unidentified pages, undated
Notes and notebooks, 1956-1989
(12 folders)
Invisible Man
“At Mary's,” undated
“Bar Scene, El Toro,” undated
“Battle Royal,” undated
“Brockaway (Paint Factory),” undated
“Brotherhood,” undated
(2 folders)
BOX I:226 “Campus,” undated
“Chapel,” first draft and notes, undated
“Hospital Alley Scene,” also titled “Nigger, What Kinda Man Am I?” undated
“Hospital and St. Mary's” (in continuity), undated
“Hospital Scene,” working copy, undated
Miscellaneous scenes, undated
“New York,” first draft and notes, undated
“Perception,” original draft titled “Eviction, Priest, Parade, Party, Bank, and Apartment,” undated
“Priest Scene,” undated
“Prologue,” undated
“Riot,” undated
“Woodridge,” undated
Fragments and partial drafts, 1951
(5 folders)
Notes, 1945-1950
(6 folders)
BOX I:227 Notes, 1945-1950
(7 folders)
Foreign rights and translations, 1952-1978
Publicity, undated
Published editions
New American Library of World Literature, 1951-1971
Random House, correspondence, 1947-1969
Slick novel
Booker's reveries, undated
“Mister Mac” or “Tale of a Southern Road,” undated
(2 folders)
Slick and Booker hunting, undated
Slick and Bostic, undated
Slick and Callie at the hospital, undated
Slick and Liles, undated
Slick and Snodgrass, undated
Original typescript
Section I, circa 1939
BOX I:228 Section II, circa 1939
Miscellaneous pages, circa 1939
Notes, undated
Poetry, 1935-1937
(10 folders)
BOX I:229 1947-1964
(4 folders)
Short stories
“Afternoon,” undated
“The Birthmark,” 1940
“Butler Boy and the TV Set,” undated
“The Dream,” 1941
(6 folders)
“Flying Home,” 1944, 1971-1974, 1992
(2 folders)
BOX I:230 “Gann Wilson,” undated
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