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United States Court of Appeals File, 1939-1949 (continued)
BOX 48-88 Case File, 1939-1943
Appellate court case files including correspondence sent and received; handwritten, typed, and printed decisions; and arguments, briefs, notes, administrative records and documents, and miscellaneous material.
Organized by year and alphabetically by name of case therein.
BOX 48 1939
Abbott v. Coe
Acker v. Herfurth
Allison & Co. v. Interstate Commerce Comm'n
Arlington & Fairfax Auto R.R. Co. v. Capital Transit Co.
Bostic v. Rives
Cobb v. Howard Univ.
(3 folders)
Continental Casualty Co. v. Kelly
Dilli v. Johnson
Dickinson v. Brooks
Eno v. Coe
BOX 49 Glass v. Ickes
Greater Kampeska Radio Corp. v. Federal Communications Comm'n
Guy v. United States
Hammerer v. Huff
International Ass'n of Machinists v. National Labor Relations Bd.
(5 folders)
BOX 50 (1 folder)
Jordan v. Group Health Ass'n
(4 folders)
BOX 51 Kaplan v. Manhattan Life Ins. Co.
Lawyers Title Ins. Co. v. Lawyers Title Ins. Corp.
(3 folders)
Maryland Casualty Co. v. Cardillo
McDonald v. Fulton Trust Co.
McLean v. Burkinshaw
National Fed. of Ry. Workers v. National Mediation Bd.
Pederson v. Pederson
(2 folders)
Potomac Elec. Power Co. v. Cardillo
BOX 52 Power Patents Co. v. Coe
Ray v. Carr
Ritholz v. March
Roper v. Capitol View Realty Co.
Schwartz v. Murphy
United States Casualty Co. v. District of Columbia
(3 folders)
Wilson v. United States
Abrams v. American Sec. and Trust Co.
Allison Coupon Co. v. Bank of Commerce and Sav.
All States Serv. Station v. Standard Oil Co.
American Sec. and Trust Co. v. Frost
(3 folders)
BOX 53 (1 folder)
Associates Discount Corp. v. Crow
Atlantic Greyhound Lines v. Keesee
Balinovic v. Evening Star Newspaper Co.
(2 folders)
Baltimore and Ohio R.R. Co. v. Corbin
(2 folders)
Beach v. Beach
Beard v. Bennett
(2 folders)
Booth Fisheries Corp. v. Coe
Boyd v. Ottenberg
BOX 54 Burley Irrigation Dist. v. Ickes
(6 folders)
In re Helen Douglas Campbell
Carl v. Ferrell
Carl v. Norris
Cladakis v. Cladakis
BOX 55 Clawans v. White
Consolidated Realty Corp. v. Dunlop
Coupe v. United States
(2 folders)
Daniels v. Coe
District of Columbia v. Safe Deposit & Trust Co.
(2 folders)
Earll v. Picken
(2 folders)
Eastburn v. Levin
Eppensteiner v. Coe
Evans v. Federal Communications Comm'n
BOX 56 Farley v. Abbotmeir
(2 folders)
Faulks v. Schrider
(2 folders)
Fidelity-Bankers Trust Co. v. Helvering
(3 folders)
BOX 57 Fletcher v. Evening Star Newspaper Co.
(2 folders)
Fazio v. Cardillo
Forward Process Co. v. Coe
General Fin. Co. v. Coe
General Taxicab Ass'n v. O'Shea
Goodacre v. Panagopaulos
Hartford Accident and Indem. Co. v. Cardillo
(2 folders)
Hengesbach v. Hengesbach
Hohenthal v. Smith
(2 folders)
Howard v. Howard
Jax Ice & Cold Storage Co. v. Coe
Joerns v. Irwin
Johnson v. United States
Jones v. Dunlap
BOX 58 Jordan v. Bondy
(3 folders)
Junhans v. Junghans
Kennedy v. David
Laughlin v. Berens
(2 folders)
Lovenbein v. District of Columbia
Mancari v. Smith
(2 folders)
Miller v. Clark
Miller v. Miller
Minnesota Mining and Mfg. Co. v. Coe
(2 folders)
BOX 59 (1 folder)
Morgan v. Hines
National Benefit Life Ins. Co. v. Shaw-Walker Co.
(5 folders)
BOX 60 (1 folder)
Nelson v. Ickes
(2 folders)
Nueslein v. District of Columbia
Panitz v. District of Columbia
Perry v. District Amusement Corp.
Pessagno v. Euclid Inv. Co.
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