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BOX 34 Part I: Speeches and Writings File, 1929-1939
Drafts of speeches and articles, published articles, and related correspondence.
Arranged by type of material and chronologically therein.
BOX 34 Speeches
1934, 22 Apr., "The Lawyer and the Federal Securities Act," address delivered to Duke Bar Association, Durham, N.C.
1936, 27 Oct., Speech, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill.
June, speeches made during Western trip
26 July, "Scatteration v. Integration of Public Utility Systems," address before the Section of Public Utility Systems, American Bar Association, Cleveland, Ohio
1939, 19 Mar., "Financing Small Business," American Forum of the Air
Mar., "A Functional Approach to the Law of Business Associations," Illinois Law Review
Mar.-Apr., "Vicarious Liability and Administration of Risk," Yale Law Journal
Dec., "Insulation from Liability through Subsidiary Corporations," Yale Law Journal
Jan., "Equity Receiverships in the United States District Court for Connecticut, 1920-1929," Connecticut Bar Journal
May, "The Business Failures Project--A Problem in Methodology," by William Clark, William O. Douglas, and Dorothy S. Thomas, Yale Law Journal
1931, May, "The Business Failures Project--II: An Analysis of Methods Investigation," Yale Law Journal
Jan., "Bankruptcy Administration: A Factual Study and Some Suggestions," Columbia Law Review
Jan., "Some Functional Aspects of Bankruptcy," Yale Law Journal
May, "Secondary Distribution of Securities--Problems Suggested by Kinney V. Glenny," Yale Law Journal
Feb., "Wage Earner Bankruptcies--State vs. Federal Control," Yale Law Journal
May, "Landlords' Claims in Reorganizations," Yale Law Journal
Nov., "Stock 'Brokers' As Agents and Dealers," Yale Law Journal
Nov., "Some Effects of the Securities Act Upon Investment Banking," University of Chicago Law Review
Dec., "The Federal Securities Act of 1933," Yale Law Journal
Feb., "Protective Committees in Railroad Reorganizations," Harvard Law Review
Mar., "Protecting the Investor," Yale Review
June, "Directors Who Do Not Direct," Harvard Law Review
1936, Sept., "The Legal Problem of Control Over Protective Committees for Municipal and Quasi-Municipal Obligations," Legal Notes on Local Government
1937, Dec., "The Lawyer and Reorganization," National Lawyers Guild Quarterly
1938-1939, Article for Saturday Evening Post, drafts
1939, Spring, "Public Utility Integration," preface by William O. Douglas, Harvard Business Review
BOX 35-234 Part I: Supreme Court File, 1938-1953
Briefs, correspondence, docket books, notes and memoranda, opinions, and printed material.
Arranged in two sections: a general section arranged alphabetically by type of material and a second section consisting of cases arranged chronologically by October terms and within by type of material. Further differentiation where necessary is by case number.
BOX 35 General
Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, 1939-1951
(2 folders)
Applications for first director
Clerk, 1943-1951
Legal memoranda by law clerks on opinions not prepared by Douglas
Opinions of Douglas, compilations, October terms 1938-1947
Reporter of Decisions
Rules on admiralty procedure
Schedules and personnel directories for October terms
BOX 36 October term, 1938
Assignment lists
Conference lists
Docket book
By Court
By Douglas
(3 folders)
Office memoranda, nos. 713-999
(3 folders)
BOX 37 Opinions
Nos. 10 and 627 United States v. One 1936 Model Ford V-8 De Luxe Coach; United States v. Automobile Fin.
(5 folders)
No. 676 Rorick v. Devon Syndicate
(6 folders)
No. 687 United States v. Powers
(6 folders)
No. 704 American Toll Bridge Co. v. Railroad Comm'n
(4 folders)
BOX 38 October term, 1939
Argument lists
Assignment lists
Conference schedules
(4 folders)
Docket book
Index to assigned opinions
BOX 39 Memoranda
By Court
By Douglas
(4 folders)
Argued cases
Nos. 1-799
(16 folders)
BOX 40 Office memoranda, cases denied
Nos. 1-799
(16 folders)
BOX 41 Nos. 800-1099
(6 folders)
No. 1 Helvering v. Wilshire Oil Co.
(5 folders)
No. 10 Pittman v. H.O.L.C.
Nos. 23-24 Case v. Los Angeles Lumber Prods.
(3 folders)
BOX 42 (2 folders)
No. 26 F.H.E. Oil Co. v. Helvering
(5 folders)
No. 39 Pepper v. Litton
(5 folders)
BOX 43
No. 68 Helis v. Ward
(5 folders)
No. 69 Pearson v. McGraw
(5 folders)
No. 92 Madden v. Kentucky
No. 132 Bonet v. Texas Co. (P.R.)
(5 folders)
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