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Ralph Ellison papers, 1890-2005

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Part I: Oversize, 1923-1993 (continued)
Chicago, Ill., Board of Education, Visual Education Project “Ancient Roman and Byzantine Costume,” undated (Container I:2)
BOX I:OV 2 “Costume of the Eighteenth Century,” undated (Container I:3)
BOX I:OV 3 Costume of the Middle Ages and seventeenth century, undated (Containers I:3-I:5)
BOX I:OV 4 “Egyptian Costume,” undated (Container I:5)
BOX I:OV 5 National Urban League, circa 1944 (Container I:6)
BOX I:OV 6 School papers
Elementary and high school, 1925, 1932 (Container I:12)
BOX I:OV 7 Ellison, Ralph
Financial records
Income and expenses, 1965-1992 (Containers I:21-I:22)
BOX I:OV 8 Household papers
Inventories and insurance, circa 1968 (Container I:24)
BOX I:OV 9 Key West, Fla.
Financial records, 1976-1979 (Container I:25)
BOX I:OV 10 Legal records, 1976 (Container I:25)
BOX I:OV 11 Miscellany, undated (Container I:26)
BOX I:OV 12 Plainfield, Mass.
Inventories and insurance, circa 1968 (Container I:26)
BOX I:OV 13 Printed matter, 1967, 1976, 1983 (Container I:31)
BOX I:OV 14 School papers
Tuskegee Institute, Tuskegee, Ala.
Music, 1923 (Containers I:32-I:33)
BOX I:OV 15 Publications, 1934-1935 (Container I:33)
BOX I:OV 16 General Correspondence
Ellington, Duke, undated (Container I:46)
BOX I:OV 17 Ralph Ellison Branch, Metropolitan Library System, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Architectural drawings, 1973 (Container I:65)
BOX I:OV 18 Writings
Royalty statements, 1972-1992 (Container I:114)
Invisible Man
Author's first proof, 1951 (Container I:152)
Published editions
Random House
Royalty statements, 1952-1963, 1970-1980 (Container I:154)
BOX I:OV 19 Short stories
“Hymie's Bull” (posthumous title), undated (Container I:163)
BOX I:OV 20 Reference File
Africa, 1953, 1959 (Container I:179)
African-American studies, 1969 (Container I:179)
American Indians, 1971 (Container I:179)
Biographical information
Hemingway, Ernest, 1935 (Container I:187)
Holiday, Billie, 1991 (Container I:188)
Europe, 1954 (Container I:201)
Photography, 1937 (Container I:207)
BOX I:OV 21 Miscellany
Appointment calendars, 1963, 1991-1993 (Container I:213)
BOX I:OV 22 Awards, citations, and honorary degrees
College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va., 1972 (Container I:214)
University of Maryland, College Park, Md., 1974 (Container I:214)
Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, N.C., 1974 (Container I:214)
BOX II:1-25 Part II: Family Papers, 1896-2005
Correspondence between family members, household papers, financial, legal, employment, and school records, notes, newspaper articles, and printed matter relating to Ralph and Fanny Ellison and other family members.
Arranged alphabetically by name of family member and alphabetically by type of material therein.
BOX II:1 Brock, William, 1923-1939
Buford, Ligon
Correspondence, 1933, 1940-1942
Financial records, 1941-1943
Miscellany, 1936-1943
Ellison, Fanny McConnell
Addresses, 1963, undated
Appointment calendars, 1941-1944
Adams, Joel and Ruth, 1944
Ali, Miriam, undated
Alston, Charles H., 1944
Arter, Callie Belle, 1937
Baker, Lucille, 1935 See also Container II:2, Howard, Charles P.
Barbour, Ruth, 1942-1945
Bearden, Romare, 1944
Bennett, Robert, 1934
Bowser, Gretchen, 1943-1944
Brock, William, 1922-1931
(2 folders)
Buford, James A., 1942-1944
Buford, Ligon, 1939-1944
(2 folders)
Burton, Essie, 1940-1942
“B” miscellaneous, 1943-1944
BOX II:2 Cage, Alelia, 1927-1931
Crichton, Delmar, 1943-1944
Cumby, Bert, 1936
“C” miscellaneous, 1934-1937
Darling, Jay N. (“Ding”), 1936
Davis, Toye, 1944
Dillon, Lucile (“Dilly”), 1933-1936
“D” miscellaneous, 1936-1944
“E” miscellaneous, undated
Florant, Anne and Lyonel, 1934-1945
Foss, Gertrude, 1942-1943
“F” miscellaneous, 1930-1935
Goff, Marcellus and Phoebe, 1942-1945
“G” miscellaneous, 1933-1943
Hardwick, Robert J., 1933-1941
Hardy, William, 1943-1944
Hickman, Louis, 1929-1932
Higgins, Rodney G., 1936-1937
(2 folders)
Howard, Charles P., 1935-1936 See also Container II:1, Baker, Lucille
“H” miscellaneous, 1934-1936, 1968
Johnson, James Weldon, 1931-1939
(2 folders)
“J-K” miscellaneous, 1935
Lewis, Hylan, 1943
BOX II:3 Lowe, Ramona, 1933-1944
(2 folders)
“L” miscellaneous, 1930-1936
McConnell, Mary, 1926
McLendon, James A., 1932-1936
Ming, Robert R., 1933-1934
Murrell, Stanleigh, 1933-1938
“M” miscellaneous, 1929-1934, 1943
Nesbitt, George, 1942-1943
“O-R” miscellaneous, 1937-1945, 1958
Sample, Pauline, 1945
Savage, Lee C., 1937
Smith, Marie (“Mickey”), 1943-1945
Smith, Ollington, 1935-1936
Stanton, Mary Christian, 1930-1936
“S-V” miscellaneous, 1934-1944
Warren, Billy (“Willie”) and George
(5 folders)
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