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United States Court of Appeals File, 1939-1949 (continued)
Case File, 1939-1943 (continued)
Hall v. Gordon
Hammond v. Hammond
Hammond v. United States
Hannon v. United States
Hecht Co. v. District of Columbia
Hiscox v. Jackson
Howard v. Overholser
(1 folder)
BOX 81 (1 folder)
Hudspeth v. United States
Hundley v. Gorewitz
Jacobsen v. Jacobsen
Kenney v. Washington Properties
Laughlin v. Berens
(2 folders)
Lebanon Steel Foundry v. National Labor Relations Bd.
(3 folders)
Leighton v. Coe
Lindsey v. United States
(2 folders)
BOX 82 (2 folders)
Martin v. United States
McKenzie v. United States
McVicker v. McVicker
Melvin v. Melvin
(2 folders)
Melvin v. Pence
(2 folders)
Morrison v. Coe
(2 folders)
Murray v. United States
BOX 83 National Broadcasting Co. v. Federal Communications Comm'n
(5 folders)
National Hosp. Serv. Soc. v. Jordan
Orme v. Lendahand Co.
(2 folders)
Pelley v. Colpoys
Philadelphia Inquirer v. Coe
Potts v. Dies
BOX 84 Progressive Growers' Ass'n v. Golden
Radio Cab v. Houser
Reed and Fohs Oil Co. v. Coe
Roberts v. Capital Transit Co.
In re Rosier
(2 folders)
Ruppert v. Ruppert
Scharfield v. Richardson
Sedgwick v. National Sav. & Trust Co.
Seyfarth v. Coe
(2 folders)
BOX 85 (1 folder)
Simpson Co. v. Langley
Sing v. Cottone
Societe Anonyme v. Coe
Sokolin v. Estes
United States v. Cox
Webster v. Clodfelter
Wood v. United States
American Gas and Elec. Co. v. Securities & Exch. Comm'n
(2 folders)
BOX 86 (1 folder)
American Nat. Bank and Trust Co. v. United States
(2 folders)
Brotherhood of R.R. Trainmen v. National Mediation Bd.
(3 folders)
Frene v. Louisville Cement Co.
(1 folder)
BOX 87 (1 folder)
Howenstein Realty Corp. v. Richardson
Hydraulic Press Corp. v. Coe
(2 folders)
McKenna v. Austin
(3 folders)
Miller Dev. Co. v. Emig Properties Corp.
Osage Tribe v. Ickes
Prudential Life Ins. Co. v. Saxe
(1 folder)
BOX 88 (4 folders)
Switchmen's Union v. National Mediation Bd.
(3 folders)
Jaffee v. Jaffee
Mumford v. United States
Railroad Retirement Bd. v. Bates
BOX 89-91 Office File, 1939-1949
Correspondence, applications, lists, legal documents, slip sheets, and miscellaneous administrative matter.
Organized alphabetically by topic or type of material.
BOX 89 Administrative Office of United States Courts, 1939-1943
(3 folders)
Admission requests, proposed revision, 1939-1940
Law clerks, 1939-1943
(4 folders)
Messenger, 1939-1940
Secretary, 1939
Clerk, 1939-1942
(3 folders)
BOX 90 Data in re status of cases, 1939-1943
(4 folders)
Furniture and equipment, 1939-1943
Installation ceremony and move to Washington, D.C.
Judges, correspondence
Edgerton, Henry W., 1939-1949
Groner, Lawrence D., 1939-1948
(5 folders)
Miller, Justin
(3 folders)
BOX 91 1942-1947
(2 folders)
Stephens, Harold M., 1939-1946
(4 folders)
Vinson, Fred M., 1942-1943
Library acquisitions, 1940-1941
Mailing list, undated
Marshal, 1940
Messenger, 1939-1940
Municipal Court of Appeals, District of Columbia, 1941-1942
Rules, 1939-1941
(3 folders)
Supreme Court
Action on Appeals Court cases, 1942-1943
Certiorari, 1941-1942
Opinions, slip sheets, 1939-1941
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