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Speeches and Writings File, 1911-1955 (continued)
1911, Jan., letter to the editor of Atlantic Monthly
1927, Dec., "What Price 'Due Process'?" New York Law Review
1929, June, "Functions of the Trust Company in the Field of Law"
Feb., "Trial Practice in Negligence Litigation," published, Cornell Law Review, with title "Trial Practice in Accident Litigation"
Dec., report of Committee on Litigation Affecting Personal Injuries
"The Future of the Bar"
1931, Feb., " Bar Associations Viewed by New Vice President," New York State Bar Association Bulletin
June, "A Lawyer Looks at Politics," Jeffersonian
Review of the report of the Commission on Administrative Justice
1933, Jan., "The Judicial Council, Its Function and Need," New York State Bar Association Bulletin
28 Aug., "The Rich Get Richer," New Republic
30 Aug., "Memorandum on National Wealth and Its Distribution," Annalist
4 Sept., "The Big Corporations Rule," New Republic
"Memorandum as to Graduated Corporation Income Tax and Intercorporate Dividend Tax," Bureau of Internal Revenue
Jan., "The People's Business: The Truth about Taxes," Forum
Sept., "America Has Only Scratched Her Resources," in "Are We Going Broke? A Debate on National Finances," Forum
24 Oct., "Is Landon Constitutional?" Nation
1937, Dec., "It's Up to Us," Commentator
Jan., "Monopolies and the Courts," University of Pennsylvania Law Review
Dec., "Financial Monopoly: The Road to Socialism," Forum
May, "Anti-Semitism," We Hold These Truths, League of American Writers
Dec., review of The Administrative Process, by James M. Landis, for Journal of Social Philosophy
"Bank Competition with the Legal Profession"
Jan., "The Supreme Court and Interstate Barriers," Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Summer, message on launching of Bill of Rights Review, Bill of Rights Review
Aug., introduction to Our Constitution: Tool Or Testament, by Beryl Harold Levy
Sept., foreword to The Law of National Banking, by William V. O'Connor
BOX 55 22 Oct., "Why Roosevelt Will Win," Look
"Message to Committee of Catholics for Human Rights," Voice for Human Rights
"Our Government Is Prepared against the Fifth Column," in "American vs. Fifth Columnists: A Symposium," Survey Graphic
Editorial, National Magazine
"The Judicial Career of Chief Justice Hughes," American Bar Association Journal
The Struggle for Judicial Supremacy
(3 folders)
1942, "Statecraft under a Written Constitution," in Men of Tomorrow; Nine Leaders Discuss the Problems of American Youth, edited by Thomas H. Johnson
1944, Mar., review of I Can Go Home Again, by Arthur G. Powell, in American Bar Association Journal
7 June, report to the President of the United States on progress of plans for the prosecution of Axis war criminals
9 Sept., "Worst Crime of All," New York Times Magazine
Full Faith and Credit: The Lawyer's Clause of the Constitution For additional material see Container 43, Speeches, 7 Dec. 1944
6 Apr., "The Law under Which Nazi Organizations Are Accused of Being Criminal," Temple Law Quarterly
29 May, "Some Lessons of the Nurnberg Trial," New York Times
BOX 56 1947, Feb., "Closing Arguments for Conviction of Nazi War Criminals," Case and Comment
Nov., introduction to "Freemasonry a Prisoner of War," by Charles G. Hamilton, The New Age
Review of A Modern Law of Nations, by Philip C. Jessup, for New York Times Book Review
15 June, introduction for Dictionary of Legal Terms and Phrases in English, Spanish, French and German, by Lawrence Egbert
Aug.-Sept., "Nurnberg in Retrospect," Canadian Bar Review
Dec., "Lawyer Reference Plans: A Manual for Bar Associations," American Bar Association Journal
1950, 21 May, "Justice Jackson on Communism in America," New York Times Magazine, also published as "The Communists in America," Harper's, Sept. 1950 and as "Taft-Hartley and the Reds," Catholic Digest, July 1958
1951, review of Charles Evans Hughes, by Merlo J. Pusey, in the Washington Post
1951-1961, endorsement for Legal Aid in the United States, by Emery A. Brownell, published, Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 1971
1952, "Falstaff's Descendants in Pennsylvania Courts," University of Pennsylvania Law Review
(3 folders)
BOX 57 1953
June, "A Presidential Legal Opinion," Harvard Law Review
Aug., "Criminal Justice: The Vital Problem of the Future," report of the American Bar Association's Special Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice
Introduction for Jurisprudence in Action, the Association of the Bar of the City of New York; introduction written in 1951
Introduction for Tyranny on Trial, by Whitney R. Harris
Foreword for Law in the Middle East, by Majid Khadduri
"The Exchange of Destroyers for Atlantic Bases," unpublished
(2 folders)
Article on the impact of the Social Security tax on the campaign and election of 1936
Letters to editors of the Washington Post and the Jamestown Journal, Jamestown, N.Y.
"Just Vagrant Thoughts," notebook of poems
BOX 58 Invitations to speak or to contribute manuscripts for publication, 1937-1954
(5 folders)
BOX 59-188 Legal File, 1919-1962
Affidavits, briefs, collected data, correspondence, general office files, memoranda, petitions, opinions, and printed matter.
Arranged by major career divisions. Arrangement within career divisions is either alphabetical or chronological based on the files involved.
The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial files, containers 95-106 [microfilm shelf no. 22,796] and containers 107-118, [microfilm shelf no. 22,872] are available on microfilm.
BOX 59 Jamestown, N.Y., law practice
Chautauqua County Bankers' Association & Jamestown Clearing House, brief opposing recommendations of Robert Moses
Chautauqua Traction Co.
City of Jamestown v. Jamestown St. Ry.
City of Jamestown v. Pennsylvania Gas Co.
Vols. 2-3
BOX 60 Vols. 4-5
Gates v. Prudential Ins. Co. (Typhoid carrier case)
Hall, Carroll M.
BOX 61 Hydraulic Race Co. v. Niagara Falls Milling Co.
Jamestown, Westfield & Northwestern R.R.
Administration of Brodhead estates
(3 folders)
Correspondence, 1928-1941
BOX 62 Jamestown, N.Y., Chamber of Commerce v. Jamestown Westfield & Northwestern R.R.
(3 folders)
Jamestown Worsted Mills
Central Union Trust Co. v. Jamestown Worsted Mills
Transcript of trial
(3 folders)
BOX 63 (2 folders)
Other papers
Correspondence, 1927-1934
Miscellany, 1929-1936
BOX 64 New York Tel. Co. v. Jamestown Tel. Corp.
(3 folders)
Correspondence, 1935-1943
Record on appeal
(1 folder)
BOX 65 (1 folder)
Related papers
Niagara, Lockport, and Ontario Power Co. case
(4 folders)
Ohlquist v. Norstrom
Pike, Melicent
BOX 66 Assistant general counsel, Bureau of Internal Revenue
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