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Raymond Loewy papers, 1929-1988

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Some or all content stored offsite.
Oversize, 1941-1979 (continued)
Blueprint of a scale, 1941 (Container 50)
BOX OV 75 Printed drawings, double deck coach, 1944 (Container 50)
BOX OV 76 Drawing, angle-link device for chairs, 1948 (Container 50)
BOX OV 77 Model of an indicator dial, 1954 (Container 50)
BOX OV 78 Personnel records
Employee master file, 1972-1974 (Container 59)
Employee utilization reports, 1973 (Container 59)
BOX OV 79 Client file
Established clients
Product charge sheets, 1968-1969 (Container 87)
BOX OV 80 Project file
Architectural and Interior Design Division
Datasaab Systems
Construction trades
Blueprint, door and partition specifications, 1979 (Container 98)
BOX OV 81 Hunter Museum of Art, Chattanooga, Tenn.
Blueprint, members' lounge, circa 1974 (Container 100)
BOX OV 82 Martin-Marietta Corp.
Chart showing status of architectural projects, 1970 (Container 101)
BOX OV 83 Exhibits and Exhibitions Division
Commerce Department
Blueprint, proposed space plan of hall #13, 1970 (Container 102)
Cultural Services Division, Hong Kong, B.C.C.
Hong Kong Planetarium, floor plan and elevations, undated (Container 102)
BOX OV 84 Philadelphia '76, Inc.
Financial papers
Budget summaries for film, 1975 (Container 113)
BOX OV 85 Project management
Committee activity time line, 1976 (Container 122)
Graph of attendance statistics, 1976 (Container 122)
BOX OV 86 Preliminary studies
Development Program Report, undated (Container 123)
Economic analysis
Expenditure and revenue projections, undated (Container 123)
BOX OV 87 Work schedules, undated (Container 125)
BOX OV 88 Graphics and Corporate Identity Division
Exxon Corp.
Presentation material
Miscellaneous charts, undated (Container 129)
BOX OV 89 National tests, 1972, undated (Container 129)
BOX OV 90 First National City Bank, Logos, undated (Container 130)
(1 folder)
BOX OV 91 (1 folder)
BOX OV 92 Foodland-Clover Farm Co.
Sample packages, undated (Container 130)
BOX OV 93 Joan of Arc Co.
Sample labels, undated (Container 131)
BOX OV 94 Name studies
Presentation material, undated (Container 132)
BOX OV 95 President of the United States, proposal for, 1962-1963, 1971 (Container 133)
BOX OV 96 Housing and Home Components Division
Dallas, Tex. apartment project, 1963 (Container 137)
BOX OV 97 Market Planning Research Division
Agriculture Department, U.S. Forest Service, uniform research study
Emblem designs, 1975-1976 (Container 139)
(1 folder)
BOX OV 98 (1 folder)
BOX OV 99 Exxon Corp.
Abstract shape tests, undated (Container 145)
International test
Computer data sheets, 1971-1972 (Container 145)
National test
Chilean export
Computer data sheets, 1971, undated (Container 145)
BOX OV 100 Tests
No. 3, 1971, undated
Computer data sheets (Container 146)
Service station test
Computer data sheets, 1971-1972, undated (Container 146)
BOX OV 101 Package Design Division
Andrew Jergens Co.
Blueprints of lotion bottle, 1967-1970, undated (Container 157)
BOX OV 102 Exxon Corp.
Presentation sheets, general nomenclature plan, undated (Container 160)
BOX OV 103 N. Wagman and Co.
Drawing of a wig box, undated (Container 162)
BOX OV 104 Pre-Architectural Programming Division
Sir Georges Etienne Cartier Corp. Place des Arts, Montreal, Canada
Drawings, land use and landscape plans, 1959 (Container 168)
BOX OV 105 Product Design and Development Division
Entropy products
Blueprint of a thermos bottle, 1964-1968 (Container 169)
BOX OV 106 Jon Gregg Associates
Blueprint of a movie projector, 1968 (Container 170)
BOX OV 107 North American Philips Corp. (Norelco)
Blueprint of a stereo cassette tape deck, 1970 (Container 171)
BOX OV 108 Retail Planning and Design Division
Forbes and Wallace, Inc.
Enfield Shopping Center, Enfield, Conn.
Blueprint of east court section of department store, 1970 (Container 173)
BOX OV 109 Higbee Co.
Westgate Mall, Fairview, Ohio
Space planning sales analysis, undated (Container 176)
BOX OV 110 Lord and Taylor
Advertising montage, undated (Container 179)
BOX OV 111 Shopping centers
Newspaper, Times-Picayune, 1966 (Container 180)
BOX OV 112 Woodward and Lothrop
Parole Mall, Annapolis, Md.
Design and construction schedule, 1973 (Container 181)
BOX OV 113 Transportation Design Division
George G. Sharp, Inc.
Floor plans of a ship, circa 1957 (Container 185)
Greyhound Corp.
Seating layout for motor truck and coach, undated (Container 185)
BOX OV 114 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Research data
Propulsion and vehicle engineering laboratory organizational chart, 1967 (Container 190)
Pennsylvania Railroad, 1938-1948, 1959, undated
Poster, 1942 (Container 190)
BOX OV 115 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
TU-144 supersonic transport
Chart, undated (Container 192)
BOX OV 116 United States Navy
Environmental control standards
Library shelving specifications, 1960 (Container 193)
Research data
Charts showing gross area requirements, 1965 (Container 193)
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