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William J. Brennan papers, 1945-1998

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Part I: Case File, 1956-1990 (continued)
88-7381 Bonin v. California
88-7381 Bonin v. California
88-7384 Sorola v. Texas
88-7495 Potts v. Georgia
88-7562 Kimble v. Vasquez See Container I:842, A-1060
88-7619 Robertson v. California
88-7629 Vickers v. Arizona
89-5072 Wilkerson v. Texas
89-5121 Hamblen v. Dugger See Container I:841, A-42
89-5167 Tafero v. Dugger See Container I:841, A-754
89-5221 Paster v. Lynaugh See Container I:841, A-159
89-5346 Bradley v. Ohio
89-5395 Richardson v. Thigpen See Container I:841, A-142
89-5484 James v. Texas See Container I:841, A-186
89-5621 Grant v. Vasquez See Container I:841, A-231
89-5691 Hughey v. United States
89-5809 Sawyer v. Smith
89-5829 Silva v. California See Container I:841, A-378
89-5934 Cartwright v. Oklahoma
89-5961 Parker v. Dugger See Container I:841, A-346
89-5989 Julius v. Jones See Container I:841, A-371
89-6144 Prejean v. Smith See Container I:841, A-412
89-6166 Tompkins v. Florida See Container I:841, A-425
89-6461 Jackson v. Dugger See Container I:841, A-603
89-6785 Heishman v. California See Container I:841, A-606
89-7005 Harris v. Texas See Container I:841, A-632 and A-683
89-7503 Anderson v. Collins See Container I:842, A-805
89-7522 Prejean v. Whitley See Container I:842, A-813
89-7838 Hamilton v. Texas
90-5103 Thomas v. Jones See Container I:841, A-35
90-5195 Boggs v. Muncy See Container I:841, A-54
BOX I:862-864 Part I: Miscellany, 1968-1989
Correspondence, speech, reports, and memoranda.
Arranged alphabetically by type of material or subject and chronologically therein.
BOX I:862 Advertising legal services, undated
Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, 1985-1987
Capital punishment
Annotated catalog of Supreme Court opinions, 1968-1985
(9 folders)
Manual, "Capital Punishment Issues and Cases: United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit," 1989
BOX I:863 Speech, "Constitutional Adjudication and the Death Penalty: A View from the Court," 1986
Fiftieth anniversary of the Supreme Court Building, 1985
Judicial Conference of the United States, Bicentennial Committee
Correspondence, 1975-1981
(4 folders)
BOX I:864 (1 folder)
Film script, "Equal and Orderly Justice," 1976
Manuscript and related correspondence on the American judicial system by Sidney Hyman, 1976
(4 folders)
Salaries of the federal judiciary, report of the commission on executive, legislative, and judicial salaries, 1986
Transportation for justices, 1986-1987
BOX II:1-5 Part II: Case File, 1956-1990
Bench memoranda, correspondence, opinions in various stages of preparation, printed matter, legal briefs, and background material grouped into administrative and opinion files.
Administrative files arranged alphabetically by type of material or topic and chronologically therein. Opinion files arranged numerically by docket number.
BOX II:1 Administrative file
Bench memoranda, October Term 1956 See also Container I:1, same heading
Nos. 56-2 to 56-162
(11 folders)
BOX II:2 Nos. 56-175 to 56-701
(6 folders)
Capital punishment cases, 1984-1985, undated
(2 folders)
Lists of opinions by Brennan, 1956-1990, undated
Memoranda to the conference See Container II:135, same heading
BOX II:3 Obscenity cases
Correspondence, 1966, undated
(2 folders)
Printed matter, 1963-1966, undated
(2 folders)
60-8 McGowan v. Maryland See also Container I:46, same heading
68-133 Alderman v. United States See also Container I:190, same heading
69-5001 Moore v. Illinois
73-1766 United States v. Nixon See also Container I:332, same heading
(1 folder)
BOX II:4 (6 folders)
BOX II:5 (1 folder)
75-436 Buckley v. Valeo See also Container I:394, same heading
(5 folders)
77-117 National Broiler Mktg. Ass'n v. United States See also Container I:455, same heading
BOX II:6-8 Part II: Case Histories, 1958-1989
Printed annual reviews of the Court's terms by Brennan and his clerks.
Arranged chronologically by October term.
BOX II:6 October terms
(18 folders)
BOX II:7 1975-1980
(9 folders)
BOX II:8 1981-1989
(10 folders)
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