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William J. Brennan papers, 1945-1998

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Part I: Case File, 1956-1990 (continued)
89-535 Sullivan v. Stroop
89-535 Sullivan v. Stroop
89-542 Perpich v. Department of Defense
89-601 Commissioner v. Jean
89-624 Maislin Indus., U.S. v. Primary Steel
BOX I:858
89-640 Lujan v. National Wildlife Fed'n
89-645 Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Co.
89-700 Astroline Communications Co. v. Shurberg Broadcasting See Container I:856, 89-453
89-742 Collins v. Youngblood
89-760 Shaw v. Armontrout See Container I:841, A-760
89-789 Alabama v. White
89-1303 Reserve Life Ins. Co. v. Eichenseer See Container I:841, A-620
89-1320 Florida v. Burr
89-1433 United States v. Eichman
89-1434 United States v. Haggerty See same container, 89-1433
Opinions, in forma pauperis
87-6700 Selvage v. Lynaugh
88-5050 Holland v. Illinois
(2 folders)
BOX I:859
88-5383 Howlett v. Rose
88-5909 McKoy v. North Carolina
88-5986 Osborne v. Ohio
88-6025 Dowling v. United States
88-6075 James v. Illinois
88-6222 Blystone v. Pennsylvania
88-6546 Duro v. Reina
BOX I:860
88-6613 Boyde v. California
88-6651 Maurice M. v. Bouknight See Container I:847, 88-1182
88-6677 Butler v. McKeller
88-6873 Clemons v. Mississippi
88-7146 Whitmore v. Arkansas
88-7164 Horton v. California
BOX I:861
88-7194 Taylor v. United States
88-7351 Walton v. Arizona
(2 folders)
88-7381 Bonin v. California
88-7384 Sorola v. Texas
88-7495 Potts v. Georgia
88-7562 Kimble v. Vasquez See Container I:842, A-1060
88-7619 Robertson v. California
88-7629 Vickers v. Arizona
89-5072 Wilkerson v. Texas
89-5121 Hamblen v. Dugger See Container I:841, A-42
89-5167 Tafero v. Dugger See Container I:841, A-754
89-5221 Paster v. Lynaugh See Container I:841, A-159
89-5346 Bradley v. Ohio
89-5395 Richardson v. Thigpen See Container I:841, A-142
89-5484 James v. Texas See Container I:841, A-186
89-5621 Grant v. Vasquez See Container I:841, A-231
89-5691 Hughey v. United States
89-5809 Sawyer v. Smith
89-5829 Silva v. California See Container I:841, A-378
89-5934 Cartwright v. Oklahoma
89-5961 Parker v. Dugger See Container I:841, A-346
89-5989 Julius v. Jones See Container I:841, A-371
89-6144 Prejean v. Smith See Container I:841, A-412
89-6166 Tompkins v. Florida See Container I:841, A-425
89-6461 Jackson v. Dugger See Container I:841, A-603
89-6785 Heishman v. California See Container I:841, A-606
89-7005 Harris v. Texas See Container I:841, A-632 and A-683
89-7503 Anderson v. Collins See Container I:842, A-805
89-7522 Prejean v. Whitley See Container I:842, A-813
89-7838 Hamilton v. Texas
90-5103 Thomas v. Jones See Container I:841, A-35
90-5195 Boggs v. Muncy See Container I:841, A-54
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