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William J. Brennan papers, 1945-1998

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Part I: Case File, 1956-1990 (continued)
49 Orig. Illinois v. City of Milwaukee
50 Orig. Vermont v. New York
69-4 Zicarelli v. New Jersey State Comm'n of Investigation
69-5 D. H. Overmyer Co. v. Frick Co.
70-4 Reed v. Reed
BOX I:258
70-6 Swarb v. Lennox
70-7 Sarno v. Illinois Crime Investigating Comm'n
70-9 Younger v. Gilmore
70-11 Chevron Oil v. Huson
70-13 Dunn v. Blumstein
70-14 Cole v. Richardson
70-17 Eisenstadt v. Baird
(2 folders)
70-19 United States v. Marion
70-21 Socialist Labor Party v. Gilligan
70-26 Gooding v. Wilson
BOX I:259
70-27 Mitchum v. Foster
(2 folders)
70-28 United States v. Generes
70-29 Giglio v. United States
70-31 Port of Portland v. United States
70-32 Allied Chem. & Alkali Workers Local 1 v. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.
70-34 Sierra Club v. Morton
(2 folders)
BOX I:260
70-36 Perry v. Sindermann
70-37 United States v. Pullman Co. See Container I:274, 70-5033
70-38 Federal Power Comm'n v. Florida Power & Light Co.
70-39 National Labor Relations Bd. v. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. See Container, I:259, 70-32
70-45 United States v. Brewster
(3 folders)
70-46 United States v. Campos-Serrano
70-47 Diffenderfer v. Central Baptist Church
70-49 Hawaii v. Standard Oil Co.
(1 folder)
BOX I:261 (1 folder)
70-52 United States v. Mississippi Chem. Corp.
70-53 Richardson v. Belcher
70-54 Victory Carriers v. Law
70-55 Board of Regents of Univ. of Tex. Sys. v. New Left Educ. Project
70-57 United States v. Caldwell For additional material see Container I:263, 70-85
70-58 Fein v. Selective Serv. Sys. Local Bd. 7
70-60 Superintendent of Ins. v. Bankers Life & Casualty Co.
70-61 Securities & Exch. Comm'n v. Medical Comm. for Human Rights
70-63 National Labor Relations Bd. v. Plasterers' 79
(2 folders)
70-65 Texas State Tile & Terrazzo Co. v. Plasterers' 79 See same container, 70-63
BOX I:262
70-66 Roudebush v. Hartke
70-67 Sendak v. Hartke See same container, 70-66
70-70 Federal Trade Comm'n v. Sperry & Hutchinson Co.
70-71 United States v. Bass
70-72 United States v. Chas. Pfizer & Co.
70-74 Pipefitters Local 562 v. United States
(5 folders)
BOX I:263
70-75 Moose Lodge 107 v. Irvis
70-77 North Carolina v. Rice
70-78 Affiliated Ute Citizens v. United States
70-79 Reliance Elec. Co. v. Emerson Elec. Co.
70-82 United States v. Topco Assocs.
70-85 Branzburg v. Hayes
(2 folders)
70-86 United States v. Tucker
70-87 Police Dep't v. Mosley
BOX I:264
70-88 S & E Contractors v. United States
(6 folders)
BOX I:265
70-90 Schilb v. Kuebel
70-91 Parisi v. Davidson
70-92 California Motor Transp. Co. v. Trucking Unlimited
70-93 National Labor Relations Bd. v. Nash-Finch Co.
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