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William J. Brennan papers, 1945-1998

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Part I: Case File, 1956-1990 (continued)
68-9 Shapiro v. Thompson See also Container I:176, 67-813
(4 folders)
68-10 WHYY, Inc. v. Borough of Glassboro
BOX I:184
68-11 Ivanov v. United States See also Containers I:176, 67-885, and I:190, 68-133
68-12 Desist v. United States
(2 folders)
68-13 Baltimore & Ohio R.R. v. Aberdeen & Rockfish R.R.
68-14 Commonwealth Coatings Corp. v. Continental Casualty Co.
68-15 Interstate Commerce Comm'n v. Aberdeen & Rockfish R.R. See same container, 68-13
68-16 Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen & Enginemen v. Chicago, Rock Island & Pac. R.R.
68-17 United States v. Donruss Co.
68-18 Hardin v. Chicago, Rock Island & Pac. R.R. See same container, 68-16
68-19 Universal Interpretive Shuttle Corp. v. Washington Metro. Area Transit Comm'n
68-20 Thorpe v. Housing Auth.
BOX I:185
68-21 Tinker v. Des Moines Indep. Community School Dist.
68-24 Federal Trade Comm'n v. Texaco, Inc.
68-25 Fairley v. Patterson See also Container I:182, 68-3
68-26 Bunton v. Patterson See same container, 68-25, and Container I:182, 68-3
68-27 United States v. Container Corp. of Am.
68-29 United States v. Concentrated Phosphate Export Ass'n
68-30 Kirkpatrick v. Preisler See also Container I:177, 67-1116
(2 folders)
68-31 Heinkel v. Preisler See same container, 68-30
68-32 Johnson v. Bennett
68-33 Washington v. Legrant See Container I:183, 68-9
68-34 Reynolds v. Smith See Container I:183, 68-9
68-35 Grunenthal v. Long Island R.R.
BOX I:186
68-36 Whitley v. Williams See Containers I:182, 68-3, and I:185, 68-25
68-38 Glover v. St. Louis-San Francisco Ry.
68-39 Perez v. California
68-40 Johnson v. Avery
68-41 Securities & Exch. Comm'n v. National Secs.
68-42 Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham
68-43 McCarthy v. United States
68-44 Skinner v. Louisiana
68-45 United States v. Augenblick (with United States v. Juhl)
68-46 Oestereich v. Selective Serv. Sys.
BOX I:187
68-47 Foster v. California
68-48 Julian Messner, Inc. v. Spahn
68-49 Zenith Radio Corp. v. Hazeltine Research
(2 folders)
68-51 United States v. Nardello
68-53 Kaufman v. United States
(3 folders)
68-56 Lear, Inc. v. Adkins
(1 folder)
BOX I:188 (2 folders)
68-60 Gregory v. City of Chicago
(2 folders)
68-61 National Labor Relations Bd. v. Strong
68-62 Kaiser v. New York
68-63 Hunter v. Erickson
68-65 Leary v. United States
(2 folders)
68-68 McDonald v. Board of Election Comm'rs
BOX I:189
68-69 Brotherhood of R.R. Trainmen v. Jacksonville Terminal Co.
68-71 Presbyterian Church in the United States v. Mary Elizabeth Blue Hull Memorial Presbyterian Church
(2 folders)
68-73 Gardner v. California
68-74 Stiles v. United States
68-76 Cardinale v. Louisiana
68-109 Snyder v. Harris See also same container, 68-117
68-117 Gas Serv. Co. v. Coburn See also same container, 68-109
68-130 Sniadach v. Family Fin. Corp. of Bay View
68-131 Palmieri v. Florida
BOX I:190
68-133 Alderman v. United States
See also Containers I:176, 67-885; I:184, 68-11; and II:3, same heading
(3 folders)
68-138 Powell v. McCormack
(2 folders)
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