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William J. Brennan papers, 1945-1998

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Part I: Case File, 1956-1990 (continued)
BOX I:359
74-157 United Housing Found. v. Forman
74-165 Regional Rail Reorganization Act Cases (Blanchette v. Connecticut Gen. Ins. Corp.)
(3 folders)
74-166 Smith v. United States See same container, 74-165
74-167 United States Ry. Ass'n v. Connecticut Gen. Ins. Corp. See same container, 74-165
74-168 United States v. Connecticut Gen. Ins. Corp. See same container, 74-165
74-201 City of Richmond v. United States
BOX I:360
74-214 Weinberger v. Salfi
74-215 United States v. Park
74-225 Marshall v. Ohio
74-226 Kensinger v. Ohio See same container, 74-225
74-277 Helfant v. Kugler See Container I:358, 74-80
74-304 Gordon v. New York Stock Exch.
74-335 Pryba v. United States
74-337 Doran v. Salem Inn
74-362 Intercounty Constr. Corp. v. Walter
74-363 United States v. Reliable Transfer Co.
74-364 United States v. Hale
74-389 Albemarle Paper Co. v. Moody
74-415 Rondeau v. Mosinee Paper Corp.
74-428 Halifax Local 425, United Papermakers & Paperworkers v. Moody See same container, 74-389
74-438 Atheneum Book Store v. City of Miami Beach
BOX I:361
74-450 Butterfield v. Robertson
74-452 Twentieth Century Music Corp. v. Aiken
74-453 Van Lare v. Hurley
74-456 Hill v. Printing Indus. of Gulf Coast
74-466 Dunlop v. Bachowski
(3 folders)
BOX I:362
74-533 McKinney v. City of Birmingham
74-534 McKinney v. City of Birmingham See same container, 74-533
74-535 Harlow v. City of Birmingham See same container, 74-533
74-536 Ballew v. Alabama
74-537 Pierce v. Alabama See same container, 74-536
74-548 United States v. State Tax Comm'n
74-572 Antico v. California
74-634 United States v. Nobles
74-647 New York v. Forman See Container I:359, 74-157
74-670 Hill v. United States
74-717 Herman v. Arkansas
74-793 Marks v. Leis
74-821 Harding v. United States
74-903 Dyke v. Georgia
74-985 S.S. & W., Inc. v. City of Kansas City
74-1003 Ridens v. Illinois
74-1062 Caldwell v. New Orleans
74-1063 Carter v. United States
74-1094 Womack & Potomac News Co. v. United States
74-1130 Friedman v. United States
74-1151 Planned Parenthood v. Danforth
74-1181 Mazer v. Weinberger
74-1228 Miller v. United States
74-1419 Danforth v. Planned Parenthood See same container, 74-1151
74-1509 Connor v. Waller
Opinions, in forma pauperis
73-5520 Cantrell v. Forest City Publishing Co.
BOX I:363
73-5677 Schick v. Reed
73-5744 Taylor v. Louisiana
73-5768 Francisco v. Gathright
73-5772 Faretta v. California
73-5845 Jackson v. Metropolitan Edison Co.
73-5993 Test v. United States
73-6033 Roe v. Norton
73-6038 Drope v. Missouri
73-6336 Rogers v. United States
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